Tylwyth Teg’s Lively Welsh Fusion


Cardiff  based band make a leap into the national Welsh folk scene.

Foot stumping music from a band that started in 2009,  an album and now gigs all over the country.  Tylwyth Teg(which is also the Welsh term for “Fair folk‘ or fairies) have joined the ranks of  Celtic bands that represent the “Welsh sound”. Sleepless Streets off their self title album grabs you with is fusion of musical styles and male vocal that calls Larry Kirwan of Black 47.

They maintained a balance between  eclecticism and  their folk roots. The  influences make the music exciting  but they maintained that cohesive aspect of songwriting that agrees with everyone’s background and respects it. There’s that developed  sound that will tell you right away it is Tylwyth Teg.



email: tylwythtegcardiff@gmail.com

facebook :https://www.facebook.com/tylwythteg

Band members:

Sally Wooldridge, Jo Marriott – Flutey-Tooties
Katie Marriott, Heulwen Williams – Fiddlers
Andy Taylor – Guitar
Dave Francis – Bass Boi
Anna Fonge – Cello
Ed Millington – Drums

You can buy the new album here: http://www.tylwythteg.co.uk/Tylwyth_Teg/Shop.html
In a small lecture theatre in Cardiff UniversityHere is a helpful blurd from their website:

music department, a session of about 30 people
started playing what can only be described as
a shambles of folk tunes! From there the numbers
dwindled to 8 members that became collectively
known as Tylwyth Teg.

With members ranging from welsh dance group band
members to classically trained to heavy metal headbangers,
these musicians began taking traditional folk tunes, combining them with all these influences into a unique sound.

Since this rabble meeting in October 2009, Tylwyth Teg have played at the International Pan-Celtic folk festival in Ireland and Lowender Perran folk festival, along with gigs dotted all over Wales. With instruments varying from fiddles, Irish flute, Cajon and various saxophones this is a group with unrelenting enthusiasm, which guarantees dancing by the end of the night!


3 thoughts on “Tylwyth Teg’s Lively Welsh Fusion

    • The album cover looks magical indeed. The video however does not really give justice to their music. I hope one day they can come up with a high quality video that captures the beauty of their music.


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