Truth and Dare:The Wild Irish Poet (a.k.a. Alan Cooke) Interview .

Alan Cooke. a.k.a.  is an Emmy-winning actor/poet/novelist who just released his literary piece called Naked in New York. The book is the  result of his experiences, when he embarked on a journey to New York city just after the 9/11. He has acted and written since the 90s and then one day he just decided [...]

Shishonnah Live!@ Trickster Gallery

Liz Madden and Jenne Lennon...two women with distinctive strong voices performing songs form their debut album Elysian Dreams.  You can check more of Shishonnah in this channel : ===================================================================   Tell you what's good about Sunday. Looking at paintings by Irish painter Martin Driscoll is what's amazing. He captures the soul of Ireland in his artworks. More [...]

Shishonnah In Concert!!!!!‏

Hi guys. I am posting a bulletin here about one of my fave Celtic groups Shishonnah. I hope everyone in the US gets to see and hear the amazing voices of Jenne Lennon and Liz Madden. Here's a little talk we had: "Hi Jenne are you planning to go to Lorient this August? I think [...]


Elysian Dreams now out! The new album from Shishonnah has been launched. I encourage friends to listen because it is worth the wait. Jenne has been updating us with news about the recording and the promo. It is great to see this project take flight and reach many ears. Happy New Year everyone, Shishonnah's new [...]

Christmas Thoughts from Friends

Expect the unexpected. That's my line for this month while my hands are full due to the season's madness. There's no snow from where I am but friends are sending me the chill right now-in a good way. Exchanging gifts are really fun.  I stumbled across this info about where exchanging gifts started: We have [...]