These are links on the web that I collected and also love visiting again and again.      Amazing site with music streaming plus loads of useful information. Owned and managed by a Media/History major based in Limerick Ireland. -This is a comprehensive site to all things Enya. Hosted by official Enya Forum moderator Treecat.

northern skyline– A fansite for Clannad and Moya Brennan news.– The home of Irish Celtic music on the web.

claddagh records-Where you can find everything Irish and Celtic.

Official Enya Website-Yes this is it!

Dom Duff’s BlogBlog of a recording artist from Brittany written in English and Breton.

This time, This space-Mind, body, spirit and self-improvement. Timethief’s personal blog. She writes with such clarity of mind  and authenticity of thought.

Reel Roots Folk Music Alliance-Raising awareness and appreciation for the traditional music of  Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales in the Cincinnati area.

Living in Cornwall– All you need to know about the music of Cornwall. Irish music with American Country color.

Dub Turbo – Digital Renaissance providing quality opinion based music articles that will both inform and entertain both musicians and avid music lovers worldwide as well as making them think from time to time as the author strives to look at musical concepts from a philosophical perspective. Bard and composer Marc Gunn entrall audiences from all over with his wit and fresh style of Celtic music.  Dublin Sessions is a new Irish site for the promotion and advertising of sessions in and around Dublin with accurate and regular updates, pictures, vids etc. Now you can find where and when the music and other entertainment is in and around Dublin.

We’re a group of people living in and around London town that run a celtic-punk gig collective. thats the traditional folk music of the celtic nations (Ireland/Eire, Isle Of Man/Mannin, Scotland/Alba, Wales/Cymru, Cornwall/Kernow, Brittany/Breizh, Galicia/Galiza and Astures) mixed with rock’n’punk. we’re here to help bands with gigs and to promote celtic-punk and celtic music and culture. If you’re in a band and are intrested in playing then get in touch with us.-London Celtic Punks

24 thoughts on “Links

  1. do you think a link to my site might be possible as its’ it’s updated with the progress of how the Brenda Wootton cd release is progressing?

    Thank you


  2. I’ve dabbled in Celtic music here and there and have liked what I’ve listened to. I’m happy to have found your site, it’ll be a good opportunity to broaden my knowledge about other forms of music….love The Beatles as much as I do, there are only so many times you can listen to Revolver….well, no, you can listen for forever, but you get my point 🙂


    1. Hi Gerard. I already visited your website and listened to the music stream which is amazing. I love the balance between electronic and acoustic Celtic music.The articles are also interesting. People will really enjoy visiting your page. Keep it up!I also added it up there 🙂


  3. Thanks for offering, Baxter! Charlene Williams from my office will send you the press release and some photos. Perhaps you can help us get the word out? We would appreciate any help you can give us.


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