Repost your Soundcloud!

Repost your Soundcloud!


A blog featuring John Breen, Fraser Fifield and TradConnect

It is great to realize that soundcloud has grown into a site where musicians and listeners can interact and repost music. Have you been reposting the music you heard too? I have been doing this today. I have not uploaded my podcast in soundcloud as I use mixcloud for that. But soundcloud is still the biggest site where you can reach many people.
From a mere(passive)listener of tracks you can actually make a difference by reposting. So you don’t have to be a blogger to influence people if you have a soundcloud account. Just share what you are listening to and the Internet will take care of the rest.

When bloggers like us experience a downtime in traffic and comments, we launch into conclusion that perhaps we have done something wrong to put our readers off. Maybe we are not doing good enough and that is why readers are going somewhere. Well, the truth is, you are wrong. For niche bloggers like me, it is expected that I will get specialized subscribers who are really passionate about Celtic music. I don’t expect pop listeners to check out what I post. This goes with other niche blogs out there.

Too many choices.

As new bloggers crop up everywhere, competition becomes deadly. The market is no longer dominated by those who are ‘stalwarts’ in this industry. Prepare for that. When you are doing video blogs or simply writing blogs, don’t be discouraged when you have lost view counts. This is normal. It happens to everyone. It’s even happening to Tech vlogger Chris Pirillo.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Are you afraid that if you do something different you will turn certain subscribers off? Don’t be. In fact it might be a good thing. Blogging is like marriage. There are times when a relationship hits plateau and you need to do something different to spice the relationship up.

Going back to soundcloud, I have discovered new posts today and I am sharing them with you. Yes this post is after all about soundclous. But if you get something helpful from by detour then good!


John Breen’s Compilation



I enjoyed many songs from John Breen. There is this simplicity in his way of delivering songs. Expect a range of songs going from simple to grand treatments. This time he compiled his own soundcloud playlist of what he thinks are his top artists.


Fraser Fifield Playlist

Here’s the Scottish master of eclecticism. This is a good introduction to what his music is all about. There are other amazing talents that share the spotlight with him, in these recordings.


TradConnect playlist:

If you are looking for something purely trad then this is the best site for that.



Larry Kirwan talks about Last Call by Black 47.

Larry Kirwan talks about Last Call by Black 47.

Black 47

Larry Kirwan (lead vocals, guitar)
Geoffrey Blythe (saxophones)
Fred Parcells (trombone, pennywhistle)
Thomas Hamlin (drums, percussion)
Joseph Mulvanerty (uilleann pipes, flute, bodhrán)
Joseph Burcaw (bass)

9 questions for Larry Kirwan of Black 47.
I finally got the replies from Larry Kirwan for the interview through Anita Daly.  Just heads up,they will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on St Patrick’s Day night on NBC TV 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Between gigs and going around, he finally got the time to answer these question. Check out what he says about the new album and also the future of everyone’s artistic career.
1. You explored many musical styles in the recording  of new album Last Call. Why did you choose the title Last Call?

Well, we’re disbanding on Nov. 15th after 25 years.  It seemed appropriate, as did the cover – a view of dawn breaking over Brooklyn – something we’ve seen many times.  Also, life goes on…

2. There are many socially conscious themes in your songs. One of them is Let the People In which is clearly about immigration. What inspired you to pin that track down?  

Because the foundation stone of this country is immigration.  Having a liberal immigration policy is so right for the country on so many levels.  It seemed like there should be a song that reflected this sentiment – seemed like a job for Black 47.
3. I know that you put your heart to every song you recorded for this album. Can you name your favorites and why?
I like every song that Black 47 has ever recorded – there’s never been filler.  Some I could have nailed a bit better but I care for them all.  I like Salsa O’Keefe because I’ve always wanted to do a Latin flavored song.  Night The Showbands Died is a favorite although it hurts in a way to hear it and perform it – I was a fan of Fran O’Toole’s who got killed in the massacre, he was always kind to me, so it brings back a particular place and time.  I like the funky groove of Let The People In…. I’ve always been fascinated by Brendan Behan.  I’m surprised that Shane didn’t get to it first but such are the breaks.

4. This is the last album of huge band together. Was this a very emotional experience for you and everyone involved in the recording process?
I don’t really think so, although I can only speak for myself.  When you’re recording or performing you’re putting everything into it, no matter if it’s your first or fifteenth.  But I do think there was a desire from the band to do a great final album and to have Black 47 be at its very best.  That seems to be the case – but time will tell.

5. Why did you finally plan to disband after many years being together?
I didn’t want an endless end.  Black 47 means a lot to a lot of people – it was very important that we finish up in a suitable manner – not to have it just drag on.  The band was sounding at its best when we made the decision six months ago and last night’s show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park was one of the best I remember – so I think we’re doing the right thing – go out at your best and doing new material that matches up to your crowd favorites.

6. What’s the plan for the album(in terms of promoting) this year?
I don’t know.  We just play as many gigs to as many people as we can.  That’s always the B47 way of doing things.  Everything else tends to take care of itself if you do it that way.

7. Will fans get to see you or any of the band in various incarnations?
Everyone will continue playing.  We’re working musicians.  We have to make a living!  I’m not sure what the other guys will do, but I’ll continue doing Rock & Read solo shows.  This is about finishing Black 47 on a high.  What happens later will happen…
8. Where can fans get The Last Call album?
The best place is to buy it from the Black 47 site  It will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, and the 
various other platforms.  But best to buy a CD at a gig – that way you’re supporting live music – do that to all your favorite bands.

9. Your message to old and new fans?
We did it our way, said the things we felt should be said, and always with inventive and original music.  Thanks for all the love and support down the years.  It’s been one hell of a ride!
Cleghorn will Headline the The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Festival

Cleghorn will Headline the The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Festival

 Slated for Saturday March 15th 2013

I am glad to hear that Texas Celtic rock group Cleghorn will be part of St Patrick’s Celebration! Their tune 9 Minutes of Woo still plays in my head. That’s a proof of their persistent devotion to craft. Anyone can be inspired to write a tune. But crafting that tune and making it immortal takes time. This is the area where father and son John Cleghorn ( Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica)  Dylan Cleghorn (Fiddle, Bagpipes, Didgeridoo, Vocals) with  Mike Griffin – Bass and  Paul Muller – Drums   really do well.

Check this press release from 3a:

Santa Rosa Beach FL – The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Festival is slated for Saturday March 15th 2013, Nationally recognized Celtic Rock Band Cleghorn will headline the entertainment along with the Drake School of Irish Dance 0001737059_20

CLEGHORN are a Texas-based Celtic Rock band. They combine stadium rock with blues and folk influences laced with a strong Celtic brew.

If you mixed ZZ Top with The Hobbit soundtrack, it might sound something like CLEGHORN. Their music mixes original folk/rock songwriting with high energy Celtic fiddle and bagpipe tunes. Creating their sound based on traditional Celtic fiddle tunes, they rock harder and play wilder shows with a fiddle and didgeridoo than most of their guitar-trashing contemporaries. music mixes original folk/rock songwriting with high energy Celtic fiddle and bagpipe tunes.

The parade expects over 50 floats and parade entries, in all shapes and sizes. Parade lineup begins at 3.30 pm Saturday March 15th on 30a and heads 4 miles west, ending at Gulf Place, where the festivities continue.

“The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Irish Festival will be bigger than ever, said Paul Vizard, event founder. The original mission to showcase local businesses and the area of 30a is being fulfilled in a greater manner than imagined.”

The perpetual trophy won last year by Kitchens Etc will once again be awarded for “Best in Parade.”  The Eco-friendly “green” prize award for the best electric/self powered or non gas powered vehicle entry for the 2nd year running.

Festival goers can purchase commemorative T shirts, experience arts and crafts, including jewelry, wood carving, face painting, and of course a variety of food and drinks. A few vendor table and tent spaces are still available, and businesses are encouraged to be a sponsor, details at

Event Information

The 7th Annual 30a St Patrick’s Parade and Festival is the largest celebration in NW Florida of Ireland’s St. Patrick’s day. The parade commences on Scenic 30a in NW Florida March 15th at 3.30pm and ends at Gulf Place, where premier Irish Dancers and Celtic Bands perform through the evening. For details visit

Contact Information




Last year I posted something about Together for Christmas(read my full review here: This year, the album is back but with a greater goal. There is a fund raising concert this December 16. It’s called  HOST ‘TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS, A CELTIC COLLECTION’  A FUNDRAISER FOR THE PHILIPPINES – ARLENE’S GROCERY, DEC 16TH 6PM NYC.tfc-cd-cover

The album was produced by Anita Daly and on Cosmic Trigger Records, the CD was launched in December 2012 at a
Fundraiser in NYC to raise funds for those in the local NY area affected by Super-storm Sandy. Now the event will help the victims of the hurricane Haiyan/Yolanda in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Artists involved in this recording are The High Kings, Damien Dempsey, Larry Kirwan, Kyf Brewer, The Elders, The Celtic Tenors and more. If you attend this event, not only will you hear amazing tunes but you will also be helping the victims of the super storm in the Philippines.

Here’s the rest of the important things about this event c/o Anita Daly:

December 2012 at a Fundraiser in NYC to raise funds for those in the local NY area affected by Super-storm Sandy.  This year a few of the artists featured on the album approached us to do a Fundraiser for the people of The Philippines devastated by the Typhoon that destroyed so much of that country.    So, this year we are partnering with Concern Worldwide to raise funds for that organization that has people working on the ground in The Philippines with a show on December 16th at Arlene’s Grocery, NYC.

Joe Cahalan CEO of Concern Worldwide US says, “The immensity of Typhoon Haiyan and the tragic loss of life and destruction it caused shocked us all.  Concern’s response in times like these is immediate and decisive, and though we had not been operating in the Philippines, our emergency response team was on the ground quickly, and they’ve launched a response in some of the poorest, most remote fishing communities.  We’re helping more than 10,000 families rebuild their homes, replenishing essential household supplies lost in the storm, and ensuring that boats can be repaired quickly so that livelihoods are not lost.   We could not do this life-saving work without the seemingly bottomless support of the New York Irish community, and the latest manifestation of that support will be set to music at the Together for Christmas concert fundraiser.  Both artists and audience that night will be directly touching lives in the Philippines through Concern.  You won’t give a better gift this holiday season!”

It will be a night of great music. Artists performing include Kyf Brewer (Barleyjuice) , Tara O’Grady, John Munnelly and The Wild Colonial Bhoys.  As Larry Kirwan says about this album come on out and, “Turn up the volume! Kick out those December jams…!”

NOW is the time to come TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS!

FUNDRAISER, MONDAY, Dec. 16th, Arlene’s Grocery 95 Stanton St, New York, NY $20 at the Door only and cds will be for sale with a portion of cd sales going to Concern.
If you can’t make the show you can donate to Concern at: and/or buy the cd at: , on iTunes or by calling in the US 1-800-714-3272.    Together for Christmas: A Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection” is on Cosmic Trigger Records .

Leisure is the source of creativity?

Leisure is the source of creativity?

cropped-cropped-rocks-under-water-in-sea-off-brittany-france-my.jpgI think anyone can become very creative when given time and means to do what he or she must. As a blogger, I noticed that the more I get more and more assignments, the more I become nervous and anxious to ‘do something’ and that feeling leaves me when a sense that I am working rather than enjoying what I do. October has given me a lot of time to reflect and also to talk to musicians not for interviews of music news but just getting to know them as people. People like you and me.

I learned that no matter what exciting facade we put out there we are not immune to the pitfalls of life, relationships and even tragedies. But artists are expected to ‘do what he/she must do’ and that is how the public finds happiness: hearing the works of the artists and finding their own reflections on those creations. But like I said, artists are like you and me. They have bills to pay, relationships to maintain and time to manage. Sometimes they have to scrape from that bleeding reality so that they can have something to put out there. Sometimes it consumes them and leaves them unable to do anything for years. Such creative burnout can be revived by people around them e.g. the love from family, friends and creative clusters. And thus they produce new works again which can be better!

I try any means to evolve as a blogger. I tried dabbling with online radio so that is how my weekly radio show came into being. I always thought that being impatient or discontented with one’s present situation can be a blessing. It gives us ways to grow as artistic people. As an example, my living room arrangement always changes every month. My bedroom doesn’t look static in a 365- days -a year rotation. Things are constantly moving. It is the same with relationships. I always meet new people. There those who stay and there are those who are meant to be casual companions. And that is ok because life is all about growing. We grow with people and sometimes we grow apart from them.

In that growth we always leave a seed of inspiration and in a way that is what we leave behind. It is funny that when I look at this page I always say to myself” I need to do something to make it more exciting.” But is there anything I really need to do? If there is something I need to do it is to spread kindness online and offline. That is something WE all need to do. And this blog, though primarily for information and entertainment, it is also a reflection of my convictions and also the kind of music I like. So as I plan for my next radio show later, I will have this in mind. Stop, look and listen. Then breath. And appreciate the kindness life has given me. It isn’t really hard to do I think.

Shaking the  Autumn Gloom with Anticlockwise by McDermott’s 2 Hours

Shaking the Autumn Gloom with Anticlockwise by McDermott’s 2 Hours

McDermott’s 2 Hours – Anticlockwise

Nick Burbridge – lead vocal
Molly Burbridge – backing vocal
Ben Paley – fiddle
Tim Cotterell – mandolin
Dil Davies (Oysterband) – drums
Jeremy Cunningham (Levellers) – bass
Clare Sanders – whistle
Al Scott – guitars

McDermott’s 2 Hours has given us an antidepressant  with Anticlockwise which is their ‘Best of’ compilation album. It signals the band’s creative growth up to the new track Erin Farewell. The cover art with the devil and a bunch of naked people should give you a hint what’s to come. Songwriter and guitarist Nick Burbridge (who also formed this band) has a kind of creativity that I would describe as erratic and explosive. He is the type of artist who is fearless in executing his ideas whither you like them or not. And that spontaneity coupled with raw energy can be found all over Anticlockwise. Newcomers to their music will find great stuff to be remembered here, now that the best songs in their entire catalog are here-and new ones too.

Nick Burbridge

Instrumentally, Anticlockwise is as lush as a good harvest. Vocally it’s blessed with his good vocal range ( and smooth tenor) that can be fiery one moment and then restrained the next. World Turned Upside Down is a personal favorite with its Gregorian inspired intro. The contrapuntal singing style gives us that renaissance feel.

So what can I say about this new release of Nick Burbridge’s band? I’m a fan of Nick and it is hard to be objective when you are a fan. And it is a good thing because music is a personal experience and I think whatever touches can never be questioned. The over all vibe of Anticlockwise is live. The order of the tracks are well-chosen to suit the progression of the mood. The mix is also warm. It’s like after every song, you can hear the audience applauding. Tod the Ranter is another favorite because of the steady hypnotic rhythm. A Fable from Aigge falls into the sean nos style of singing. It shows how flexible the voice of Burbridge is. It also displays the  eclecticism of this album.

Molloy goes back to the times when Ireland was struggling for independence. This reminds me of a lot of songs by Planxty in their earlier albums.  River is a foot tapper. I love the beat and the way these fiddles create a sort of wispy cloak of sound that transports you into a beautiful and dreamy place. it is true that the word save the best for last applies to great albums. All In Your Name closes Anticlockwise with such intensity that I felt my neurons were being assaulted by blue lightning.

Anticlockwise is a sensual trickster of an album. A playful devil with an immaculate smile. Beautifully conceived, exquisitely performed by the musicians involved and yes….embellished by artistry of Nick Burbridge.

Know more here:

Winner of the Meav Autographed CD Giveaway Chosen!

Winner of the Meav Autographed CD Giveaway Chosen!

Heeeello! Celtic music fanatics. I have named the winner of the Meav Ni Mhaolchath​a autographed CD giveaway! His name is John Cranmer of Madison, GA USA. All the more reason why you should check this blog every now and then because there are always goodies to giveaway. Tip: these things happen when artists are either launching a new CD or starting a tour. And they are always excited to give something to their fans for the continued support. Isn’t that awesome??!

I was truly knocked out by the video of Meav doing her new song “The Calling”.  I truly felt relaxed as I watched her smoothly sing this song. She has, in my opinion, the very greatest voice of today. To list words of description would certainly be long, but I’ll try to use just a few. Enchanting, relaxing but exciting at the same time, moving. I’ve been a fan of Meav since I purchased her first CD. It really seems that her performances get better each time. With “The Calling” she has hit a new high. I look forward to her continued success as she continues to knock our socks off.

John Cranmer

Madison, GA USA

So yes,  Meav is sending out that autographed CD to John and I am sure he is going to be happy about it. Thank you all my American readers for your support and I will make sure to give out more surprises often because it will keep this whole thing I am doing exciting. I also want to give my appreciation to Irish artist Meav Ni Mhaolchath​a. She really cares about her listeners. Her sweetness  will definitely bring more and more fans. And yes she will always have the continued support of The Celtic Music Fan for her shining 5000 watts of pure talent!

Pre-order on Amazon:
In Ireland you can pre-order a signed copy:…


one banner

In recent news…

Those who tuned in this Saturday might have found yourselves not hearing my show The Baxteria. You weren’t dreaming. We are off the air for the following reasons which I will attach here:

Radio Happy is being taken offline for a few days in order to facilitate a transfer and upgrading of the service we provide to our listeners. Therefore, Saturday’s show with DJ Baxteria, Sunday’s show with DJ Yolande, Monday’s show with Johnny Normal and Tuesday’s show with Flip Martian will not go ahead but will return the following week as normal.

I know you’ll miss us – but please be assured this is only temporary while we put things in place to ensure the service is more robust and reliable in the future! Part of our ongoing commitment to making Radio Happy a professional and reliable source of online entertainment.

More news on the relaunch will appear over the next few days.

Thank you to you all for choosing Radio Happy up to now and thanks for your understanding and patience at this time.

– The Radio Happy Team

The new URL is

It will be better and I promise to introduce new music and also interesting ideas to my own show. Thank you all for your continued support!

The Stubby Shillelaghs:Celtic-American.

The Stubby Shillelaghs:Celtic-American.

The Stubby Shillelaghs

Artist: The Stubby Shillelaghs
Album: Celtic-American
Release Date: 29/10/13
Genre(s): Celtic, Folk, Bluegrass
Location: Colorado, USA
Members: Shaughnessy McDaniel, Ryan Knaub, Eric Fischer, Andy Mithun
Pertinent Album Information: 25% of Sales of “Gotham’s Finest” will be going to the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals as part of a charity effort by the band
Label: Self-Released
Website Link:
Facebook Link:



Bawdy and Beautiful, The Stubby Shillelaghs will release their third studio album, Celtic-American

We all need a good laugh. I know I need one. I can be silly at times and there have been too much drama in my life that a dose of  outrageous humour that The Stubby Shillelaghs with their third studio album Celtic-American. If you dig authentic Celtic humor then it is here. It’s in the lyrics, the melodies and the deliveries. I admit there are tunes which made me stop sipping my coffee in the middle and ask myself if I heard it right? Were they singing about Batman and Gotham city? And is it just me or the song Corn Shuckin’ Time isn’t really about the corn harvest?The Stubby Shillelaghs 

There are longer songs with complicated plot lines alluding to American history during the civil war. I think in the midst of the comedy,  The Stubby Shillelaghs stay true to the essence of what a Celtic music album should be. History, myth, humor and yes amazing instrumental arrangements: these things that always make listening to an album enjoyable.

I also checked twice if my eyes were failing me. It says in their press release:


In celebration of the superhero roots that influenced the band’s two parody/satire tracks, the band is donating 25% of their net profits from their single (or equivalent amount from a full album sale), “Gotham’s Finest”, to the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s their hope that through the song they can give back to the community that has nurtured them and allowed them to thrive for three amazing years and support the real heroes at the Children’s Hospital

The album will be released during the band’s Third Anniversary Halloween Bash on October 29th at Patrick’s Pub in Greeley.  Free beer, free prize giveaways and lots of live music to celebrate three years of Stubby Shillelaghs shows and the release of Celtic-American.

Wow so I got an advanced copy of the album? And this is for a good cause! I am really honored. I mean, this is really awesome and I enjoyed everything about it. People should have this as a remedy to depression or to get our minds off the global economic situation!

Other notable guest performers are Marc Gunn for the title track Celtic-American.  There’s also Meagan T and Kirsten Carpenter contributing their talents in several tracks. Celtic-American plays like a comedy/epic comic book that flowers with abundance of talent at every turn of the page. So yes they won me over. And I had a good laugh. Celtic-American has sixteen fun lovin’ tracks. More info at the links I posted above. Big thanks to Shaughness​y McDaniel for sharing this gem. 

Pre-order the CD here:

Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Good day to subscribers of this page. I have my own radio show this weekend and it’s in I am so excited because I am playing my favorite Celtic tunes in that show. The first part is devoted to the music of this blog. The second part is about my other blog. So expect eclectic music and future interviews..and even a possibility of an acoustic performance!

I got a message from one of our readers. her name is Geraldine McAuley. She’s the sister of the late Samuel Smith who was a huge fan of Breton harper Alan Stivell.

According to Geraldine:

” Samuel attended Alan’s last Concert when in Dublin on a trip from the States but did not take the opportunity

to go back stage to talk with him.

Samuel Passed away on the 12/07/2013 after a short period of 5 months from a Brain Tumor.
It was heart breaking for us to watch him suffer and to say goodbye to him. Such a waste of a Talented Life.
The one good thing was we got to take him back to Ireland from Arkansas before he passed away.
His Funeral Service was full of his Beautiful Haunting Celtic Melodies both performed on CD by Samuel.”

I told Geraldine that I wish I could get in touch with Alan Stivell and tell him all about it but I don’t have the means. I asked her if there is a way I can listen to the songs that her late brother composed. She said:

“There is a lovely Lady named Charlie Doidge who met Samuel in a recording Studio in Brighton. She recorded and arranged some of Samuel’s Songs Shortly afterwards he went to live in Arkansas. I will attach now a Song entitled Song for Eire. There is some Photographs of Places Samuel visited when he was back home in Ireland. Hope you like it.

Listening to all the demo tracks of Samuel Smith left me a feeling of great sadness. It is a feeling you get when a birthday cake is left in the open with no one to eat it…or that thought that this man could have given us more songs. Songs to take us into another reality. His music seems to have come from another world. Perhaps it really came from that place.  I like to believe in that parallel universe where all our dreams that never came to be realize in this world actually happen there. Perhaps if we only have a glimpse this other reality then we don’t have to live in such quiet desperation.

I call the attention of record producers out there, or people involved in recording to take notice of Samuel’s wonderful music. You can contact his sister. All Copyrights were signed over to  Sam’s Widow Tina in Arkansas. These are songs he was working on before he passed away due. He will sorely be missed.


Mystic Rover
Bantry Bay
Heathen Soldier
Niamh’s Lament
Return of the pilgrim
The Agony
Ballad of Oisin

Here is a poem he wrote called African Sunlady

Samuel Smith poem

Kickstarter Campaign for North Star by Kyle Carey (2nd album)

Kickstarter Campaign for North Star by Kyle Carey (2nd album)

 Kyle Carey North Star

It is amazing how we’ve come a long way. Before, we merely rely on the recommendations from friends, word of the mouth from experts and also through the whims of record execs. Finally, that dream album will happen.  Now the power to put whatever music we want to the top has arrived. One of the common tools used by musicians to fund their new projects is kickstarter. I am sure you are familiar with this one.

Let me tell you. Singer/songwriter and vocal extraordinaire Kyle Carey is preparing to record her new album. North Star will be recorded in Scotland aound January, during Celtic Connections.  Seamus Egan will produce the album. Now expect nothing less from this project because I know it will be an amazing album!

Kyle Carey is based in New England. You know, that beautiful place in the East Coast where everything becomes colorful this time of the year. If you remember she released that amazing album called ‘Monongah‘ and it is one of those albums that occupies the top of my playlist.

Listen to tracks off her debut album Monongah: