The Visit by Phil Holland and Dave Palmley

New musical project will keep ears revisiting for more.

The music has that melancholy touch which is something you’d hear in most Breton music. Can’t wait for the album to come out.  Phil Holland and Dave Palmley are two stalwarts in the music business having drawn their own musical geographies all over Europe. Phil, with her gentle yet expressive playing which compliments Dave’s crystal clear strums. There is chemistry and -the right ingredients that make music work. Please share the beauty of this recording and visit their official myspace page:


Support Oona McOuat’s December Song

I heard it and it’s fantastic! Her story telling, harp and voice win the yuletide spirit. Please show your support by leaving comments here;


T with the Maggies @ Leo’s Tavern: Pics Available

Click to view details
Click to view details

See Moya Brennan and the gang.


Meet Pablo Lojo Luthier, musician and a builder of instruments. For this album, it’s all about his glossy design of the new Athy FashionHarper’s harp. Very impressive. Everything is in Spanish but please enjoy the pics.

Click pic to go to the album
Click pic to go to the album

More here:


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