CELTIC WOMAN’s ‘Ancient Land Deluxe’ Now Out!

Global sensation Celtic Woman has just dropped Ancient Land Deluxe. This is timely, considering that the album proved to be triumphant upon its release, followed by a smashing 2019 tour. This will an amazing surprise for Celtic Woman collectors due to the extra tracks. There are 11 tracks that you’ve never heard before on the [...]

We Banjo 3, Hear! Hear! Hear!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB3QETQKERA Sometimes it's better to not categorize any style of music because it puts barriers to it and it also takes out the fun. But yeah execs think it is good to file them under a particular musical umbrella for marketing reasons.... I stumbled upon We Banjo 3 by 'accident' and I won't elaborate on [...]

First impression: Monica’s – Bene & Cormac

https://youtu.be/F1agpkBHlCg Yesterday, I had a chat with good friend Dee McIlroy(owner of McIlroy Guitars) and he talked about Bene (Benedict) Morris, who just won BBC Scotland young trad musician of the year. He and Cormac Crummy released a wonderful album last year. So I listened to their tunes and was captivated right away! Their talents [...]

Flook – New Album, Ancora Released this month

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeHOwDGsBrk I don't know if you are already aware but Britain's most percussive quartet are back with new album Ancora. They already guested on BBC's Folk Radio which I will check out later. But it looks like they are making waves with this brand new release. Fans from all over the world are anticipating their [...]

Scottish tune The Fiddle Bee.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY1vs2MH0ec Scottish trad is alive and well! One example is this emerging talent from Glasgow by the name of Eddie Seaman. Equally stunning players join him in this happy tune called The Fiddle Bee. Seaman credits this as " A wee tune by Fiddle player Madeleine Stewart." Eddie Seaman - Pipes/Whistles Luc McNally - Bouzouki [...]