Gwennyn: Silky Breton Music

For Gwennyn, the adventure began in 2000 when she took her first steps in music with Alan Stivell on his album “Back to Breizh“, then got invited to festivals of Old plows Carhaix and Fallen of the night in Rennes .-Artist bio.

Somewhere in Brittany, a very stylish Celtic singer Gwennyn continues to hone her artistry. There is this balance between ambient and folk rock style. The   maritime and urban appeal of her music makes her accessible to both the older and younger demographics. Her voice is like the whisper of seashells over sand dunes. The sloshing of her olive flavored melodies washes over like the frothy tides against tired feet. Something I need after a long day.

After five songs and several videos she won me over. It’s like nothing  could ever go wrong  when I listen to her songs. They are filled with sweetness and radiance. To top it off, her charismatic personality makes her a sorceress that drives her audience to aural frenzy.

The new album is called Kan An Tevenn

In a pop rock style Celtic Gwennyn takes us on an imaginary journey to the peoples of the dunes … Buoyed by the artistic direction of Patrice Marzin, this album offers a sublime setting for voice and clear air Gwennyn, where new music, beautiful melodies and contributions of famous French-speaking authors like Gerard Manset, are heavily loaded.It rocks!
Patrice Marzin: guitars (HF Thiéfaine, Calvin Russell, Gerard Manset)
Kevin Camus: uilleann pipes (piper of N. Le Roy)
Jean-Luc Aime: Programming (Elisa Vellia, Stabat Stable)
Patrick Boileau battery (G. Servat)




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