Musica Pacifica

I recently got a copy of Dancing in the Isles by Musica Pacifica, an American Baroque ensemble formed in 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are currently on a tour so expect to hear them play near you soon. The tunes are actually from the 17th to 18th  century  London that combine the Scottish and Irish styles -music that co-existed at that time.

Expect to hear instrumental arrangements that were made popular during that time. I am a fan of harpsichord and recorders and they’re highlighted here! What I love about  the recording is the variety . You hear English Country dances, James Oswald, Matthew Locke, Traditional Scots Tunes, Traditional Irish and so much more.

The tunes are lively and melodic. I should also mention that I adore the packaging of the album especially the very informative liner notes.


Judith Linsenberg,
recorder, whistle

Elizabeth Blumenstock,
baroque violin

Robert Mealy,
baroque violin

David Morris,
baroque ‘cello,
viola da gamba

Charles Sherman,

Charles Weaver,
theorbo, baroque guitar

Peter Maund, percussion


Judith Linsenberg
Tel/Fax 510-444-4113

For bookings, please contact Musica Pacifica through Joanne Rile Artists Management

93 Old York Road, Suite 222 Jenkintown, PA 19046
Tel: 215-885-6400; Fax 215-885-9920

Samples here:


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