Banba introduced me to the music of Clannad. From there I started digging their old albums and I am still anticipating any release from them. From the somber and haunting opening track Na Laetha Bhi, the movie theme I Will Find You(Last of the Mohicans) up to the rousing The Other Sside, Clannad made an album for all generations.

I  admit I thought they have two lead vocalists. Moya Brennan has a way of making her voice sound different depending on the arrangement of the tracks. In There For You, she sounds breathy and low that her voice sounds like Marianne Faithful. In I will Find You, she sings in higher pitch that she and her sister Enya  are almost identical.


Speaking of Enya, fans would probably have mixed feelings upon knowing that her hit Orinoco Flow appears in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo…um you may ask which part? Well, the ironic thing is that it is featured in one of the most violent scenes in the movie-at least that’s what people in Unity(Official Enya Forum) are talking about. Look at this trailer: