About Celtic Festivals and Sliotar’s New Album

I am having my first cup of tea and it is midnight. Patience my friend. That is what my head is telling me. It is hard to resist when you just want to push the buttons and finish it up. But doing things in a hurry doesn’t bring out good results.


I had a nice chat with Breton musician Dom Duff last night. This guy draws a lot of crowd. He is one of the most influential artists from Brittany. He mentioned that  The Lorient Celtic Festival in France is already being organized for August this year. His wife works with the organizers and if I am interested to come I will be included in the VIP list. Ha! You know how that sort of thing makes me feel  flattered. I have been interested in the Interceltique Festival since I started this blog. It is an event that gives opportunity for musicians to expose their talents. It’s like The Woodstock of Celtic Music. I wonder who will be on the list of performers.


It says: Ouverture de la soirée par le bagdad de Lann Bihoué

The Interceltique is spectacular!


I can’t believe that one of the most important event in Cornwall has been turned down. I am shocked beyond words. This is insane!

Golowan festival loses funding

by Tony Townsend

Friday, January 13th 2012 16:30

The application to Cornwall Council for funding was turned down for this year’s event.

Organisers of the popular Golowan Festival in Penzance have been left disappointed after Cornwall Council cut all of it’s funding.
The Council used to give the festival £12,000 a year to help put on the traditional Cornish celebration including the Mazey Day parade.
Last year it’s estimated the summer festival brought £1.5 million pounds to the local economy.
Penzance Town Council have said that the festival will still go-ahead but possibly on a smaller scale and are calling for the community and businesses to help out as much as possible.
A public meeting will be taking place at the Acorn Theatre 6pm on Tuesday 24th January.



Siotar CD Launch  

    • When
      Wednesday, 25 January 2012
    • Time
      20:00 until 23:00
  • Where
    The Porterhouse, Parliament street, Dublin, Ireland
  • Description
    So the new year is here and with it comes Sliotar’s fifth album Fine Friends, which will be launched with an elaborate bash in Sliotar’s home venue the Porterhouse during the Temple bar trad fest. The event is free in and you are all welcome:-)

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