A Warm Welcome for Spanish Point by Kevin Meehan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoziVyb16OQ I enjoyed listening to Spanish Point by a young musician by the name of Kevin Meehan. He is from Dublin and is making quite a loud splash in the traditional Irish music scene. Spanish Point is one debut album that never disappoints. The beautifully realized tracks flow in a well-engineered recording that highlights all the [...]

A Compelling Voice: Two Releases from of Allison Crowe

Warm, present, and charismatic, these are the characteristics of Allison Crowe's strong contralto voice. Even when her music is not part of your genre collection, you can't deny the fact that such a voice has a compelling power. She knows how to use her instrument with the same grace as that of an operatic singer. [...]

Kolar’s Gold by The Rowan Tree is a Quarantine Comfort

I've been listening to Kolar's Gold by The Rowan Tree before the world broke down. Now we are in such a mess that music is a great comfort. Yes, we need music now more than ever. And now just any type of music. We need something that sounds kinder. We need gentle folk tunes that [...]

8 Amazing Ways Background Music Affects Business Sales

We all know a thing or two about the magic of music, don't we? It piques our minds and makes everything come to life. 

But, how do retailers use it to make a mark and set their place in our hearts, minds and pockets? Let us find out with these small yet astonishing techniques that make us do so.

CELTIC WOMAN’s ‘Ancient Land Deluxe’ Now Out!

Global sensation Celtic Woman has just dropped Ancient Land Deluxe. This is timely, considering that the album proved to be triumphant upon its release, followed by a smashing 2019 tour. This will an amazing surprise for Celtic Woman collectors due to the extra tracks. There are 11 tracks that you’ve never heard before on the [...]