Smithsonian Folkways, Nolwenn Leroy and Anticipating St. Paddy’s

I have a surprise announcement this Tuesday along with the new featured artist. I have to confess my dear readers that running this blog rocks! I have met over 70 Celtic artists and I don’t run out of interviews per week. I have new recordings to review soon so watch out for those. In the meantime, wait for out Huzzah! at the bottom of this post.

“Classic Celtic Music from Smithsonian Folkways.”

I received a copy of an EPK by Michaela Rollings regarding a Smithsonian Folkways recording called “Classic Celtic Music from Smithsonian Folkways,”which will be released this February 26. The album is compiled by music historian and folklorist Richard Carlin. This is the 20th volume in the popular “Classic Series.” This is a taster of what people can expect. Well here’s my observation. I never doubted anything coming from The Smithsonian compilations. They always deliver the best in the genre. I am also told that Richard Carlin is available for an interview. I will check on that later. In the meantime, “Classic Celtic Music from Smithsonian Folkways,” is an interesting collection that will make aficionados of Celtic music sway their heads with delight.

If you are curious how each of the track sounds like, here is the preview link:

Smithsonian Folkways is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the United States. Our mission is the commitment to cultural diversity, education, increased understanding, and lively engagement with the world of sound.

After listening to the entirely of this compilation I’d say get it get it get it!!! It is definitely worth your investment. Something you can pass on to the new generations of listeners.


Nolwenn Leroy: It is called Breton Celtic Pop!

After listening to her new album O Filles de l’Eau, I can say that Nolwenn Leroy is the master of great tunes and excellent arrangements. I really enjoyed the recording due to the following reasons:

1. Awesome production.

2. Traditional, contemporary and original tunes.

3. Her vocal quality.

4. Nice packaging.

Yes the sales all over France and Europe can’t deny her superstar status. She is also courting North American ears by singing in English.

A detailed album review appears here:



So what’s The Celtic Music Fan busy about these days? I have a LOT in my plate than I care to mention here. But I will give you a few 😉 I made Nick Burbridge commit for an interview. Yes the legendary author/musician will be appearing in one of our feature episodes. I also chatted with Blair Dunlop who is part of Albion Band. He is also promoting his solo project. For those who are not aware he is the son of son of folk musician Ashley Hutchings (formerly a member of Fairport Convention, and currently of the Rainbow Chasers).

Peatbog Faeries also said yes to us. Yes we are going to have a rockin’ month with Celtic tunes and also thoughts from musicians themselves.



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