Archive of Featured Artists



Méav : Interviewing the Million-Selling Irish Singer.

Conversation with Liam Ó Maonlaí

Band Members Explain the Eclecticism Behind La Única(Interview)

Postcards from Dundalk: A Wee Craic with Nuala Kennedy

Conor Lamb: A Closer Look At Réalta

A Moment with Brian Gilligan of The Celtic Reggae Revolution (Interview)

Barbara Tresidder Ryan of Iona Speaks About The Music of the Celtic Nations

Meet Maxim Cormier, Fresh From the Nova Scotia Celtic Music Scene (Interview)

Kevin O’Donnell: The Irish-American Music Experience with Deep is the Well (Interview)

Eve Williams:On Songwriting and Meeting Moya Brennan(Interview)

Enter The Haggis On The Road Interview

Blair Dunlop on Style, Legacy and the Horizon Award (Interview)

Truth and Dare:The Wild Irish Poet (a.k.a. Alan Cooke) Interview .

Enda Seery: the “Síocháin na Tuaithe” Interview

Brian Cunningham Says “No One is Too Old To Learn the Sean-nós Dance” (Interview)

Nick Burbridge:Between Literary Pursuits and Music(Interview)

Peter Purvis of Gaelic Storm:Titanic and Playing with big bands (Interview)

Irish singer/songwriter John Breen weaves sweet melodies into his own story

Ewan McLennan: Classical guitar was one of my foundations I’d say(Interview)

According to the French Piper: Interview with Francois of Caliorne

Jamie Smith:”I have been singing for many years.” (Interview)

Yay!It’s Gillian Boucher(interview)

NUA : The Story Behind the Trio(Interview)

Ryan Murphy: About Techniques and Styles

Violinist Sarah Frank of The Bombadils

Quinn Bachand: Teen Power in Trad Music


Damien McCarron of the Indulgers and Mile High Celtic Hour

Tristan Legg:A Story to Tell

Conversations with Douglas McQueen Hunter of The Picts

The Universal Welshman: Interview with Ceri Rhys Matthews

Cillian Doheny: My Life as a Member of a Traditional Irish Band(Interview)

Patrick D’Arcy:Pure Pipes (Interview)

Visual Artist and Musician Eva McCauley: The Power of Light and Air (Interview)

Fraser Fifield: Relationship of sounds and styles

Kinfolk: The Story Behind the Album

Scottish Wooden Flutist Calum Stewart

Dave Martin: Designing the Modern and Electronic Edge of Celtic Music

Martin Tourish Interview 

Will Tun and the Wasters Time is a Bastard EP Interview

Interview with Corrina Hewat

Dark Dealings: The Dark Interview with Novelist Karen Victoria Smith

Clanú: A Closer Listen (Interview with Dee McIlroy)

The Gallows Tree Tales Interview with Slim.

Philip KnightHarp Builder Timothy Des Roches for Harp Talk (Interview)

Rachel Hair: All Things Celtic Harp(Interview)

One on One with Luke Fraser of The Bombadils.

Interview with Pavel of “Cheers!”

Interview with Fabien Guiloineau of Shelta

J.P. Kallo and the Music of Sliotar (Interview)

Scott Hoye Talks about His Home Recording of Black Rose (Interview)

Christian Hedwitschak and The Evolution of The Bodhrán (Interview)

Chat with Iolo Whelan of Jamie Smith’s MABON

Tarbolten: Q&A with Darren Lynch of The Feekers

Notes from The Lookin’ Drawer: Baz Mcsherry Interview

Bodhrán Gigs with Jacob McCauley

Fiona J Mackenzie and The Kilmarnock Edition (Interview)

Michael Curran: Today’s Irish Youth in the Trad Scene

Introducing Brian FITZY Fitzgerald (an Interview)

Interview with Patrick Rimes of Calan

Interview with Vojtěch Jindra

Getting To Know Aulaga Folk from Spain(Interview)

Exclusive Interview:Matthew Gilsenan of The Celtic Tenors.

Piping Lessons from Ryan Murphy (of Ealu and Cara Band)

Dave Rooney: In the Studio.Cara:The Real Score (Interview)

Ryan McGiver :Troubled in Mind(Interview)

Poitin’s Evocative Spirit:An Interview

Autoharp 101 Interview with Marc Gunn


Norwegian Yule and Other Bits from Kjell Roll Elgsaas

Author Craig Weatherhill- For The Love of Cornwall(Interview)

Matthew Clarke: Defining The Cornish Identity Through Language and Music

Gavern Lyall:A Musical Revelation(Interview)

Robert Doyle: Life in Shadows Takes the Light (Interview

LiveTrad:Streaming Traditional Irish Music to the World(Interview)

Orlaith McAuliffe’s Lightning Fingers(Interview)

Donal McCague: This Fiddle’s On Fire! (Interview)
Dylan Cleghorn :”We’ve labeled ourselves as TEXAS CELTIC ROCK”2011/08/30
Trevor John Howlett:Journeys and Lyrics-2011/08/28
Donie’s Message of Peace-2011/08/20
Snapshots of Moments in Songs: Abby Green-2011/08/15
Enda Seery: Magic in the Tin Whistle-2011/08/12
Andy “Slim” Black : Songs That Get To You-2011/08/10
Tony Lawless,TradConnect Founder Talks to CMF (Interview)-2011/08/05
Acoustically Electrifying:The Bombadils (Interview)-2011/08/03
Hayley Griffiths:The Celtic Rose Blossoms (Interview)-2011/08/02
Windtalker:Peace, Love and Tranquility (Conversations with Jenne Lennon)-2011/07/26
All about Celtica(Interview)-2011/06/01
Dave Rooney:Better Let It Be If It Aint Broken(Interview)-2011/05/22
Jacob McCauley : All About Bodhrans(Interview)-2011/05/18
The Bachands: An Interview with Quinn-2011/04/13
Catching Up with Stephen Doherty(Grada and Celtica instrumentalist)-2011/04/10
Behind The Celtic Melodies: Phil Holland and Dave Palmley-2011/02/01

Emerging Dou from the Celtic/World Pool:Shishonnah -2010/10/19
Don’t You Just Love Drums?-2010/09/16
A Different Kind of Therapy: Happy Madness by The Gypsy Nomads-2010/06/03
Oona McOuat’s Thirst-Quenching New Album: Honey and Holy Water (Interview)-2010/04/08

Alf Kelty on Joy Is…( Interview)-2009/11/25
Let’s Hear it from Breton Recording Artist Dom Duff !-2009/09/05
Cecile Corbel Talks About Her New Album Between Tours-2009/09/24
Sue Aston Plays the Windswept Landscapes of Cornwall through Her Violin(Interview)– 2009/11/04
Jenne Lennon Shares Her Off-the-Beaten Path Musical Journey -2009/09/21
In Focus: Interview with Karl Nesbitt-2009/08/21
Giora: Adding a Dark Edge to the Irish Music Scene-2009/08/14
Donie Ryan:The Dublin Artist Is Fying with Colors. -2009/08/09
Irish Singer Jenny Mulvey Talks About Life, Music and The Pirate Queen Grace O’ Malley! -/2009/07/19
A Closer Look at the Life of an Electronic Music Artist.-2009/07/12
Interview with Daithi of “My Radio Station” LiveIreland.Com-2009/07/08

16 thoughts on “Archive of Featured Artists

  1. Hi Lads, Great Site. My name is Martin A. Egan and I am a Multi Platinum Selling Irish Songwriter and Performer, you can check out my Current Album and my Artwork at the Link above. My Album “The Tune” took 17 years to put out. It features some of the Luminaries of Irish Folk and Contemporary Music such as Donal Lunny who not only played Bodhran and Keyboards on it but also co-produced it with me. Other Musicians include the late Jimmy Faulkner (Christy Moore Band) Keith Donald (Moving Hearts) Davy Byrne, Joe Wearen, Des O’Byrne (The Golden Horde) Al Cowan who played Drums and also had a hand in the Production. Martin A. Egan


  2. Hi there!,

    Would you be interested in an interview? I just released an album, produced by Donogh Hennessy and featuring Pauline Scanlon, Trevor Hutchinson and Rosie MacKenzie of the Cottars. Check out my website:, and if you like it, maybe we can set something up. Would love to chat with you!

    le meas,

    kyle carey


  3. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!


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