Celtic Music Fan Podcast #4

Celtic Music Fan Podcast #4

The show from last Saturday is up.

Track listing:

Rich with Heart-NUA
La Jumen De Michao-Nolwenn Leroy 
Red is Not Dead-Will Tun and the Wasters feat MC Amalgam. 
Gotham’s Finest-Stubby Shellilaghs 
Here’s to You- Lexington Field 
Jim Coleman’s-Skipper’s Alley 
Mystic Rover-Samuel Smith
A Place Where Time Stops – Scott Hoye
The Scholar-Enda Seery
Traffic-Corrina Hewat
Ta Me Mo Shudhe-Skipper’s Alley 
The Dark Road-NUA
The Peak-The Picts
Foeter Breizh-Dom Duff



Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff

Babel Pow Wow by Dom Duff


Album: “Babel Pow Wow

Artist: Dom Duff

Location: Brittany

Original Release Date: April 18, 2013


1. Buan yann buan

2. Bitter Lands of Llydaw

3. Noa

4. Chikoloden groove

5. Floc’h ar jabadao

6. A-du gant an avel

7. Babel pow wow

8. Houarn & lêr

9. Buzhug’o’matik

10. Koroll gouez

11. Treizh

12. En tu all d’an treizh

13. Foeter breizh

“Babel Pow Wow” is the fifth album by Breton singer/songwriter Dom Duff. He got this started through the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank program.  So what’s thid album all about? According to Dom Duff :

This album pays tribute to the world’s cultures, languages​​, to all those people who use their words and their rhythms to sing, dance, laugh,  … The idea came to me after many meetings with different fans, speaking about multilingual cultures : our imagery, rhythm of our words, of our music.  As usual, I sing my native Breton language, adding my guitar licks surrounds by fiddle, bass and percussion to these stomping songs and tunes.It’s about local & global troubles, causes, …

So what’s my assessment of Babel Pow Wow?   To those who haven’t heard it yet, Babel Pow Wow is a collection of folk/ rock inspired tunes laced with Breton music. It is composed of a richly layered album with a wide array of instrumental explorations. I think this is Dom Duff’s most successful work to date, with  ambitious effort and sleek production to match.

This album aims to take  nods on all Celtic music branches. It also highlights other musical genres, from all sides of the globe. It is an album that is a must for lovers of Breton culture and the rest of the Celtic nations. And even if you don’t speak Breton, the rhythm of the language will take you to places you’ve never dreamed of.

Buan yann buan starts the album with its inspiring guitar and percussion. The tune takes flight as fiddles, harmonica and other instruments wrap this track with passionate abandon. The mandolin takes the center stage in Bitter Lands of Llydaw, along with the strong and haunting vocals of Dom. Noa pulls us into the mysterious Breton landscape with that strange mechanical sound for ambience. Chikoloden  has the groove that is definitively Celtic with its beautiful instrumental arrangement and also a jig in the second half of the track that nods on the Irish side of the influence.

Floc’h ar jabadao is typical Dom Duff with the driving percussion and strumming. A-du gant an avel is a beautiful ballad a sweet melody and beautiful guitar solos. Those who love psychedelic rock will love the title track Babel Pow Wow. Jigs, hypnotic percussion and driving rhythm are all explored to the max in one track. Houarn & r channels a bit of George Harrison with that beautiful and catchy chanting for chorus. This style is also found in the next track  Buzhug’o’matik.

Koroll gouez starts with an adult alternative intro and then followed by the marathon run intensity of the verse and chorus matched by the energetic  fiddle and percussion. The mysterious sounds make a comeback in Treizh. The style is Middle Eastern. En tu all d’an treizh gets us back to our feet with the signature Breton rock that’s always typical of Dom Duff. Foeter breizh closes this amazing album with the sound of Breton footsteps by Breton runners. The video of this song was published more than a year ago and it’s been widely shared across Brittany.

I will never get tired listening to Babel Pow Wow. It’s got all the grooves, the sound spices you need when you want a kind of music that not only inspired but also soothes the hunger for something rooted to tradition and the love for diversity. Better get your copy now!



Alan Cooke, The Wild Irish Poet

It’s Monday! Birds are singing, the sun is up and ground is wet from last night’s rain. How are you doing?

Last time I mentioned that I read in advance The Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey HOME – Alan Cooke’s  follow-up memoir to Naked in New York. Did I mentioned that the book moved me that I wept? perhaps not so I am telling you now. It is a beautiful work , richly layered in atmosphere and images. You need to get it when it is finally out. So here’s a passage:

From The Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey HOME : I looked at an old cottage that was for sale because the picture struck me as haunting and evocative. It was dark and grey outside with the threat of rain. This house had no road, no gentle garden path with plants along the edges. It was muddy and full of rocks. I got to the door. A small river ran around the entire house. Inside it was chilling and desolate. A whole planet of despair resounded here in lost memories and lives that had been lived out. Old stained suit jackets hung in the window. Everything was dead. The house had shed its last breath. The windows were blurred with dirt and finger marks. The floor was broken and warped and an old kettle sat in the middle of the room awaiting an owner to bring it into life again. This house had kept generations enveloped in a kind of soft life. Yet hardship always lurked nearby in the form of poverty. I imagined coins counted to the penny and a soft shuffle out the door to get a loaf of bread and some meat for the week. Or some news brought to the door that would shatter the heart. Or the sound of a baby covered in her Mother’s blood born on the wet floor as the roof let in the rain at angles. A weeping newborn amidst the rain storms that took hold of the land and shook and drowned her till she was sodden and miserable.

I saw old cigarette boxes lying by the fireplace. I imagined rugged hands lighting wrinkled cigarettes shoved into the sides of black stained drinking mouths and scouring the land, planting and digging and heaving and sweating the years away. Or maybe a song that was hummed and filled their sleep in the night. Or a foot that tapped with rhythm on the black dirt floors. Or the eyes that were lit by the fire. Soft country eyes that had only seen the glory of nature all their lives. Yet I could feel the intense energy and loss of this ghostly cottage. A house withered and dying without human warmth felt terribly lonely to me. And above me a billion miles into the sky far above the ghosts in this house we were looked down upon by forces undefinable. This tiny house in this tiny land and this eternal terror of being. The light filled the soul, measured against the immense beyond. I felt the depth of it and the memory so thick down to my fingers which I traced along a window sill.

In an old drawer I spotted a faded photo of a Father and his child. The photo was half burned, the daughter looking away from the camera. The Father had a beautiful smile. His cap was in his hands. He looked humble and had soft eyes. Where were they now? Long gone. So far gone I could not sense any of their life in this sad place. Who would buy this place? I wanted the weeds and the fern and the branches of trees to grow tall and strong and wrap themselves around this cottage. Move inside the walls and windows. Creep along the floor and take this house back into the earth. It did not belong in the present. I put the photo back in its place. I felt like I had walked upon a grave. I was trespassing amongst the dead.

Here amongst the ragged remains of an Irish home at once comforting and now cold and dead I sensed what the end might feel like. My own end. It sent a fever into the throat to think on this, the idea of ceasing to exist and of disappearing. Outside I could see a bird wet, on a thin branch still singing in this most terrible of winter days. His eyes darted with each note and his breathy reedy notes were a symphonic calming release against the singular bleakness of my emotions.

His was the constant song of aliveness. The paradox when God seemed to have bolted his door. It almost seemed to me that this messenger was all that kept the world from upending and falling apart. It is the voices of hope in the world that keep us from despair. The bird stayed for an eternity. Singing, for no purpose, but his own, and I selfishly took it for mine as well. To give my own presence meaning.

I left the house and walked back down the rocky path to my car. I looked in the mirror inside and I could see my own darkened eyes, this strange search for home within me always. The restless spirit misaligned with a race that itself was lost. Spinning on in this grey eternity called life.

Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi by Barbarian Pipe Band

Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi by Barbarian Pipe Band

Album: Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi

Band: Barbarian Pipe Band

Hometown: Biella, Italy

There comes a time when you just want a single type of instrument to stand up. And also everything that’s  composed around and about it. This is the case of The Barbarian Pipe band. Pure bagpipe richness dipped in spices and good to the heart. And the music comes big drums. Of course loud music like this needs something to set the balance.

Be warned. This is loud. For those who expect something sweet and gentle would rather be somewhere else. But if you like your sound loud , hot, kicking and enveloping then Defecatio Imperatrix Mundi is your thing. best played outside with bonfires, friends around and hardcore Celtic partying.

My picks are Ruvida because of its warlike energy amidst its tribal beauty. Those pounding the drums really know how to make your brain heat up with primal appreciation. in Nutri-Ego we get a gong like sound with a little ‘broadcast feed.’ There are other tracks worth noting but I really don’t pay attention to the title because once it starts you just get lost to the sounds. A true charmer o an album for those who want their bagpipes to shine like crazy diamonds!

Barbarian Pipe Band



The booming music of Barbarian Pipe Band overwhelms audiences of all Europe since 2001 (see the band’s CV).
Archaic sounds and modern arrangements solve space and time into powerful trance, wild dancing and deep emotions. Playing on stages, streets, theaters, churches, feasts, motor gatherings, weeding parties, rock festivals these five musicians fit everywhere from medieval-folk to metal-rock contests.

Barbarian Pipe Band propose two types of shows. Amplified or acoustic.
Acoustic show can be on stage or everywhere.
The amplified one has to be on stage and is followed by their own sound engineer.
Both shows may be enriched by live visual performance.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarbarianPipeBand?fref=ts

Website: http://www.barbarianpipeband.com/




Hello friends. Weekend is here. How are you doing? Life has been hectic here. There’s rain too.Yay!

Ok first of all I want to give a shout out of congratulation to Breton singer/songwriter Dom Duff who released his album today called Babel Pow Wow. A review will follow soon. I love this project because I’ve followed this while it was being created and even sent Dom videos for his use to promote the album. Again if you see this album, have a listen and buy it. It’s really a wonderful effort. Here’s the link about the album: http://www.coop-breizh.fr/cd-et-telechargement-5/telechargements-10/chansons-voix-bretagne-260/cd-dom-duff-babel-pow-wow-5093/zoom-fr.htm

Picture of the day:

Click for bigger image

...here’s my view of what will be the biggest crowd of me life … 2000 odd LA downtowners. Onstage in a couple of hours. Supporting Dropkick Murphys and their crazy punk fans! -Andy Slim Black

Here’s an EPK to remind you of this week’s featured band Enter the Haggis

Blair Dunlop on Style, Legacy and the Horizon Award (Interview)

Blair Dunlop on Style, Legacy and the Horizon Award (Interview)

Blair Dunlop

I am a big fan of The Fairport Convention. To talk to someone like Blair Dunlop who is genetically linked to the musical greats, is such an amazing thing. He has crafted his own artistic identity through the release of his solo album Blight and Blossom(Rooksmere Records).  Get to know him more through this interview.

Breton singer/songwriter Dom Duff introduced me to Blair Dunlop. “He met me in Midlands airport last September.” Dom added that Blair’s new album is now out and that his father’s the founding member of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and Albion Band. Another interesting trivia: Blair appeared in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the young Johnny Depp.  So Dom offered Blair’s contact information and I took it from there. See how blogging connects people?

So I got in touch with the singer/songwriter and we introduced one another before launching this interview. He provided his phone number in case I want to do it by phone by I suggested doing an email interview would be easier for both of us. And it gives us more time to think what to write each other.

Your hands are full between promoting The Albion band and your solo album. It must be a good start of the year for you.

Yeah it’s a busy time, but it’s exciting. I like to push myself
musically, so to have different projects on the go feels right for me.
They’re very different projects too, so that keeps me stretched as a
musician. Which I like.

How do you describe the sound on your solo project compared to The Albion band which I believe has a more Celtic sounding style?

The sounds are very different. The Albion Band sound is definitely
fuller and rockier. Not really Celtic though, it’s English folk rock
based on traditional English tunes and traditions as opposed to Irish
or Scottish. My solo stuff is far more stripped back and showcases
more of my songwriting and acoustic guitar playing. In short, it’s
more acoustic.

What’s the feeling  after bagging the prestigious BBC folk award?

Winning the Horizon Award was great. It was a great night and I met
some great people, but to be acknowledged by the BBC was special. It’s
an organization that has a reputation all over the world, so the award
has a certain weight. It was a welcome start to the year.

What are these projects you hinted on the first question and can you expound on them for the benefit of our readers?

I have my solo work (I now go out solo, as a trio and as a band)
doing my personal material; the Albion Band which is a more folk/rock
outfit; and an EP and some gigs in April with 2 American songwriting
sisters, the Lovell sisters of Larkin Poe.

How do you describe your smooth singing style and who are your vocal influences growing?

It’s easier for me to cite guitar and writing influences as opposed
to singing influences… Hmm, good question. My biggest singing would
probably be Jim Moray (who I have a gig with tonight, actually!)
because he treats traditional material in a very modern way, we have
similar voices naturally and I can see some of myself in him.

 How does it feel to be part of the family that made the legendary band Fairport Convention?

It’s normal for me I guess, so it’s hard to answer. It’s a great
family of people and musicians and it’s been a big part of my growing
up, especially Cropredy Festival. The traditional music is inside me,
and that’s probably largely to do with Fairport.

Blair Dunlop is currently promoting his album Blight and Blossom all over UK. You can catch him through these venues by visiting http://blairdunlop.com/gigs/




‘Blight & Blossom’ is now out on 180g Vinyl. Available at all good retailers and direct from http://www.rooksmerestudios.com/buy-online/blair-dunlop-blight-blossom-vinyl


Blair Dunlop is 20-years old, a captivating vocalist, and has rapidly emerged as one of the finest of singer-songwriters. His vocals have a paradoxically light and raunchy feel, a very much ’once heard, never forgotten’ sound. On guitar, he is forging a style of his own which is quite breathtaking and featured recently in Acoustic magazine purely as an up-and-coming guitarist. Listen to the beautifully crafted lyric of Blight and Blossom (title track) to understand then song-crafting beyond his young years. This coupled with contributions from, friend, Richard Thompson who has given Blair one of his own previously unrecorded compositions -Seven Brothers – to début on his new album. The full-bloodied sound on the album is created by Blair interacting with a wonderfully cohesive, intuitive and sympathetic group of musicians. Among the latter are Larkin Poe, Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman), the legendary Ashley Hutchings, Pete Zorn, Tim Harries, Mark Hutchinson, Guy Fletcher and a string quartet. Blight & Blossom is truly an adventurous and unique affair. In performance, Blair has confidence and a very real stage presence. Certainly, having started out as a young actor, appearing on TV and in the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie ’Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’, will have helped in this regard. Yet when it comes to discussing his own songs, Blair can be quite modest and happy to let critics and the listeners decide what they think of them. After a little coaxing, however, he talked a little about their genesis and the context from which each grew.




Hello beautiful people of the page. Yes, I am currently featuring Blair Dunlop. In a span of a week, you will be getting news from him . Our  Huzzah is getting to be a great source of  buzz where you can get fresh music and gig news. So make it a habit to spread The Celtic Music Fan.

LES DOIGTS DE L’HOMME – GET A GRIP. It’s the first time I heard of this group but all members are fascinating. Check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDTMwikvQ8Y&feature=youtu.be

Goitse perform for the Ojai Concert Series. My big thanks to Jeremy King of Poitin for sharing the link to this terrific performance! Here’s the video: http://youtu.be/0k6EUKpx_GI

Enda Seery is currently shooting a video for Síocháin na Tuaithe.

Live show for Deep is the Well coming this May!

Hear the complete new album – Live!

Join Kevin O’Donnell for a rare live performance of Deep is the Well, along with a bit of storytelling.  The shows will feature many guest artists from the album, including: Maurice Lennon, Jim DeWan, Larry Gray, John Rice, John Williams, and more…

Be among the first to purchase a copy of Deep Is The Well – and join Kevin for a pint at the pub.

Only two Chicagoland performances, so don’t miss out:

Sunday, May 5th  –  1pm-5pm  –  Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant and Pub

8 N. Vail Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

(847) 577-7733

Album promotion time!

Ok I am going to renew, my album recommendations.

Ghosts Of Our Past – Biblecode Sundays

The BibleCode Sundays: Always a joy to listen to. Never boring, always energetic and totally amazing melodies! Ghosts Of Our Past is released in 2006 by this London-based celtic rock band. Their music is a lively mixture of traditional Irish folk music and contemporary rock music.

Listen and buy the tracks by following the link below.


Barleyjuice:Skulduggery Street

To quench your rockaholic Celtic thirst is the album called Skulduggery Street  by Barleyjuice. 14 tracks filled with Celtic rock music, comedy and poetry. I reviewed this album around 2010 and got a  nice response.

” Nice review and this looks like a really cool group. I can definitely see what you mean about the catchiness. I’ve only played the video once and it’s already sticking in my head.

It also looks like they have enough spirits on that table to keep their fest going for quite some time!”-http://andrewjwalsh.com/

Get this album through the band’s website: http://www.barleyjuice.com/

Aisling na nGael (An Irish Dream)

People love their Celtic music to rock, some to haunt but there are those who want a more operatic approach. This is where Irish singer Emma Kate Tobia rises to the occasion. Co-produced by Frank Buckley, Niall “Herbie” Macken and Emma Kate, was recorded in St Multose Church in Kinsale and the lofty acoustics fit perfectly with Buckley’s arrangements.

“Aisling na nGael introduces traditional Irish Songs to the world as rich orchestral and choral masterpieces,” says Emma-Kate.


Elle Marie O Dwyer, Orriel Smith And More Soundcloud Tunes

Elle Marie O Dwyer, Orriel Smith And More Soundcloud Tunes

Elle Marie O Dwyer

Elle Marie O Dwyer

Elle Marie O Dwyer has a kind of voice I would describe as crystal clear and bright.  Her music is mellow. It’s the kind that would you would be looking for after a hard day’s work. The kind of sound to listen to when you are reclining and letting the evening breeze take you to the land of imagination. The arrangement is more minimalistic. She does have songs that are comprise of strings but most are her clear soprano embellished by nothing but the piano.

This is the title track of Elle Marie O Dwyer’s first album “Where the Allow Waters Flow”. The 12-track album includes songs like “The Cottage With the Roses Round the Door”, “The Land of the Gael”, “Brosna Town” and “My Bonny Labouring Boy”. The album can be purchased on Claddagh Records at http://claddaghrecords.com/WWW/catalo…
Like the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ElleMarieODwyer to keep up to date with all events and gigs for Elle Marie



Orriel Smith

Orriel Smith

Orriel Smith

Her soprano voice is recognizable. She has the ‘it’ in operatic singing. Yet she also possesses the kind of quality that appeals to the wider audience. Most singers with operatic background aren’t easy to listen to because the style is targeted to specific venues and moods in listening. But Orriel Smith promises to delight even those that are not into classical singing.

Danny Boy is a traditional Irish song covered by many. But it is not often you come across an artist who can nail it with precision and true sentiments the way she does. It is a beautiful haunting track marked by her crystal clear voice.May she get discovered by more enthusiastic ears so that she can record more tracks with exquisite beauty attributed to the gods!



Here is my other soundcloud account. Like what I mentioned in my earlier issue there are tracks here that are Celtic and non Celtic. This is due to me running another site called www.spheremusic.wordpress.com  So just enjoy the music regardless of the genre because they are all amazing music. I mean seriously, when have I given you bad recommendation huh? Hahahaha ok enjoy!



Hello everyone. Welcome to our Friday edition of the Celtic Music Fan. In my part of the world which is the Philippines, it is the start of summer. You can feel it as the heat stings your skin. It is like this deep low drone of  uilleann pipes followed by the sharp wail of the bagpipes. It is hard to ignore because it is really saying ” I am here.”

It is an exciting month because big bands like Solas and Lunasa are giving everyone lovely music.

Kevin O’Donnell

Deep Is The Well by Kevin O’Donnell

Those who are based in Chicago should follow Ceolwind Productions. So what’s cooking? According to owner Noah Smulkis:

I have an early copy of a new release due out this May from Irish folk singer-songwriter Kevin O’Donnell. It’s practically more American folk than Irish and it tells the story of descendants of Irish immigrants in America from the late 1800s to present day. I think you’ll like it and may be interested in featuring it prior to the release. Produced by Maurice Lennon and featuring many Irish and American folk music guests including Maurice, John Williams, Kathleen Keane, Finbar Furey just to name a few.

Ceolwind Productions is owned by Noah Smulkis whose friendship with The Celtic Music Fan go as far back as 2009. And yes this is prior to the creation of Ceolwind Productions. Check out http://www.deepisthewell.com/ for a sneak peek.

For a sneak-peek: www.deepisthewell.com

Jeremy King

Click to go to the Poitin page.

Poitin lead man Jeremy King made the moment epic with his vocal rendition.It is  a rare treat because he is first and foremost and instrumentalist. But here he shows he has such golden pipes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLaElv4FXcs&list=PLB43F7C6C3626BC92&index=1 You can also check more of the pics from last night’s session here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151315040436431.1073741830.105492236430&type=1

Local Kyle Burghout playing some Irish music in an extremely fine fashion. Thank to Irish Music Ottawa for introducing this fine artist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZrvTiPdFMM&feature=share

Dom Duff

Dom Duff

Breton Celtic rocker Dom Duff has a new video Dom DufF – Buan Yann Buan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8D6cT9Kuf8&list=PLD3AA89794FE71CB2&index=1

Buan Yann Buan is a track driven by instruments like the mandolin acoustic guitar, harmonica and fiddle. The only difference between this song and his other works is the emphasis on lush instruments . The explosive salvo of sounds feel like a rush of a big wave. There is also something optimistic and an adventurous atmosphere throughout the song which lasts 3:38.

Patrick D'Arcy and Quincy Jones

Patrick D’Arcy and Quincy Jones

The picture above tells a thousand stories. Yes that is our very own Irish piper Patrick D’Arcy sharing a cool moment with Jazzman Quincy Jones. According to D’Arcy:  ” Quincy Jones and myself enjoying a few Black Velvet’s, courtesy of Bono, for his birthday party at his house tonight. Q loves the uilleann pipes. Beautiful experience and a really lovely family. We can all only wish to be this elegant at 80!”

Aside from working on this site I also give my blogging talents to several sites. So just to give an idea , here are the following:

Garrett Hacking  of Photography G was introduced to me by Damien McCarron of the Indulgers and The Mile High Celtic hour. http://americanmadeinsider.com/2013/03/14/photography-g-capturing-the-spirit-of-the-moment/

For those who love Celtic inspired wood carvings, here one from Celtic Woodworks: http://americanmadeinsider.com/2013/03/22/interesting-wood-decorations-from-celtic-woodworks/

Garrett Hacking of Photography G

Garrett Hacking of Photography G

And finally my music posts via Expats Post once in a while featuring Fraser Fifield and the Nordanians: http://expatspost.com/entertainment/videos/the-nordanians-featuring-fraser-fifield-daraa/

While watering the plants, I was playing this Celtic band from France called Caliorne. These guys play Breton inspired tunes led by the bagpipes of Francois. Teens decided drop by. Then one of them could not resist it. He asked what I am playing. I told him. More of the music of Caliorne here: http://soundcloud.com/caliorne

Happy Birthday to Jacob McCauley! Wishing you more music to make and more bodhrans to beat.

In case I miss something in this edition, The next one will be this Sunday 🙂

Let the Game Begin Plus More in Huzzah!

Let the Game Begin Plus More in Huzzah!

Honorable mentions: Acoustic Bloom, Andrew Slim Black, Blair Dunlop, Celtic Twist, Dom Duff, Fiddlin’ Frenzy, Live Ireland, Marc Gunn,67 Music, Michael Curran, Song of the Isles, The Ryans Band.

Acoustic Bloom left irresistible clues that lead me to their lead singer Tom Bolger.

The Little Bug Band is a track by Irish band Acoustic Bloom. I describe the song as infectious  on top of a nice animation. Their combines the tempo of traditional music along with  sophisticated production techniques. The music is really addicting.Give it a listen. They are still  recording tracks for an upcoming album so, not much info is available yet. However according to the band:

“Acoustic Bloom are an Irish band from Kilkenny, writing and recording our own original material. We are currently recording a number of tracks which we plan to upload over the coming months. In the meantime we hope you enjoy our first upload ‘The Little Bug Band’!

Acoustic Bloom is fronted by well known local singer/songwriter Tom Bolger. Tom has achieved much success as a solo artist and original tracks from his widely acclaimed album “The Wish” are available on his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/tombolgermusic.”

So who is Tom Bolger? I went ahead and checked his myspace page. Slide Over Hill is the first track I heard. Itmade me smile! Hey if Tom is the lead man on this band then we will expect more awesome tracks  in the future. I won over! ” Slide over here, close your eyes, let me hold you tender hand,  ease your mind”…Says the chorus.  One Life  is unapologetic pop rock that fans of Luka Bloom, Thin Lizzy and Hothouse Flowers will love.

What is consistent in his solo project is the emphasis of unobtrusive the string section.  Never starts with the piano track, followed by one of the sweetest orchestration I heard in a ballad. Reminds me of Chris De Burgh. The vocal harmony is a killer!  ” Never been so close, never been so deep , when I hold you in my arms, and watch you when you sleep.” It is a kind of song that even with its unabashed declaration of love, it still sounds so dignified.

Old and Grey is also nice to listen to.  The Wish  cements my impression of him as a fine vocalist. These tracks are all taken from his solo album The Wish. I wanted to find out more so I clicked the link to his official website http://www.tombolgermusic.com/

That’s a nice looking site. I also found his influences that made his compositions sound that way. I will paste this blurb: “Tom Bolger has a magic CD out called, “The Wish”. I believe Tom Bolger is a modern Neil Diamond-Gordon Lightfoot. Tom Bolger was always the most magnetic and magical of the many singers / musicians that I encountered in Ireland. I’m very glad that Tom has this album completed and available. Whenever I am homesick for the Emerald Isle I put on “The Wish” and I’m suddenly transported back to Ireland.”
– Kim Fowley American musician / producer / composer.

Ok, now I understand why Acoustic Bloom sounds like that. So I think the band is an extension of his artistry, a growth out of his usual sound. Not a bad idea. And although his solo project caters more to the country/easy listening audience, Acoustic Bloom is definitely Celtic.


Young Fiddle Duet Fiddlin’ Frenzy

The young people are taking Celtic music by storm. I have no idea if this is because of the internet or parents exposing their kids to good music at an early age but whatever it is, it’s doing an awesome job. Fiddlin’ Frenzy is a pair of siblings from the west coast of Canada. I am browsing through reviews of their performance and they are really making a great impression!

The Celtic Twist Game starts now!

The Celtic Music Fan would  like offer a free copy of Twist in the Tale to the winner of a competition which will start now. This is how it goes. All you need to do is find an answer to a question which in the animated picture blow. all you need to do is go to their official website http://www.wix.com/hollandandpalmley/celtictwist to look for the answer. A winner will be announced at the end of this month.  Phil and Dave could send it directly to you with a short note of congratulations. How’s that? For those who are new to this album, here is the link to the review I did back in June 27 of 2012.


Welcome to our everything goes column Huzzah. As I explained this term originated from a Jamie Smith’s Mabon track. And lead man Jamie Smith is our featured artist this week. Someone in our facebook page said “Pin Up Boy!” referring to the featured photo. By the way If you are not aware yet, I update the featured photo every week to mirror our featured artist. Back to the pin up comment, I often get across that compliment the featured artists. Well, I think it is amazing that mother nature has blessed our  Celtic musicians with both talents and looks!

So what do we have today?

1.I was smiling hard when I got updates from twitter and email that Live Ireland featured one of my blog posts over there. Live Ireland happens to be the first site I created an account with because of the music and also because of the wonderful and supportive folks over there.

2. Marc Gunn posted this amazing article about Celtic Music where he explains important points, points I really agree with! If you are not aware yet, the Celt father has just released a new album called Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day.

So those are two announcements I need to make. On the other hand I am glad that there is a site devoted to Celtic songs. I know we have jigs and reels but I noticed the depletion in the promotion of ballads.


My awakening to Celtic music was with the ballads by Connie Dover, The Chieftains, Loreena McKennitt and even Enya(with her Gaelic songs). The others followed after. Song of the Isles continues to support this form of art and check out this new post featuring Julie Fowlis.


Here is another discovery. The Ryans Band won 2 awards at the Irish music awards, there website is www.theryansirishband.co.uk and they are also on facebook. There is one song Let the People Sing that is available for streaming via their website. It is beautiful! Have a listen.

67 Music owner Skot Cranmore invited me to join The Global Celtic Music Community via linked in and here is one info you might love to hear: A Celtic Music TV show is coming up soon. According to Skot: “67 Music begins production on a new Celtic Music TV/Video show in early 2013. We are seeking sponsors and advertisers now Global exposure and still save on your advertising budget! Email skot@67music.net for all details.” How’s that! Our community is really gearing for world domination 😉 And oh I have been getting skill endorsements for Sahara and Oona McOuat! If you haven’t yet, better join the Celtic music community via linked in because that is where the party is.


Trad Irish musician Michael Curran who is part of Celtic Music Fan’s alumni posted this TV show on his facebook status yesterday. Along with that post is this message: “Great programme recorded back in the summer for Irish TV Showcase channel…skip to 50:40 for a wee cameo of myself and mighty man Vincent Griffin!!” he added: “You should be able to skip straight to it, but still loads of lovely music before that!!”


Who is Blair Dunlop?  Breton rocker Dom Duff is endorsing Blair’s new album Blight & BlossomBD-cover-edit-II-300x298

Blair acted in Charlie and chocolate factory (young Johnny Depp, Little Willy Wonka ) his father is the founding member of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and Albion Band .Very huge Celtic connection there. Now I am not sure if we can get Blair’s story through an interview here but I will keep you all posted. In the meantime enjoy the music and at the same time, I am going to listen to The Fairport Convention again!


Explore the Barnanez cairn, the largest Megalithic mausoleum in Europe, lying at the top of a steeply sloping peninsula in the bay of Morlaix in the Finistère.

Speaking of Dom Duff, I got this amazing site about The Cairn of Barnenez. I check on the link he sent to me and it says it dates back to as early as 4,500 B.C. Info with pictures .


Andrew “Slim” Black, the soulful Celtic singer who brought us the compelling Gallows Tree Tales just updated his facebook page. Have a listen to that album if you haven’t yet and I guarantee you will like it. You can get latest updates from this amazing singer/songwriter/producer via http://www.facebook.com/gallowstreetales


Here is a fantastic upload from Barrule. This is an amazing Manx music educational tour, starring of course the artist of the week Jamie Smith and the rest of Barrule: A montage of video taken during a week’s tour of Scotland and Newcastle. Barrule visited Plockton High School, Benbecula, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Edinburgh University Highland Society and Newcastle University, performing and teaching Manx music to the students at the various courses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33sy2Ox8Ae0&feature=youtu.be 

Prior to this video, I woke up to this wonderful view of Ogham Stone.

Top 5 albums I listen to this weeK

1. Banba by Clannad

2. If Ever I return by Connie Dover

3. Parallel Dreams by Loreena McKennitt

4. Foxlight by Iarla O’Lanaird

5. Windblown by Jamie Smith’s Mabon

Foeter Breizh: Saving the Breton Language

Dom Duff makes a run for Breton Culture!

For a Celtic Breton musician, language is precious. I remember an interview with Liam O’ Maonlai where he stated that one becomes vigilant with an art that is disappearing. Sometimes just watching and not making a stand is wasting that precious gift. Because no one can underestimate the power of one person to change the course of destiny. Hooray to Tolkien for reminding us about that.

I featured this song way back as a widget. Now I am highlighting the video. When it comes to passion for culture hands down to Dom Duff.

About the video:


Diwar ar ganaouenn savet ha kanet gant Dom Duff “Foeter Breizh”ez eus bet sevenet gant Mikael Baudu hag e stal produiñ Gwengolo Filmoù, ur c’hlip da gas war-raok ar Redadeg evit hol lakaat dija e-barzh ton Redadeg 2012.


The official video clip of Redadeg 2010 on «Foeter Breizh» a song by Dom Duff filmed by Mikael Baudu and produced by Gwengolo.Filmoù.
In may 2012 thousands of poeple will run over 1500 km to rise money for the breton language.

About Celtic Festivals and Sliotar’s New Album

I am having my first cup of tea and it is midnight. Patience my friend. That is what my head is telling me. It is hard to resist when you just want to push the buttons and finish it up. But doing things in a hurry doesn’t bring out good results.


I had a nice chat with Breton musician Dom Duff last night. This guy draws a lot of crowd. He is one of the most influential artists from Brittany. He mentioned that  The Lorient Celtic Festival in France is already being organized for August this year. His wife works with the organizers and if I am interested to come I will be included in the VIP list. Ha! You know how that sort of thing makes me feel  flattered. I have been interested in the Interceltique Festival since I started this blog. It is an event that gives opportunity for musicians to expose their talents. It’s like The Woodstock of Celtic Music. I wonder who will be on the list of performers.


It says: Ouverture de la soirée par le bagdad de Lann Bihoué

The Interceltique is spectacular!


I can’t believe that one of the most important event in Cornwall has been turned down. I am shocked beyond words. This is insane!

Golowan festival loses funding

by Tony Townsend

Friday, January 13th 2012 16:30

The application to Cornwall Council for funding was turned down for this year’s event.

Organisers of the popular Golowan Festival in Penzance have been left disappointed after Cornwall Council cut all of it’s funding.
The Council used to give the festival £12,000 a year to help put on the traditional Cornish celebration including the Mazey Day parade.
Last year it’s estimated the summer festival brought £1.5 million pounds to the local economy.
Penzance Town Council have said that the festival will still go-ahead but possibly on a smaller scale and are calling for the community and businesses to help out as much as possible.
A public meeting will be taking place at the Acorn Theatre 6pm on Tuesday 24th January.



Siotar CD Launch  

    • When
      Wednesday, 25 January 2012
    • Time
      20:00 until 23:00
  • Where
    The Porterhouse, Parliament street, Dublin, Ireland
  • Description
    So the new year is here and with it comes Sliotar’s fifth album Fine Friends, which will be launched with an elaborate bash in Sliotar’s home venue the Porterhouse during the Temple bar trad fest. The event is free in and you are all welcome:-)

Music to Celebrate Halloween or “Samhain”.

I heard this whisper and I wondered,
I heard this laugh and then I knew.
The time is getting near my friends,
The time that I hold dear my friends,
The veil is getting thin my friends,
And strange things will pass through.
The Veil is Getting Thinner

One of the most important time of the year is here. Halloween or as the Celts call it Samhain. Events in our lives can alter the things we do. I noticed this lately, when I had to do things I normally don’t do because I had to. I am sure you out there are given the task of doing what you must do because no one else can do it. It is an honor and  a burden at the same time.

You know, when it comes to family emergencies or situations that need our best judgement, I say that personal issues have to be set aside. As what I remember from my friend who became a mother once said. “Depression has no space in my life when another life depends upon me. My youthful angst just flies out of the window”. It is true.  There are times when we are called upon to act and do what’s necessary, even if it means sacrificing the things that make us glad.

This year has been very confusing. But there’s an anchor that keeps me grounded. And that is loving the things I do. I might not be an excellent blogger- and I know I do have my technical errors and stuff. But I do know that I care about what I am doing. Can’t live without it. In the midst of  the tempest that  that threatens to destroy us…we got to have something to believe in and to hold on. It has been a great loving year with you my readers. And I just want you to know that I am grateful for everything. Me might not talk face to face. I might not see you in person. But I treasure this connection we have. It is the the thing that makes everything worthwhile. May you find peace and happiness wherever you are. And I hope I do the same.


Jeremy and his band have been creating energetic music that fuses everything.  If you live in the Czech Republic you can catch them live. An experience not to be missed.

Irish Music Session POITÍN & friends

01 November · 20:30 – 23:30
More info
Regular session for lovers of Irish and Celtic music. Hosted by Poitín.

Check this link for more info: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=502898


If you are a subscriber of this site then you would remember how I like to mention the projects of Jenne Lennon again and again. Her collaboration with Liz Madden known as Shishonnah has been getting great reviews from all around and I can attest to that . I heard the two songs already and fell in love with them. “Dance with the River”  released on I-tunes  on  April 2nd is a beautiful evocative and percussive track that calls to mind the works of Loreena McKennitt, Dead Can Dance and Clannad. These two artists are a force of nature together. Jenne hosts her own podcast called Wind Talker Podcast: http://windtalkerradio.blogspot.com/ and I am a regular listener. The podcast focuses more on individuals trying to make a difference and going on their way to say yes when people say no. I love the message of her show and I wish her to continue touching more minds…Please listen tune in to her show.


Lovers of Welsh Celtic music have something worth listening to. At the same time you guys will find a lot of info in this site. This week it highlights the works of Breton singer/composer Dom Duff. This is a nice radio station .

Click Radio Cymru


If you haven’t “liked” The Bombadils yet, then it is a musical experience you should not miss. Check out the band’s music player in their Official Facebook Page .  Can’t wait for the official album launch.  Just saying hi to the band.

And oh a nice pic and article about them lately: http://www.westislandgazette.com/event/25044


Now we all know that Texas based Celtic rock band Cleghorn are busy composing new songs and promoting their music through live shows. You will be happy to know that they have come up with new videos for their new tunes. I am glad 9 Minutes of Woo has been documented. This anthemic piece sends chills down my spine. How can I resist? Cleghorn rules!!!!  Now if you have facebook you can check these wonderful photos from their recent performance during Pirate Days of Texas 2011.


I promote Marc Gunn‘s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. You hear real music here. Where else anyway? Been a follower of his blog for a while now and he offers nothing but the best music reviews and MP3s to listen to in order to sample artist works. Check him out friends .

..well that’s it for today. I will let you hear more of my ‘confessions’ later . Take care folks. Trick or Treat!

Radio Breton, Cornwall And All That Brythonics

Happy Monday folks. I guess you are all hesitant to get out of that bed and go to work eh? Me too. Work starts tonight but I had to get up to write this blog. Yes this is my life and I am happy to be connected to all of you. And perhaps you are happy once in a while when you drop by as I give you the links to the coolest sites in the Internet never been heard or seen before.

There’s this wonderful quote I read today: When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends-Japanese Proverb. What do you think? I love quotes and this one is interesting as this always hold the truth for me.


BZH a.k.a Radio Stalig is an umbrella site of all other radio stations in Brittany broadcasting in both FM and WebRadio Media. As long as you have internet connection, it plays automatically. All you need to do is go to each  station by clicking the links on the left corner. For example I am now listening to Radio Arvorig which plays a combination of Breton and Pop music in English. Don’t be surprise if you hear rap back to back with your typical Celtic music. By the way I made a screen shot of the station and edited it. Do you like it?



100 reasons why CORNISH isn’t ENGLISH

Interesting video. Check it out. The music is also amazing.


Brythonics – Guitarra armada

Brythonics show 25/02/2011 Ploemeur (Lorient) Brittany
featuring : Andy Jones – Colm O’Snodaigh – Dom DufF


Another export from Brittany: Gwennyn

You can listen and buy her 2nd album here