Interview with Daithi of “My Radio Station” LiveIreland.Com

s675326774_764352_2398 I love the Internet. It makes the world smaller. It helps me get into different places without really traveling. It gets me into people’s minds, learn their history and thoughts without having to travel half the world away. Such is the fun I got when I stumbled upon LIVEIRELAND.COM. Yes, keep those blues away, relax and listen to the beauty of Irish music.

Daithi Locha is our guest for today and he will show us a glimpse of that LiveIreland radio is all about. Note that this is also my first interview for this blog!

1. What is

LiveIreland is essentially a co-op Internet radio station set up by broadcast radio students in 1999 to hone their skills for the world of media entertainment. It has since developed into a live Irish media site in its own right.

2. What are the goals that the show wants to accomplish?

To spread Irish music and culture to a worldwide audience using the latest and experimental webcast mediums out there. 

2. How do you describe your work?

It’s a hobby not work!!

3. Any quirks having this job?

Lack of time.

4. How many members are there?

Over 3000 members and 40,000+ listeners every 24 hours.

5. How do you relax and where do you hangout?

Clay shooting, Running, The Gym and Lemon Jelly in Temple bar. The official liveIreland coffee shop!

6. Favorite music/bands?

Current Irish and Folk: Planxty, Damien Dempsey, Cora Smyth, Sean Keane, Eddi Reader, Mike McGoldrick, Liam O’Flynn.

Current Other Music: Bat for Lashes, Empire of the Sun, MGMT, Goldfrap, Hot Chip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

7. What’s your message to new listeners?

Tune in, close your eyes and smell the Irish countryside. Thirty minutes a day for the best stress beater anywhere!


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