Listen to this: Canções De São Patrício (Saint Patrick’s Songs)

Today, we are going to Brazil and listen to Irish songs. I can imagine that 'buffering data' from old computer  look from your face. How is that possible? Teleportation is not yet in the market. So how?! Well it's easy. Just close your eyes and listen to this album. I am sure you will float [...]


Home Awaits Loreena McKennitt’s Lost Souls.   With fifteen million albums sold, it is amazing it took twelve years for Loreena McKennitt to release an album of new songs ( note that A Midwinter Night's Dream from 2008 is a holiday album and The Wind that Shakes the Barley from 2010 is a best of album) so you can imagine the [...]

The Cultural Book of Celtic Music: Wide Waters by Hibernia

If you are an avid fan of Celtic music then songs in Wide Waters by Hibernia will sound familiar to you. Susan Toman (Celtic Harp) and Ellen MacIsaac (Voice) have captured the 'great Celtic songbook' in this album. Comprising of 14 tracks from Ireland and Scotland,  they are sung in Gaelic and in English. Beautiful in its [...]

Some Music and Dancing this Month

Ahoy! How are the people of the page? It's been a while since my last post because of some changes that will always happen as long as we live 😛 Instead of struggling to find something worthy to feature, I found myself looking for 'news' bits from Google which is a great way to know [...]

Moving Up with Latitude-Rant Maggie Rant.

Lindsay Schindler (fiddle, vocals) Glen Dias (lead vocals, recorder and incidental percussion) Barry James Payne (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, harmonica, vocals) Rob Larose (drums & percussion) Steve Clarke (electric and upright bass) Daev Clysdale (Irish Flute, whistles, accordion). Additional musicians have also included Alberto Suarez (drums & percussion), Graham Hargrove (drums & percussion), Jay Rheil (drums & percussion), Loretto Reid (Irish Flute, whistles, concertina & button accordion), Dave Nuttall (Irish whistles and [...]