Sophie & Fiachra

From Quebec to Ireland.. 

The beauty of two worlds. No other effect is achieved like the purity of two distinct instruments merging together creating symmetrical patters of sounds…If there is an imagery I can take to describe the beauty of Sophie and Fiacra’s music, then it has to be the Celtic knot work. Elegance, confidence and free spirited warmth are all reflected in the four sample tracks you can hear in their audio and video gallery.

The two came from musical backgrounds. Sophie Lavoie, is from Quebec and she was introduced to music from a very young age. From piano, she moved to the violin incorporating both Classical and folk influences of her region. Fiachra O‘Regan,  from Connemara, on the West Coast of Ireland, released his own solo album and has been known in festival circuits playing and teaching pipe music.

These two musicians have something fresh to offer in the Celtic music scene. Not only that they play beautifully, but they also take their website image seriously. You can buy their albums here:


Links and Contact:


Da blurb!

Since the start in 2008, Sophie & Fiachra have gone from strength to strength with performances in Canada and throughout Europe, and TV appearances on RTÉ and TG4 in Ireland, and Borio Channel in Germany.Sophie & Fiachra have just recently recorded their debut eponymous album (buy). Their concept is fresh and original; music from Sophie’s native Quebec blended with that from Fiachra’s home, Ireland. The result is pure powerful music.

Both band members are very much devoted and true to their traditions in terms of music, and each have been influenced by listening to recordings of Masters from previous generations as well as Current Masters. They share many tunes as their music shares its origins. The styles of these two musicians blends naturally and without compromise; their music is vibrant, rhythmic, and timeless. This Is Old Quebec meeting with Old Ireland.

Because of the Styles of these individual musicians and the nature of their instruments, the music ofSophie & Fiachra sounds like much more than a two piece band. This energetic music promises to entertain and astonish all Audiences.


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