John Breen, Nick Burbridge, Jim Wearne and Alan Cooke a.k.a The Wild Irish Poet

Presenting, the important voices of our time….

This week’s featured artist edition is special. It is the first time I submitted an interview article for another Celtic music site. So hold on to your seats Celtic music listeners. There are people I’d like you to meet. And as always I want to thank each one of you for your continued support in making this site worth blogging for. Much love to all of you.

John Breen picture

John Breen

Our featured artist for this week is John Breen

Yes you probably noticed the picture on the upper right of this site. That’ Irish singer/songwriter John Breen. He is this week’s featured artist after agreeing for an interview with yours truly. The great thing about this interview is that it is posted in 67 Music. Yeah the owner of 67 Music are friends and it is a great opportunity to be invited as a guest blogger. If you read through the whole thing you can tell that he has  a great sense of humor. His experiences are funny and interesting. I enjoyed doing this interview with him which was very comfortable. Great stuff here and yes good craic. Also loads of insights into the album making and promoting music in general. I find that this piece will benefit not only readers but also musicians on the ‘ how to and what if’ of music. So go ahead and have a peek. You will definitely enjoy this amazing piece that John Breen and I prepared for all of you. Here it is:

This video is a fine example of the raw appeal of John Breen’s live performance with the band Fenian Folk.


Memoirs of musician/writer Nick Burbridge .

CARETAKERS: This was written some years ago and published in Songbook (ed. Dave White)

Check this amazing writing by Nick Burbridge. He is one of this year’s nominee for The Spiral Earth Awards. This writing will move you or even shock you. It is amazing how one can accomplish so much by being honest and not sugar coat things out of fear. I think aspiring writers will learn something from the prose of Mr Burbridge. So have tea and enjoy:


The Wild Irish Poet


If you have been eavesdropping upon the literary circle via facebook then you might have cached the buzz. Emmy-winning writer/poet Alan Cooke a.k.a The Wild Irish Poet is releasing an e-book called Naked in New York-A Memoire of the City. Alan Cooke spent seven years in New York and came to know it’s bright  and dark side. If you are curious about his prose, here it goes:

Excerpt : 2013 Copyright Alan Cooke New York is a thousand villages I have walked them all felt and touched upon a sense of each unique cultural quarter blending into each block I walked as they passed into the shadows of history and impermanency. For those who have never lived here they assume the city is one giant cosmopolitan fantasy but the living from day to day and moment to moment requires a realignment of the senses , you might never move far from your self sufficient hood which contains all you need to keep breathing. Sushi bars with quiet chopping sounds of perfectly sculpted fish dishes, delis with 30 meats and cheeses beers and atms to keep the wolf firmly in the dark, clothing and hardwares and cab companies and button emporiums, bars and libraries andcontinue reading

Here is also an interview with the poet via Expats Post Magazine by my friend Dean Walker

Wild Irish Poet.
Copyright 2012 – Alan Cooke and Wild Poet Films. All footage is copyrighted. My Blog:
Buy the book on on Audio release soon. Email to order your copy in advance :


Jim Wearne our amazing Cornish folk balladeer.

Jim Wearne is another best representative of Cornwall. I think you should listen to his ballads. They are interesting. Now before you all jump and get excited, this is just a taster. I am definitely interested in getting Jim’s story. You will get that story soon.

Here’s his web site:

And a few of his songs on Soundcloud

Plus – He wrote a book, and it’s here




I am finishing this blog at the patio watching the rain fall. The smell of earth rising is intoxicating. The cool breeze is inviting. I feel refreshed and drunk after reading and listening to the music of today’s artists. It is great to be part of it all.

Things are getting really excited as we move closer to St Paddy’ day. For example, take a listen to this sampler.

Larry Kirwan has been carrying the flag for Celtic rock music since the founding of Black 47 in 1989. The expatriate Irishman lives in New York City where he has been hosting Celtic Crush on SiriusXM since 2005. Kirwan, also a respected writer, has published three books and writes a column for The Irish Echo – the USA’s most widely read Irish-American newspaper.

Larry Kirwan’s Celtic Invasion features a dozen of his favorite bands and most requested rock tracks from his SiriusXM show Celtic Crush. The album includes legends like The Waterboys, Runrig and Black 47 (just to name a few) with popular U.S. touring groups Blaggards, Barleyjuice, Garrahan’s Ghost and Shilelagh Law.

Check out this preview featuring Barelyjuice, Runrig, Black 47, Pat McGuire, and The Waterboys!

Got an email from Tom Quick of  Celtic Music FM 98.5

I just want to inform you that my radio broadcast “Irish Horizons” will be changing it’s name to “Celtic Connections” as of March 3rd. I’m doing this so I can include Celtic music from other area’s such as Scotland. Wales, Cornwall etc:  If you would like your music aired on the radio show please contact me.

So yes, if you are interesting to get your music heard check out

Celtic Twist Game:

The Celtic Music Fan would  like offer a free copy of Twist in the Tale to the winner of a competition which will start now. This is how it goes. All you need to do is find an answer to a question which in the animated picture blow. all you need to do is go to their official website to look for the answer. A winner will be announced at the end of this month.  Phil and Dave could send it directly to you with a short note of congratulations. How’s that? For those who are new to this album, here is the link to the review I did back in June 27 of 2012.


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