Prisoner Zero: Moya Brennan and Aisling Jarvis

Prisoner Zero: Moya Brennan and Aisling Jarvis

Moya Brennan

Fans of Moya Brennan will love this new project which is now part of her huge body of work as a solo artist. She worked with daughter Aisling Jarvis(noted for her work as a sound Engineer and singer/songwriter). According to her facebook page posted on October 16:

Aisling Jarvis and I have been writing the music for a TV show called Prisoner Zero for the last 10 months, and the trailer is available for you all to watch now! 

I am extremely excited to be working on it, and have been loving working with Planet 55 Studios and Telegael on this production.
Watch the trailer below to hear some of the music we’ve been creating, we are very proud of it and can’t wait for you all to see the show!

Moya is also busy preparing her An Irish Christmas Tour this holiday. I have to say our First Lady of Celtic Music has a busy year and her energy impressive! I have followed her career since I got my copy of Perfect Time in 1998. Since then I enjoyed her every album.

Irish Film The Street Looking for Bands to be Part of the Movie Soundtrack

Irish Film The Street Looking for Bands to be Part of the Movie Soundtrack


This is interesting. An Irish gangster movie called The Street is being made. I am really excited. I am a big fan of Irish movies like The Commitments, Once and  the sci-fi Grabber are among my favorites. I am looking forward not only to the amazing screenplay, casts and locations but also the soundtrack. Music plays an important part of the movie because it intensifies the moment or the scene. I really enjoy a good accidental song. I hope there will be traditional sounding bands that will be included in this movie.


” The only line between war, is family”
After 7 years in prison, ex gang member Simon Carr, is finally released and back to the streets where it all began. Now a changed man Simon refuses to take up his old role alongside mob boss Irish, who then decides to give the job to Simon’s younger hard-working  gang member brother Declan. As a talk between the two doesn’t work out with his younger blood Simon takes it upon himself to intervene to get him away from it all but Irish has his own say…..

Sounds like there will be lots of punches in this movie. My main concern is the soundtrack so I asked the page administrator. I got this reply:
“Bands can send links to HoodUpFilms@Gmail.Com all genres welcome.”
There you have it folks. All genres. I hope to hear traditional Irish back to back with ambient/new age/punk/trip hop/folk combo.
How did I learn about this movie? After being away from facebook for a month I developed a detachment from my newsfeed and also status updates. But I checked today and I got several invites and also notices about new pages of musicians. That was really exciting. One of those was an invite to The Street movie page. Rickie O’Neill who is a drummer of The Saw Doctors  and The Cabin Collective has now ventured into the world of acting. He is currently involved in this movie playing the character L-Boy. Below is The Cabin Collective with him on drums.

Iarla Ó Lionáird On A Glistening Afternoon After The Rain

What’s up? I have two interviews coming up. I have to admit I have concentrated on other projects for the past few days so the update here was slow. But everything will resume next week. I have been listening to Foxlight by Iarla once again. That little chest of magic he always puts in his sound is really something. His music is with me today and this is my little tribute to him for getting me back to my old spirits!

Garrett Wall Band:Irish Folk Pop in a Film “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds

It is great to get updates from cool sources. It gives me all the more reason to write and update this site. Yes yes! We have a lot of wonderful music before the years ends and it is nice to have this band with us

When the Irish countryside becomes warm and sunny…it sounds exactly like The Garrett Wall Band!



Debut Cd released in US October 12th on


Cosmic Trigger Records announces their newest release “SKY POINTING”, by the GARRETT WALL BAND (GWB). The album is the band’s US debut and was recorded live over three days at Madrid’s PKO studios.  It was mixed in Nashville by David Ferguson (Rick Rubin’s engineer for the Johnny Cash albums and Jakob Dylan).  The Garrett Wall Band is a wonderfully unique four-piece band, based in Madrid, comprising of members from Ireland, England and the USA, fronted by Irish singer songwriter, Garrett Wall.

This is the first CD by GWB and marks a point of depar­ture for future recordings: the band’s highly original line-up eschews normal guidelines forming a clean and powerful acoustic concept in which each of the four mem­bers – Garrett Wall (guitar/piano/voice), Howard Brown (trumpet/voice), Robbie K. Jones (cajón – a Flamenco Drum Box) and Dave Mooney (bass/doublebass) – form a cornerstone in the foundation of the group’s sound.

The band’s lead singer and main songwriter, Garrett Wall, says of Sky Pointing: “Recording the album live over 3 days was very important to us as it reflects the core of what the group is about, playing live. Whatever we do from here on can be traced back to these first recordings and what they represent; a band comfortable with themselves on stage, where the dynamics and nuances are an ever changing and evolving thing. The great thing about Sky Pointing for me was that I got the chance to reboot songs of mine that had either never been recorded or had never gotten the right treatment. These include ‘Watching You Fall’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘Terrafirma’ and ‘All of the Above’, ‘All of the Above’ had particular meaning for me to rework it with the cajón playing of Robbie K Jones. As a result I really felt I had come full circle in my career and was starting a new with my most important musical step to date. As with ‘Force Majeure’ which is about the circular nature of things, when we fall we pick ourselves right up and keep going on. Nothing is perfect and perfection is not what we look for, more a perfect imperfection.”

Irish Music magazine Hot Press has called the band “…a supremely tight ensemble.” El Embrujo music magazine in Spain has called Sky Pointing, “…what could well be their first great work together…revitalized folk-pop, cre­ating its own interesting universe.”

An accomplished musician, Garrett Wall is featured on the soundtrack for the Lionsgate feature film “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds out this month at a theater near you.

Garrett sings the song over the closing credits of the film. Garrett is also very popular on Spanish television; he sings the title song for the animated series “Pocoyo” as well as having contributed material for several upcoming movies including “The Symmetry of Love”, “First Dog” and “Tea & Sangria”.   Garrett has also written a commercial spot for Coca Cola that is airing in 80 markets around the world.  GWB tours in Europe and after having completed three highly successful tours of Ireland, they will be in the US for on the East Coast in early 2011.

You can check out more of the band at & check out the video of their cut from the cd, JEALOUSY, ttp://

‘SKY POINTING’ on COSMIC TRIGGER RECORDS is available on iTunes and and all retail outlets that sell great music.

Moya Brennan in Now Here Soundtrack

The First Lady of Celtic music contributes the theme for a new movie, plus a video

According to Northern Skyline:

Upcoming US film ‘Now Here’ features the gorgeous vocals of the one and only Moya Brennan. It premiered in Dublin on October 10th. The feature track ‘Nowhere To Now Here’ was written by Moya and Fionán de Barra. Following the lives of different people whose lives are on the brink of change, Now Here stars Michael Madsen, Keith David, Mickey Rooney and a host of other great Irish and American actors.

Soundtrack for a Rainy Day

Picture courtesy of

Rain has finally fallen in this part of the world. When it rains I usually create a playlist which changes a week. Rain is good. It is the best time for reflection, the best time to curl on a blanket and sip hot chocolate over bread and butter. It is the best time to watch the leaves dance and feel the breeze against your face. It is the best possible way to smell the damp earth rising to your nostrils as liquid diamonds patter and patter. The tympani of heaven break loose midst the spotlight dancing on clouds. There is something supernatural about this weather and what better soundtrack to match the moment than these gems I have compiled. You can look them up in the internet, or if you are curious and want a copy then email me.

  1. Suantraithe-Noirin Ni Riain
  2. Prayer-Oona McOuaut
  3. Stolen Child(live)-Loreena McKennitt
  4. Mhorag’S Na Horo Gheallaidh-Clannad
  5. The Wind That Shakes the Barley-Dead Can Dance
  6. Black is the Colour-Cara Dillon
  7. Erin-Solas
  8. When Juniper Sleeps-Seamus Egan
  9. Tighnn Air A’mhuir Am Fear a Phosas Mi-Capercaillie
  10. Dark Carnivale-The Gypsy Nomads
  11. Nau Bretoa- Carlos Nunez.
  12. Na Laetha Geal M’oige-Enya
  13. Brian Boru-Alan Stivell
  14. Dream Angus-Teresa Doyle
  15. The Dawning of the Day-Mary Fahl
  16. The House Carpenter-Mick McAuley
  17. To America-Ashley McIsaac
  18. Tread Softly-Grada
  19. Siamsa-Ronan Hardiman
  20. Daouzek Hunvre-Denez Prigent

From the Vault:Enya’s The Frog Prince

In early 80’s, Enya was approached by Time Warner’s David Puttnam to write a soundtrack fo a teen romance set in France. The Frog Prince was the result of the effort which paved the way for her successful career. Now we have to remember that this is the Enya before she’s able to really solidified her style. There are still traces of 60’s pop, jazz and folk in her tunes. This is a good collection in a sense that it will make you think what if….what if… indeed Enya moved to another direction of music. The video above is called ‘Dreams” taken from the same album.

P.S. This is a big OMG! There was a power outage in the middle of this and I was shocked to find my whole writing so horrible posted. I am so sorry. Anyway I added another song by the same artist and the same movie.

Cecile Corbel:A Breton Lady in Japanese Anime

Great news to Cecile Corbel fans! A soundtrack to “Kari-gurashi” will be release on April 7. Cecile composed the soundtrack for this anime.Previously, she reported this in her site:

A Breton Lady in Tokyo

After “Ponyo on the cliff by the sea” The Ghibli Studios just announced that they are working on a new movie, entitled “Karigurashi no Arrietty”, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Ghibli’s movies have always been a great source of inspiration for me, many of them are part of my favorite movies ever : “Spirited away”, “My neighbour Totoro” “Princess Mononoke”, “Kiki’s delivery service” and many more… There is a long list and I can definitely not choose which one is my favorite!
I’m very happy to share the news with you and to announce that I’m composing the soundtrack for this new movie.
This is a great honor and a very nice present for me to be part of this beautiful project, and I’m working on the music and songs composition since May 2009 with my partner and friend Simon Caby.
The movie will be released next summer 2010 in Japan.
The very first teaser will be broadcasted during the Christmas holidays in Japan including the main music theme “Arrietty’s song” (digital release in Japan on December 19 2009)
Official website available here :

For now, a lot of travelling between Paris and Tokyo, and a couple of jananese lessons 😉

I listened to the sample and it is beautiful that it will really spirit you away into the world of this movie. Cecile, Celticmusicfan is proud of you and is glad of this achievement. I also admire how the Japanese embrace Celtic music like no other. You can check the soundtrack here:



Download the songs from itunes:

Soundtrack for the Rain:Luka Bloom

In this kind of weather, It make one yearn for something intimate and bare. You know, something that could accompany you over a cup of warm coffee. That is why,Luka Bloom’s music is very appropriate .


  Born Kevin Barry Moore, May 23 1955 ,he is the younger brother of Christy Moore. He had to change his name to Luka Bloom in order to avoid the pressure of being related to  his already successful older brother. The name “Luka” is taken from a Suzanne Vega song about ‘child abuse’ while Bloom is from the character in James Joyce’s Ulysses.


  His music is defined as ‘electro-acoustic’  . Problems with his fingers(tendinitis) made him give up  finger picking style and opted for a frenetic strumming which he is now known for. The first time I heard him was through a ‘Celtic Season” compilation album. The track is called ‘Listen to the River”.


  From then on I knew I have to look for his albums. Right now I have his 1990 album called Riverside. Comprised of 12 tracks, this album promises warm acoustic tracks that are either slow or simply rock and roll. The preference in  using  all acoustic guitars on each track makes the whole album lively without being noisy. It also showcases his husky baritone. I think the most humorous track is “An Irishman in Chinatown’ .


1. Delirious
2. Dreams In America
3. Over The Moon
4. Gone To Pablo
5. The Man Is Alive
6. An Irishman In Chinatown
7. Rescue Mission
8. The One
9. Hudson Lady
10. This Is For Life
11. You Couldn’t Have Come…
12. The Hill Of Allen Instrumental

Visit the official website and grab your own copy now 😉