Gifts and New Album   While there are events in our lives that ebb and flow, we are like willows bending and enduring whatever life hands us. But in that space between two  hills we are blessed by the calm that comes when we behold something beautiful. Be it the sunset or waking up to a fantastic [...]


Sorry for the long absence

To my friends, it's been a while since my last post as there were personal matters I had to resolve. But the music continues and I shall soon have updates. I have been working on another tech blog and I was shocked to learn it posted automatically to the facebook page. Sorry if that caused [...]

Gwennyn: Silky Breton Music

For Gwennyn, the adventure began in 2000 when she took her first steps in music with Alan Stivell on his album "Back to Breizh", then got invited to festivals of Old plows Carhaix and Fallen of the night in Rennes .-Artist bio. Somewhere in Brittany, a very stylish Celtic singer Gwennyn continues to hone her [...]

Ashley MacIsaac, Sonic Impulse Etc

Another weekend has come after the wild partying during St. Patrick's. Beautiful guys and gals around the world donned their greens. And I am green(with envy) but happy that Celticism is everywhere. Yes it is a way of life, it is a culture and just something you would like to keep yourself busy with after [...]

Grace O’Malley

Grace O'Malley (Gráinne Mhao) was a female Irish pirate who still enchants our imaginations. Frankly I didn't know her until the book Island of the White Cow fell on my hands. It recounts the experience of an American poet from the Midwest who settled in an unmodernized island off the west coast of Ireland. The [...]