Dave Rooney:Better Let It Be If It Aint Broken(Interview)

Dave Rooney sets aside a couple of moments for us as he discusses new wonderful album. I admit it is so catchy I play it again and again,And at 5  in the morning while working on this piece, it is playing in the background softly. Dave is one of the Irish musicians who are so passionate in sharing his music to the world and continues to break grounds by reinventing his signature sound-take note:improving on it not changing -that’s the difference. And that is what I love about musicians of his caliber. They know their audience and they just write music as they feel..coming from the heart.

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-What’s the concept behind the new album If It Aint Broke?
I tend to write about life. simply because music is universal. You can reach people in a very wide spectrum.
I like the cliche,”if it aint broke,don’t fix it. To me, it’s a life lesson. The grass is always greener. Appreciate and enjoy what you have now. In this case I refer to relationships. You don’t realize what you’ve got till it’s gone. Familiarity breeds contempt. But, the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Most importantly, everybody can relate to these lyrics, and I think this should be the case when writing lyrics for a song. I’ve tried to write about scenarios in life so people can relate easily.
I tend to write about life. Simply because music is universal. You can reach people in a very wide spectrum.

You worked with really good musicians here. Tell us about this collaboration with the producer and sound Engineer( and anything happening in the session).

I took a different approach for this album. I arranged and recorded the drums at a friend of mine’s studio. We worked for about 6 months arranging the songs. I played and sang all the songs acoustically, recorded them as a demo and then brought them to another of my friend’s studio; we’re we recorded the guitars, bass and keyboards. It wasn’t till we finished recording “till she loves again” that we decided on some brass. But it was only supposed to be a lonely trumpet solo at the end. They showed up and starting playing, and I couldn’t believe my ears. It was simply majestic. I asked them to pick 4 or 5 tracks that they thought would suit the brass, and they did. All production was carried out by myself and a friend of mine from sonic cottage studio, County Meath.

-The sound is slicker compared to the first album and most of the tracks have this poppy breezy style. What’s with the change of direction?

After writing this is my home, I felt wanted to write about happy things. A celebration of life really. I genuinely believe this was based around the happiest times of my life. I’d gotten married, my wife had given birth to our third son, I’d been to Vegas and New Orleans. My life suddenly felt very eventful and good. I think there was a lot of good motivation around me. That certainly influenced the writing and performing.

-Dave I have to mention that you have a beautiful voice. Who were the influences for your singing style?

Thanks very much. I love different styles of music. I’d say I was strongly influenced by, the Beatles, Crowded House,Paul Carrick from Mike and the Mechanics,ELO(Electric Light Orchestra), Tracy Chapman, and Billy Joel.

I hear faint influences of Phil Lynnott and Chris DeBurg is your songs. Coincidence?
No. quite a few people have mentioned Chris de Burg in conversation. I’m quite flattered, and yes I like a lot of his songs, so maybe him too, so no to coincidence. And I love Thin Lizzy.

-You are getting huge airplay in Ireland with the new album. Any more information about this?

A lot of the mainstream radio stations are playing the first single release from the album,”she’s not here” and are commenting on how catchy the whole album is, so I’m delighted with that. I’ve been added to a lot of the night time playlists,which means it gets aired a lot. It’s being received very well.

How’s the touring experience in America for your first album?
I love the States.Yeah it went well. As you know I did a 4 month pr campaign over there, and got radio play and some great reviews in New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. On top of gigs in New York and queens, I was treated and received really well. I’ll back in the autumn.

Can you tell us what each song means?(here you can just put the title and a brief explanation of each track)

if it aint broke– don’t fix it.-if things are going well, why mess it up??

leyna– we’ve all had a leyna at least once in our lives.{break up}

nightlife– we all need to let off steam once in a while. A good night out, a dance?? a flirt?? It’s good for the soul.

till she loves again– a victim of the game of love. A once bitten twice shy syndrome. a g-up song to help her/him move on.

brand new friend– did you ever suffer the indignity of being stood up??And more importantly you don’t want anyone to know. Yet everybody knows.What is that???

sunshiny day– sometimes things do go your way. When you experience somebody being shallow, selfish or leave you in the lurch. Could be a friend or a partner, and you witness them being taught a lesson-that’s justice.

don’t give up– the music business is a very hard business to be in. Even if you think at the very least your music is as good as everybody elses.It can be soul-destroying, frustrating and very misleading, even to the most idealistic enthusiast.If your in it for money, don’t be in it. This from the independent perspective, and I speak for myself. if you truly believe in what you do, and you love what you do, then why in the world would you ever stop what you do. This is what you do. You’ll get there.

honeymoon in new orleans- had my honeymoon in New Orleans. What a fantastic place. a musicians dream. Great people, great food, great atmostphere, GREAT MUSIC!!!.

she’s not here– to wake up and find that the one you love has gone, is a harrowing feeling to say the least. Then, the first thing people do is to go immediately into denial, the greatest of self-protecting mechanisms. When all the while leaves you with a big void in your soul. When all you want is for them to come back.

Words to your listener?
We can’t change what’s happened in our past but we can change what’ll happen in our future- D.ROONEY 201


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