The McDades:Pure Vibrations!

The McDades:The fusion that works like potion.

My friend Christi introduced me to this band yesterday. And since then I could not get rid of these headsets off my head. Whither you are listening to large surround speakers or the intimacy of your earphones, you could not stop your  feet from shaking and tapping.

Throbbing bass, hypnotic hand drumming, high-octane playing; the things that make the sound of   siblings Jeremiah, Shannon and Solon – The McDades. I am writing this article while  moving my head and smiling. I couldn’t help it. Theses guys are sugar and pepper. All the more reason for  listening and collecting Celtic music we now know as  hip and refreshing. Forget your mediocre top 40 radio and college campus music, this is it! This is high energy , the thing that  new Celtic music should be like.

The band are another export of the burgeoning Canadian Celtic music scene. The fusion of Jazz, World music and even some of that French folk makes their music sound like a buffet . Yeah after a full listen to Bloom it’s like having that full meal surrounded by a garden of exotic flowers…makes you  feel the good vibration.

Musical style: Celtic, World, Jazz

Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

Achievements: Bloom – Free Radio Records 2006 (2007 Juno Award Winner – Best Roots/Traditional Album (group), 2007 Independent Music Award Winner – Best World Album Traditional [1], two time Canadian Folk Music Award Winners Best World Group & Best Instrumental Group)




2 thoughts on “The McDades:Pure Vibrations!

  1. You’re article is fab!! I love the way the McDades do Celtic fusion! They have such a solid base in the old Celtic with a real step into Jazz, and so much more! They love music and it sure shows. Love Jeremiah and that whistle!

    Thanks for highlighting this great Canadian group!


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