Seastar : Music of the Elements

Plus: Colm Gavin, Cara Dillon and Solas. 

Since its official release back in August of 2016, Never Go Back has reaped positive reviews from Celtic music fans. I for one, finds The Great Silkie a fascinating song. It’s a wise choice for the band to make it an opening track because it warms you up to the style of other songs. It makes you curious and excited.

Powered by the beautiful voice of Fae Wiedenhoeft, this album of fourteen tracks succeeds in its intention of inspiring diverse listeners. The band’s musical style is fresh, friendly  and also easy. What I mean when I say ‘easy’ is that it transcends the genre. Whither you are into Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock or Folk music, this album certainly has something for everyone.

The percussive element of Never Go Back is also what drives listeners to stick around. It never gets boring or draggy. Seastar have a rich sound palette because of their love and mastery of many instruments. Experimenting with scales is also one of the album’s many strengths- as evident in their official single Never Go Back- as well as other songs that project their expertise in World Music.seastar22_large

Now, I checked out the bio of all members and I noticed each has his own history. For example, Ron Allen not only sings and plays the guitars but he is also the owner of Four Lumen Studio in Kirkland, Washington. Captain (born Adam Shea Chambers) plays the bass and he is also a film maker, poet, and novelist. Michael Falcone, aside from being a synth wiz, vocalist and percussionist; is also a filmmaker, voice-over artist and film location scout. Fae(who is the captivating voice of the band) is also an award-winning songwriter and a member of the Grammy Association.

If there is this element that connects the band , then it has to be their love for visual arts. And it all makes sense. If you listen to Never Go Back, you can get that sense of being transported to different places and time with each song. They love adding texture and attitude to each of the instruments used in various songs. And at times I think the instruments are voicing their own story behind the story of the song-writer.

I think Never Go Back deserves an award of sorts for bringing people to the simplistic, down-to earth aspect of Celtic music. It is an album that can feel at home in the trendy but intimate atmosphere of coffee shops or the green sunny warmth of outdoors. And I can certainly ride my bike to these songs. They are so alive, so one with the earth, wind, fire and water.

Visit the official site of the band:

Facebook: seastarsings


Colm Gavin

Now, I ‘discovered’ Colm Gavin through an Enya Official forum around two years ago (with the release of Dark Sky Island) as the young lad whom she took an Instagram selfie with (she treated him for a pint of beer). He is also a frequent guest of Leo’s Tavern and at times  he backs Moya Brennan of Clannad during the tavern concerts(the notable one was a tribute to the late Leo Brennan).


Enya & I, Leos Tavern, NYE 👌🏻


I got intrigued and I followed him on Instagram whom he frequently posts updates as well as snippets of new songs. Her certainly has an amazing talent. A natural tenor and a good interpreter of Irish folk tunes (as well as good in writing his original material), I think he will definitely be Ireland’s notable musical names in the future. Watch out for him!


Cara Dillon & Solas

I’ve been sharing this video to friends this morning. It is such an amazing interpretation of the traditional Irish song. Cara Dillon has a voice of an angel. I’ve been a fan for six years since I got my hands on After the Morning. She is with Solas-another band that you should not miss!

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