All Souls by Eamon O’Leary is a Celebration of Simplicity and Clarity

  All Souls: A trip to humanity’s light and darkness. All Souls by Eamon O’Leary is what happens when a crystal clear recording highlights  the beauty of beautiful melodies. The near-minimalist approach is a breath of fresh air, when the current trend of music is mostly about overblown production. His warm baritone voice is suited [...]


‘AIDAN O’ROURKE – ‘365 VOLUME 1 Brilliant music for quiet spaces 365: Volume 1 is a new double album on Reveal Records from one of Scotland’s finest musicians, fiddler and composer and member of LAU,  Aidan O’Rourke. I usually listen to instrumental or folk music after a quiet run. I say quiet because I am an early riser and I love to be out on [...]

The Gap Of Dreams by Altan Released! I was already aware when their new album dropped. But I haven't caught the blogging momentum yet at the time. But things have changed lately. This is HUGE because any Altan release is always worth celebrating and talking about. While most bands in their category have either stopped recording or changed direction musically, they [...]

Let Atlas Be Part Of Your Morning Music. Writing this in my mobile phone because I can't wait to go home for the computer. This is just after stopping by for a coffee after a fixie ride. Yes it is a beautiful day. And one of the reasons is after hearing Atlas again! They have a music video. Check it out. It [...]

Listen to this: Canções De São Patrício (Saint Patrick’s Songs)

Today, we are going to Brazil and listen to Irish songs. I can imagine that 'buffering data' from old computer  look from your face. How is that possible? Teleportation is not yet in the market. So how?! Well it's easy. Just close your eyes and listen to this album. I am sure you will float [...]