Dave Rooney: In the Studio.

Currently recording… 

Dave Rooney is working on a new album called Entertainer. I own two of his albums and listening to each  is always a great musical experience. He is a fine musician who is rooted in the folk and Irish tradition but never losing that pop sensibility. If you like The Waterboys, Wet Wet Wet and Luka Bloom, then I don’t see why ou won’t pick up releases from this talented artist. Here’s our little conversation:

What’s the title of the new album?

The new album is called the Entertainer. I’ve folkafied and re-recorded previous tracks and written 6 new ones for this one I’m really happy with it, sounding very contemporary Irish. All the songs are woven in to the the story line, looking forward to getting on the road.
What can listeners expect from this album?

It’s pretty much a life work for me. Introspective,and a big story line based on a character I met in Temple Bar.That’s where I got the idea for the musical. So a few of the songs are about him,with all the songs based on his life.

Are you working with the same guys whom you worked with in your previous album?

Same studio, Sharon Hussey fiddle player, {this is my home} new drummer, accordion player, pipe player ,double bass player,so on…I’m going back to the acoustic more contemporary out of Ireland sound

That sounds amazing! How do you maintain your amazing singing style and how to you keep being up to your toes during tours.

A lot of people ask me that, how do you find time what with a family and all.
The singing comes naturally, simply because I gig 10-12 shows a week, So I’m singing in my sleep. With regards to tours, I love traveling, gigging in different places and I think once your doing what you love it creates and energy and a zest that gives you the ability to stay on top of it.

Thank you Dave. I will be posting this little interview soon and I hope to get a preview of at least one of the songs to let it build anticipation.

As soon as I have a mastered copy, you’ll have it.
thanks a mill Baxter!!!

Dave Rooney performs his new single ‘She’s Not Here’ Live at the Candlelight Sessions in Buskers Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin. 05/04/11


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