Barleyjuice:Skulduggery Street Album Track by Track

About Barleyjuice:

Barleyjuice is a sextet devoted to traditional music. It was started by Staten Island native, Keith Swanson. Although all sing with various Celtic accents, all six of the band members – Kyf Brewer, Keith Swanson, Billy Dominick, Jimmy Carbomb, Eric Worthington, and Gregor Schroeder – are native Americans (Last FM)

I got in my hands the catchiest Celtic rock album I’ve listened so far. I am glad I have Fior from Daly Communications who is so keen in bringing out the best of Celtic music. I’ve heard of these guys before but I never got my hands on an album until now.    Here are my own  impressions of the songs :

1. Skulduggery Street-More like an anthem but with a top 40 Radio twist .

2. Connemara Ground-Kyf Brewer’s baritone and Irish swagger works here. He sounds more like Christy Moore  but with a sensual twist. I love the fiddle and the fast marching beat.

3. Prettiest Girl At The Fair-Highly melodic plus the blessing of the gruff vocals. This is a nice ballad with a beautiful acoustic guitar. It’s a perfect waltzing song after you had a pint of Guiness.

4. The Postman Always Jigs Twice-The bodhran makes the intro here. This is an instrumental so infections you can’t help but sway your head and stump your feet. Talent flows in every bar of the song.

5. Get Your Irish On-In the tradition of The Waterboys. Definitive Celtic rock in all aspects. Fans of Chris Isaak will have something to enjoy here. The barbershop humor makes the party. My cousin who is a big fan of country music danced to this as well.

6. Molly’s Girls-Kyf Brewer does have versatile vocals.There’s this hot harmonica solo that makes my eyes roll. This is closer to the Beatles(If John, Ringo and the gang went Celtic at that time) than any other band. Really great harmony vocals to.

7. Whiskey Maid-Follows the wonderful harmony vocals of the previous track but this has a more relaxed pace. Reminds you of a yellow sky on a Sunday morning.

8. Jock MacGraw-Chorus and response kind of song with hand claps. This is a song about a Scottish hero.

9. Piss ‘n’ Ginger-“She is a bonny girl”…the song starts and it tells you about this strong character by the name of Ginger.No one messes with Ginger or she will kick your arse.

10. Scottish Green-This reminds me of things that Fairport Convention did in the 70s. The downbeat, dramatic stops and bagpipes keep the guys going.

11. Drunken Sailor-Put your ska boots on and the do the pogo dance . This is a song for the party to get started.

12. Playground Jig-Another beautiful instrumental track.

13. 13. Pour That Whiskey-A  song with a rebel attitude. No compromise!

14. Generations-Beautiful , elegant folk tune. Makes you long for more of this wonderful stuff.

This is a wonderful album that works for all types of crowd. Highly melodic and well-crafted. So guys grab your copies and spread the word.


3 Replies to “Barleyjuice:Skulduggery Street Album Track by Track”

  1. Nice review and this looks like a really cool group. I can definitely see what you mean about the catchiness. I’ve only played the video once and it’s already sticking in my head.

    It also looks like they have enough spirits on that table to keep their fest going for quite some time!


  2. Thanks for the input AJ. I am glad you like this post. What’s good about Celtic music is that, it is so flexible. It can take any forms(Rock,Jazz,New Age,Folk or Electronic) but still the identity and spirit is there.


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