Album Reviews

Want me to review your band? Just send me an email and I will determine if it is worth a good word. I always believe that there is no good or bad music. Just mediocre or artful craftsmanship. Note to artists: If you can’t find other albums here, it means it is part of the interview I did. So you can check out the interview page (which is the Artist of the Week section).


or send your CDs to:

Jose Romel Labatos

zone 8 brgy handumanan

Bacolod City 6100


Now, as much as I love physical copies, it takes too long to get here and sometimes the CD cases get cracks. Digital copies are more reliable. I have my weekly radio show at where I play Celtic tunes for an hour.  It happens every Saturday 4pm German time. Let me know if you would like your music on the cyberwaves.

Samuel Smith

Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day by Marc Gunn (2013)

The Gothard Sisters – Compass

When Will You Come Home? (EP) The Webb Sisters

Shamus and Steve Continue to Bring Celtic Humor For Everyone!

Celtic Dub Volume 1-Celtic Reggae Revolution

Newfoundland Vinyl by Allison Crowe

Steven Hawson: Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, Vol. 1

The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP

Rachael McCormack: This Is My Identity

Méav – The Calling

A Place To Be EP by Linda Scanlon

Cheers! Wrong & Right

Baal Tinne: The Haunting

Affinity: Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra.

The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory

In the Celtic Spirit by Steel Clover(Sue Borowski)

Qristina & Quinn Bachand: Relative Minors

Taking your Druid to a Salsa with La Unica

I Am, We Are by The Human Empire

Lexington Field: No Man’s War.

Awesome New Album by The Celtic Reggae Revolution!

The Folkalists: Warning, Irish Humor at Work!

Whiskey Tonight by The Indulgers

Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Iona Celebrates 25 Years of Celtic Music with Silver!

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff

Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi by Barbarian Pipe Band

Wezen by Alicia Ducout

Tehilim Celtic Rock: Back to the New

Deep is the Well by Kevin O’Donnell.

Tyde: Punchy, danceable and intricate

“Síocháin na Tuaithe” by Enda Seery

Réalta:The Brevity and Grace of the Irish Spirit.

Enter the Haggis-The Modest Revolution

Larry Kirwan’s Celtic Invasion.

Eve Williams-Twenty Miles from Home

Together for Christmas(Various artists)

A new album out by Flutatious 333!


“Bizarre Tales” by  Jonathan Kershaw

Eclipse It’s Christmas Now!

Celtic and Bluegrass 5 String Banjo by Dave Hum

a new season for love by Cormac O Caoimh

Happy Birthday by Frost at Midnight.

Windblown: Jamie Smith’s MABON

Jean’s Hill: Brendan Mulholland

Kinfolk- This Land

Nova Scotia singer/songwriter Layne Greene with Live!EP

Tune Up: Brendan Mulholland/ Brendan Hendry/Paul McSherry

Read my review of the album Forward to Reality by Mickey Harte

Debut Album by Flutatious Has the Bounce!

Beannacht and the Sound of Summer

Celtic Twist-Twist in the Tale (album review)

Hot Days by Poitin

A Closer Listen:Fine Friends by Sliotar

Black Rose by Scott Hoye(Track by track album review)

De La Basse Bretagne-Poitín

Poitin (Debut Album re-issued 2012)

Grada The Landing Step

Fiona J Mackenzie-A Good Suit of Clothes

Dave Rooney-This is My Home

Phil Holland-Faeries

Phil Holland and Dave Palmley-The Visit

Mike Vass-String Theory

Mairi Morrison and Alasdair Roberts-Urstan

Aulaga Folk-A Menos Quatro

Musica Pacifica-Dancing in the Isles

The High Kings-Memory Lane

Black 47-A Funky Ceili

Emma Kate Tobia-Aislin Na nGael

Barley Juice-Skulduggery Street

Bible Code Sunday-Ghost of our Past.

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