Celtic/Country Wonder Twins: Interview with Carli and Julie Kennedy

Alec Watson Photography
Alec Watson Photography

Having a twin means you always have a best friend! You have someone that understands you and supports you in everything you do.  

When I heard Carli and Julie Kennedy, the initial  impression  was the amazing vocal harmonies they create. They have beautiful voices and are so talented with  instruments and songwriting. On top of that they are also young and pretty-the kind that reminds of Rossetti’s Pre-Raphaelite angels. Their EP SMALL TOWN STORIES is out since late last year and are gaining converts from all over with their brand of Celtic and Country fusion. It was fun doing this Interview because the sisters took turns answering. It’s twin power all over!

1. What was the earliest musical memory you both can remember?

The earliest memory I have is of Carli and I playing in a band with our friends at about 5 years old. We made our instruments out of cardboard boxes and tupperware containers and we felt really cool! We have amazingly supportive parents – very soon after, they went to the music store and bought us real guitars and a piano! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for their support and love!

2. Cite the biggest influence in your musical career.

The biggest influence by far in my musical career is Julie. She is my twin sister, my best friend, my musical other half, and my partner in crime! Julie always has my back in the rehearsal room and on stage, and I could not do it without her! -Carli

3.Of all the songs in your album, what are your favorite ones and why.

My personal favourite song on our album is the title track, “Small Town Stories.” We wrote this song about all of the great memories we have from growing up in our hometown of Powell River. To me, it is the song that best represents who we are and where we come from! -Julie

“Front Row” will always be a special song to Julie and I because we wrote it for our dad. Dad taught me my first chords on guitar, and he has been such a huge support for Julie and I since we were playing concerts for him in our living room at five years old! -Carli

4. What are you planning to accomplish this year?

Alec Watson Photography
Julie and I have a lot of goals for this year. We are songwriting for our next album, which we plan to release in 2013. We also have plans to tour throughout Canada in the summer and the fall of this year. We look forward to releasing a couple new music videos as well!

5.Talking about twins,my friend Jimmy who introduced your music to me is a proud daddy of twins. What are advantages of growing up as twins?

Having a twin means you always have a best friend! You have someone that understands you and supports you in everything you do. Carli and I have an amazing connection when it comes to music as well – in many ways we can read each others minds! For example, if I forget the words to a song, Carli takes over without anyone knowing! (Very handy!) We also interpret songs in similar musical ways, which makes playing and songwriting together really fun! -Julie

6.Already Miss you is a personal favorite. I know I am such a sucker for sad songs. It’s in my Filipino blood. What inspired you to write this tune?

Thanks so much! “Already Miss You” was inspired by long distance relationships. Our mom and dad started new jobs in the last few years that require them to do a lot of traveling. They are apart from each other a lot more than they have ever been before, which is hard for them! My mom says this song is very close to her heart! -Carli

7.Are you both keen about the ordering of songs in the album and also the whole packaging thing.

We love the entire process of creating an album! We definitely put a lot of thought and energy into the order of songs because, to me, it affects the way you experience the music. We also love the design process of creating the cd packaging. We had a vision for the project, and we worked with an incredible designer to create our EP “Small Town Stories” – it was such an fun process! – Julie

8. Your music is described as a fusion of country, folk, jazz, and Celtic music. What is the general reception towards Celtic music these days?

We grew up playing and listening to Celtic music. We love to include Celtic fiddle tunes in our show, and they always seem to be crowd favourites! -Carli

9.Thanks for your time Carli and Julie.What are your messages to your readers?

It is our absolute pleasure! We are so happy that you enjoy our music. To our readers and fans, we just want to say thank you so much for your constant support! We love hearing from you, and we hope we can continue to make music that moves you and makes you smile!

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