Elva MacGowan sings ‘Mi Sueno’ – a Mexican folk song from Tremolo.

Elva MacGowan’s emotive soprano shines in this Mexican folk song. My research told me that she is well versed in classical singing, guitar and piano. Her repertoire is both fresh and original ranging from arias to jazz standards to Irish ballads to bluegrass to international folk ballads, drawn from a love of diverse musical traditions which have enchanted discerning audiences since the beginning of her singing career. She is the other half of Keepsake with Donall Donelly who is heavily involved in this project. 

This song is one of the tracks in the album Tremolo by Donal Donelly and his band also known as Tremolo. Members are: Donall Donnelly (fiddle), Donncha Moynihan (guitar), Karl Nesbitt (flute/bouzouki) and Stijn Van Beek (uileann pipes). I am really impressed with this song due to its interesting arrangement, haunting nature and Elva’s soaring vocals that  I am sure can make angels want to dive down from heaven weeping.






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