Feel the Happy Vibe of Signature by IONA®

If someone asks you what Celtic music sounds like, then letting them hear Iona's Signature album is an excellent introductory tool. Since the creative net of the genre is far-reaching or broad, to say the least, it is better to hear the sounds. Signature was released in 2017, with little fanfare due to the political [...]

Maxim Cormier is Back With The Shimmering EP “The Subjective Nothing”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGvNG-Pfpmk Beautiful music is meant to be listened to at the break of dawn. It's a time when thoughts still in the process of reorganizing themselves. You feel more, and you think less. This is also the time when it's ideal to The Subjective Nothing by Maxim Cormier. The EP contains 4 tracks that are [...]

Maxim and Gervais Cormier: Live at the Fortress of Louisbourg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9mNAkPbamc Recorded in the historic Fortress of Louisbourg chapel to a live audience, this new EP is a fine work of musical excellence It is time to be gifted with exquisite music at the time of so much turmoil. The chaos is concerning but let us stop for a while and listen. Humanity in traditional music [...]

Lore by Orla Fallon: A Drizzle on a Golden Pond of Sound

Lore by Harpist Singer Orla Fallon is now available Lore is here. It's the new album by Irish artist Orla Fallon. You might have recognized her from the famous Celtic Woman. Fallon is back with her latest offering of notable influences. You'll find Traditional Irish, Americana, and even Bluegrass. I am quite surprised that this [...]

Celtic Fairy Dream by 2002 is an Excellent Escape into a Kinder and Gentler World

I discovered the music of 2002 from Celtic radio stations on the web. The band's dreamy and airy captivated my attention, and soon I can tell their distinctive sound apart from the rest. The band just released Celtic Fairy Dream this year amid the worrying pandemic. This is timely considering that people who are self-isolating [...]