This Is My Home: Dave Rooney

Dublin’s Temple Bar performer is currently on tour in the United States promoting his album This is My Home.

Be sure to visit Dublin’s Temple Bar when you drop by because I am sure you will hear this distinctive voice playing nightly. Dave Rooney has a voice that can calm an angry soul and inspire tired hearts to hope and love.

The first time I heard the title track ‘This is My Home’ I am carried away by his bold lyricism and his decision to take the high road-that’s going independently , not waiting for some money-eyed record exec to pick his songs up for commercial release. Instrumentally, this album is rich. Backed by seasoned musicians of excellent caliber, the tracks shimmer. You can hear the dobro, fiddle, whistles piano and keyboards, saxophones bass guitars and drums arranged with excellent taste. The album has energetic tracks but are balanced with introspective ones for those who just want to chill out. If you like Chris de Burg, Luka Bloom, Christy Moore and the likes, then this one’s for you.

Dave’s music has soul and wisdom. Coupled with wit he creates an album that’s solid and artfully crafted. Hear him out and I am sure you will never forget him.

Special thanks to Daly Communications:


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