Rickie O’ Neill-Don’t You Just Love Drums?

Rickie O’ Neill from Claremorris, County Mayo Ireland talks to us using his sticks(Interview via Facebook chat):

What are your projects for this year in terms of musical collaboration or individual performances?

Well, I will be recording an album with a guy in Galway. I have some gigs with Silver Circus. I must do a concert with the renowned singers Dolores, Sean and Matt Keane. I will hopefully shoot another drumming video with director/producer/good friend Curtis Morris. I will play a fund raising concert with some great friends in December. I have to keep practicing hard in order to get better. I think I have a musical coming up in April 2011 and I have a project to see through in Dublin but that is still pending.

In a band, how is a drummer different from the rest?

Oh wow that’s a tough one. Well, every member of a band serves the band in their own unique way, and each member has  responsibilities. A bass player is the backbone of the band, the guitarists provide the melodies and the drummer keeps the time for the whole band, so the rest of the players can sit on top off that groove and do what they do best. I wouldn’t say the drummer is any different from the other band members as each member carries equal importance. There is one thing different about drummers however…….we sweat more:-)

Any song(s) you like to play on drums?

Well when I started playing I loved to play along to Red Hot Chili Pepper songs as Chad Smith is a grooves master and there is so much you can learn from the way he grooves! As time went on I started improvising a lot more when is hugely beneficial to every drummer as it will eventually bring out your own style of drumming.

What do you love about Dublin?

I am not from Dublin myself, I live in the west of Ireland but I can say that Dublin is a great city. There are great people in Dublin. The social/night life is fantastic, there are some beautiful music venues. Also, there is a lot of history and culture in Dublin which everyone loves and respects!GO TO DUBLIN,IT IS A GREAT PLACE:-)YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


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