I ride fixed gear, brakeless. I think music and cycling are two important things in my life. I started blogging around 2006 but I realized that I want to focus on music so I created this blog.

All the mp3 downloads featured in this website are all approved by the artists themselves and are done out of their generosity to help this site and to give the readers a sampler of their music. I would however encourage everyone to buy songs from the artists. It is through your generosity that the musical culture continues to thrive. Thank you so much for those who have helped. Threefold karma to you all. Remember, without music buyers, audience for the concerts the music will not survive. We are counting on you to buy the songs to help our independent  artists.

If you have questions, feel free to email me: joseromel.labatos@gmail.com


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  1. Hey…

    Yes, Enya is incredibly produced and very enchanting. I love her music.

    You qoted: “I reflect like a monk but I party like a rock star.”
    I can relate to that. 🙂

    Interesting blog. Keep me up to date!

    Take care,



  2. hi baxter!

    how are you mate? writing you from the northern part of Mindanao! your blog rocks! this is one blog which not much of negrense or the country would appreciate! this is where emo, goth and alike came from!



    1. Cheers Mark.You hit the nail in the head there :)I am glad to get a visit from a friend.Yes I agree.Just writing and writing here to keep sane. We gotta have passion in what we do to stay alive. I am with you in your day to day struggles.We have to always remember to smile .


  3. “With music, we build bridges.”

    Yes, music is universal – it does not reflect our differences, but our similarities.

    Great site!


  4. A Genuinely amazing Write-up. Thanks for sharing you?e wealth of knowledge with us As soon as again. It? no wonder your blog does so Nicely. Your Website is Nicely thought out, graphically Amazing and full of great Tips. Kudos.


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  6. Hi kind Rommel… it’s always nice to receive you on my blog and know about your efforts to spread the celtic word!
    Keep up the good work…best wishes and blessings….☼
    Long Live to the Celts!

    On 2 February 2011 19:10, celticmusicfan wrote:

    celticmusicfan (https://celticmusicfan.wordpress.com/) has left a new comment on your post “”Interesting Scottish Wedding Traditions” by Anne …”:

    I already tweeted and posted two of your articles in my facebook page. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Thank you for posting on my blog and leaving a great comment. I started listening to Celtic music the same way you did. My oldest daughter, when she was in high school, around 1987, had a tape, yes I said tape lol, of Enya. I heard it and asked her what it was. I listened to it, loved it and when I got my first computer, one of the things I did was do some research of Irish music… and the restthey say is history. We go to the Milwaukee Irish fest every year and that is the only music we listen to in the house. As a matter of fact, today, we just got back from seeing Gaelic Storm. Braved the Wisconsin winter storm. It was worth it though…


  8. Please visit “cambio on the spot” to view a simply awesome remix of Twinkle, Twinkle by James M.. This is legendary manager Johnny Wrights’ competition to form his new super group. 16 contestants left out of thousands. Worth your while, I can assure you.
    Wright has made the careers of Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, the Jonas Bros. and many more.
    Also on youtube.

    Michigan, born & raised…….we need your help and support Michigan


  9. I started reading your piece about peace. Was there an irony to read an Irishman writing about peace? I am not sure the history of the world did not contain the lesson that peace was never to be achieved on earth. If it was, why the need to die?

    I think it was Chaim Potok ho wrote: “Something that is yours forever is never really precious.”

    There seems a lot of hooligans drunk on the concept of peace, without giving the proper amount of thought that went behind whatever it is that creates true peace. I do believe people who have lived through turbulent times are the best dedicated teachers — a lot like the best counselors dealing with addictions are those who have lived with them.

    I could not help but reflect upon the question of a young kid, in his first vacation trip abroad, about trying to reach a destination.

    “So how long was this gonna take?”


  10. Nice new trad group out of Boston the Ivy leaf, saw them last night in Quincy at a cd release party, you might want to check them out, the web is ,a href=”http://www.ivyleafmusic.com”>ivyleafmusic.com


  11. Hello there Baxter!
    Just discovered your page via a Facebook mention by Anita Daly. Can’t believe I hadn’t bumped into you yet. I’ve been working in support of Irish, Scottish, and American artists with those roots for several years now. I live in New England, work as far south as Florida, west to Chicago/Milwaukee, with occasional trips over The Pond. Hope to be able to meet you someday. Until then, I’ll look forward to keeping up via social media. Best to you!


    1. Welsh is wonderful Roby as any of the Celtic languages that is represented here including Cornish, Breton , Manx and the rest of the Celtic nations. Thanks for the feedback and yes I totally appreciate the music!


    1. Hi Roby, thanks for the prompt response. My mailing address is located on the ‘reviews’ section so you have an idea where to send your music for an album review 😀 I will include a mention of you in my next edition. Iechyd da!


  12. Thank you for putting this site together! I agree with much of what you say here, especially about the mainstream generally ignoring (or maybe just not knowing about) folk music and all of its derivatives. I also support what you say about musicians only being able to make a pure-quality kind of music when the moneyhead executives keep their noses out of it 😉

    I hope this site is still going strong – I’ve seen a recent post of Moya Brennan’s tour dates for 2018, so I’m hoping it is! If you’re looking for any recommendations of new bands, I can make a couple of suggestions (one example that comes to mind is Ten Strings and A Goat Skin, from PEI, Canada). Plus, there’s my own music, in the genre of “Celtic folk-rock”, with an example song here:

    I hope to hear back from those who believe in keeping the spirit of folk alive. Keep the faith, people!


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