Black 47-A Funky Ceili And Other New Releases

“Fans have long been demanding an all out party album but the idea took hold when, driving home from Boston, I couldn’t find a CD to keep me awake but thought of over 30 Black 47 songs that could do the trick. And so – A Funky Ceili.”

Interview excerpt– from Larry Kirwan

The first time I heard them I though Robert Smith of the Cure had gone Celtic Rock. But Black 47 combine elements from Reggae, Hip Hop modern and traditional Jazz. Apart from the known instruments, the band are composed of excellent musicians formed in New York around 1989.

This is a party CD that will blend with your other collections . Yes they are hip and stylish but they also keep in touch with their political stance.Personal favorites are: Maria’s Wedding with its breezy alternative style reminiscent of bands like Hootie and the Blowfish and Gin Blossoms- plus  that distinctive vocals of Larry Kirwan. The schizo Bells of Hell is really fun which calls to mind endless nights of partying and excess but all in good spirits. Bodhrans on the Bran is really Celtic as any Celtic rock could get. I Got Laid On James Joyce’s Grave closes the album. It is a naughty and funny track with Gothic excess-something  which reminds me of New Orleans sound.

Everything in this album bumps and pulses. No need for you to think deep thoughts. Just the pure fun of knowing that Black 47 is there to shake your day into burst of ecstatic energy.

Track Listing
1. Funky Ceili (Bridie’s Song)
2. Maria’s Wedding
3. The Bells Of Hell
4. Losin It
5. Paddy’s Got A Brand New Reel
6. Staten Island Baby
7. Different Drummer
8. Izzy’s Irish Rose
9. Oh Maureen
10. Bodhrans On The Brain
11. Who Killed Bobby Fuller
12. Uncle Jim
13. Black Rose
14. Five Points
15. Sadr City
16. Czechoslovakia
17. Those Saints
18. I Got Laid On James Joyce’s Grave


Dave Rooney has a new album out with this beautiful song.

More info here:


Press release:

The New Single Release by Shishonnah!

Shishonnah release their long awaited new single “Dance with the River” on
I-tunes this Saturday, April 2nd!

Formed only eight months ago by the energetic and exciting duo of Liz Madden and Jenne Lennon, their new single features the combination of their incredible voices and a mix of Native American, Irish, Classical and World influences.
This stunning track is taken from their upcoming debut album
Elysian Dreams,” due for release in June 2011.

Every once in a while a musician or group comes along that truly touches the souls of their listeners. An act that creates a sound that’s unexpected and new. The time has come again for a new sound and it has been found in the eclectic vocal/multi-instrumentalist duo, Shishonnah.

Shishonnah fuse their incredible vocal arrangements into elements of World music with Classical and Contemporary influences. Their original songs will take you to a place that defines the human experience and uplifts the soul.

Their sound reflects a canvas as diverse as the lands of their upbringing. They blend their Irish and American musical heritage with their Celtic and Native American traditions. Using their mutual experience in various styles of music such as South African, Appalachian, Celtic, Electronic and Folk-Rock, they have created their own distinctive and innovative sound.

Two performers and songwriters in their own right, Liz Madden and Jenne Lennon have a wealth of experience behind them both on stage and in studio. Between them, the ladies play piano, harp, bodhran, whistle, Native American flute, keyboards and drums. They have headlined events and international festivals worldwide wowing audiences with their incredible individual vocal sounds.

The texture of their sound and rhythmic undertones create a mood and spirit-lifting experience that will take the listeners on a journey to a new place that is fresh and memorable. Welcome to the sound of Shishonnah.,,

For further details please contact:



Shishonnah released their new single “Dance With The River” on I-Tunes this weekend! The song is already receiving rave reviews and making quite a stir in the world music scene! To download the single, follow the link below. Keep checking out the websites for touring, performance info, and the release of their second single in a few weeks!

— The Glencoe Records/Healing Sun Productions Team


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