Celtic Dreams, Vol. 1:Grab your Copies!

Celtic Dreams is one exciting compilation with fresh talents you might have heard already and those you are yet to discover. It contains one song from Jenne Lennon called Anam/Spirit which displays her vocal prowess and skill in gathering atmosphere even in stripped down acoustic settings.  Quickstar has goodies to share and this is one interesting album from a label that unites artists from all parts of the globe sharing one common musical culture.

Prevews and samples can be found here


Check  out the Weekly Inspiration : http://www.weeklyinspiration.co.uk/Art/Blog/Blog.html


Check this out:

Tim Edey playing his brand new Saltarelle Melodeon

Beautiful isn’t it?

Check his site: http://www.myspace.com/timedey

And take a look at this beautiful Paul Taggart Album:


4 thoughts on “Celtic Dreams, Vol. 1:Grab your Copies!

  1. Tim’s melodeon sounds great! Watching his fingers fly over those button keys is something to watch, and listen too as well.

    Anam can mean either soul or spirit and I love what the way the spirit fits into the whole of Celtic life. Since I already like Jenne’s music, I look forward to this compilation, too.


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