Moya Brennan Has A New Single Plus My St Patrick’s Day Podcast.

Moya Brennan Has A New Single Plus My St Patrick’s Day Podcast.

Great news about Moya Brennan! The first lady of Celtic Music(and the voice of Ireland) has just uploaded a new single via iTunes. It is called Erin Gra Mo Chroi (Ireland the Love of My Heart). I love it when she gives emphasis on the Irish Gaelic language in her songs.

Have you heard it already? Let me tell you what I think. Her voice sounds pristine in this song. Like the way she sounded in the early Clannad albums (circa the 70s). It is great to hear such a voice unadorned by technological armour which is so prevalent not just in pop music but also among her musical culture. That is how you sing with confidence! She is joined by the amazing harpist Cormac De Barra.Thank you Moya (and Cormac)for continuing to shower us with your artistic gifts! You can download Erin Gra Mo Chroi  via iTunes: id1092658199

Here’s my latest podcast for those who miss the kind of music I love to listen to:

Interview with Luke Fraser of The Bombadils

Interview with Luke Fraser of The Bombadils

I wrote a post about The Bombadils working on a new album. What I haven’t told you os that I made an audio interview with Luke Fraser and it is finally here. This is the first audio interview with him and you can tell that we made a good team.

Luke is one of the four members that comprise The Bombadils. He plays the guitar, mandolin and other stringed instruments. He also played for Raftmen.

Original song written by the Bombadils. Copyright 2012. Filmed and recorded by Denis Martin at Stewart Hall – Point Claire, Montreal, Canada.

Order their CD online:

The Bombadils are:
Sarah Frank – fiddle, vocals
Luke Fraser – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Anh Phung – flute, Irish whistles, vocals
Evan Stewart – bass

Visit their website:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Book them at:


Here’s an old video of Luke Fraser and Kit Soden made four years ago, shot in Sutton farm in rural Quebec…



Repost your Soundcloud!

Repost your Soundcloud!


A blog featuring John Breen, Fraser Fifield and TradConnect

It is great to realize that soundcloud has grown into a site where musicians and listeners can interact and repost music. Have you been reposting the music you heard too? I have been doing this today. I have not uploaded my podcast in soundcloud as I use mixcloud for that. But soundcloud is still the biggest site where you can reach many people.
From a mere(passive)listener of tracks you can actually make a difference by reposting. So you don’t have to be a blogger to influence people if you have a soundcloud account. Just share what you are listening to and the Internet will take care of the rest.

When bloggers like us experience a downtime in traffic and comments, we launch into conclusion that perhaps we have done something wrong to put our readers off. Maybe we are not doing good enough and that is why readers are going somewhere. Well, the truth is, you are wrong. For niche bloggers like me, it is expected that I will get specialized subscribers who are really passionate about Celtic music. I don’t expect pop listeners to check out what I post. This goes with other niche blogs out there.

Too many choices.

As new bloggers crop up everywhere, competition becomes deadly. The market is no longer dominated by those who are ‘stalwarts’ in this industry. Prepare for that. When you are doing video blogs or simply writing blogs, don’t be discouraged when you have lost view counts. This is normal. It happens to everyone. It’s even happening to Tech vlogger Chris Pirillo.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Are you afraid that if you do something different you will turn certain subscribers off? Don’t be. In fact it might be a good thing. Blogging is like marriage. There are times when a relationship hits plateau and you need to do something different to spice the relationship up.

Going back to soundcloud, I have discovered new posts today and I am sharing them with you. Yes this post is after all about soundclous. But if you get something helpful from by detour then good!


John Breen’s Compilation



I enjoyed many songs from John Breen. There is this simplicity in his way of delivering songs. Expect a range of songs going from simple to grand treatments. This time he compiled his own soundcloud playlist of what he thinks are his top artists.


Fraser Fifield Playlist

Here’s the Scottish master of eclecticism. This is a good introduction to what his music is all about. There are other amazing talents that share the spotlight with him, in these recordings.


TradConnect playlist:

If you are looking for something purely trad then this is the best site for that.



Skype Interview with Steven Hawson

Skype Interview with Steven Hawson

Here is one fun interview I did with musician Steven Hawson over the weekend. This has a better quality than the first take we did. I like the way he clearly explains his ideas about music and how to stay motivated in the midst of the changes that’s been happening in the music industry. It’s really crazy how things have changed in the past ten years. Anyone can make a lucrative way of living as an artist if he/she knows where to market the art.

He also tells me about writing and performing music because that’s how things are. Being a musician is all about that and the rest follow. It is a condition where there is no cure but to just do it. I invite you to listen, learn something from his experience and if possible give your own ideas under the thread. This will benefit musicians and fans of the musical culture.


Naoned Whisky by The Maggie Whackers  plus Podcast #25

Naoned Whisky by The Maggie Whackers plus Podcast #25


After almost two years, French band The Maggie Whackers are back with a new EP called Naoned Whisky. And yes they are from Nantes France. A great place of music! Drunken Sailor is timely because it’s a decade of the mainstream’s fascination with Pirate movies and tunes. There are strong Breton elements in their songs especially in Sans Regrets Sans Remords which is my favorite track due to its beautiful use of the bombarde. Fucking Goblins show their punk side. I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday is shocking with its tenderness and melancholic melody. Burn in Hell showcases the joint forces of traditional Breton instrument and Clash-inspired guitar playing.

Naoned Whisky is the testament to the band’s continuing energy. Their songwriting has evolved since the release of their self-titled EP. They have  great sense of musical and visual style. I am sure their live shows are really entertaining. Listen below and go to to buy the album.

For bookings and any question:

The Maggie Whackers
06 33 72 49 44


The Baxteria Podcast #25 is Up!

The Baxteria Podcast #25(Celtic and Indie variety) by Baxter Labatos on Mixcloud


Sharon Corr-We Could Be Lovers
Brishen-Live at the Victoria International JazzFest 2013_ “Coquette”
Bachue-Rumble Thy Bellyful
Jacob McCauley-December 2010 Concert Part 6_ Bodhrán Solo
Moya Brennan-Sailing (radio edit)
Jack Raven’s whores-Bad Trip
The High Kings-Gucci
Arctic Monkeys-Arabella
Beth Orton-Something More Beautiful
J.P. Kallio-Too Late to Say
Fiona Joy Hawkins-The Journey (600 Years in a Moment)
Rebecca Brandt-The Moment
Fleet Foxes-English House


Jack Raven’s Whores Plus Podcast #23

Jack Raven’s Whores Plus Podcast #23


Anyone who loves good old whiskey will find something familiar with the band’s logo. Think of  Jack Daniel’s and Jack Sparrow-then you get the idea behind the logo of the band Jack Raven’s Whores. Ok I admit I am not confident to say the last word out loud but these guys have the right to be confident with their music.




Combining Irish folk, Balkan, sailor music (and a hint Breton music)l; they weave songs that celebrate the wild adventures straight out of a pirate movie. In terms of craft, they are serious. Bad Trip is  their latest single. It has a long instrumental intro. But then it dips into a beautiful folk song.  The band are:Greg Raven(Lead vocals and guitar), Cormac Jones(Vocals and Mandolin), Mathieu Vigouroux(Clarinet and tin whistle), and Ju Rosh Lcmte(Fiddle).


Podcast # 23

My latest radio show is now available on podcast. Visit the link and enjoy great music!

The High Kings-All Around the World
The High Kings-Come with Me Now
The High Kings-Gucci
The High Kings-Friends for Life
The High Kings-Galway Girl
The High Kings-Health to the Company
The High Kings-Peggy Gordon
Steven Hawson-Maids: In the Meadow; At the Churn; At the Spinning Wheel
Ashley MacIsaac-Devil In The Kitchen
Lisa Gerrard-Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow
Sleepthief-Skimming Stones
J.P. Kallio-Northern Boy
Siouxsie Sioux-Heaven and Alchemy
Samuel Smith-The Way of the World

The Passing of Pete Seeger and Podcast #22

The Passing of Pete Seeger and Podcast #22

My late mom used to sing me a song called Where Have All the Flowers Gone. It’s such a sweet poignant song that reminds me of dusk and summer, of petals getting blown to nowhere. It was not decades later when I learned it’s written by the late Pete Seeger who passed away today. I heard a lot of his songs (without knowing him) because I was raised by people who grew up after the Second World War. So my upbringing was a combination of the old ways and the love for exploring new things. Judy Collins was also a popular artist in my childhood. So I get to hear Turn Turn Turn a many times in the house. My cousins were huge fans of folk music.

I started venturing into Celtic music in my late teens. He was associated with banjo and 12-string guitar. He has a continuing powerful influence   to other singer/songwriters with  names like Billy Bragg, Jackson Browne, Donovan, , Nanci Griffith, Indigo Girls, Tom Paxton, Bonnie Raitt, Martin Simpson, and Bruce Springsteen are associated with him.

I think his impact to me is more as a songwriter than a performer. His songs get better with time. The distinctive folk elements in his songs tell you: this is how to write a song. Pete Seeger will be sorely missed. It’s characteristic of people who carve their names in everyone’s heart. Life is a collage of all things that you’ve heard, seen and felt. His songs were the songs of the best years of my life. How could I let those go?

When I feel this heaviness in my heart I go into this little corner and listen to the songs of my childhood. And like magic the pain disappears. Where Have All the Flowers Gone indeed? Life is a mystery that is temporary. But memories are forever.




The Baxteria Podcast #22

Podcast 22 comes with a live concert featuring The Gloaming.
Track listing:
The Gloaming-Set at the National Concert Hall of Ireland(Live concert)
Robbie MacInnis-Massacre of Glencoe (ft. Robbie MacInnis)
Eivør-Hounds Of Love
BrowneProject-Silver Sun
J.P. Kallio-Time
Once A Tree-Light Me Up
Paula-I Could Be
Dadawa-Sister Drum

Make Way for Ranagri

Make Way for Ranagri

Jean Kelly , Eliza Marshall , Tad Sargent  and Donal Rogers

Jean Kelly , Eliza Marshall , Tad Sargent and Donal Rogers

I wrote a post about flutist Eliza Marshall two years ago. Now she is part( playing the Flutes/Whistles/Guitar) of Folk/Acoustic/World band based in London called Ranagri. They are currently recording their debut album. You can listen to two of their singles Sad Songs and the amazing cover of The House Carpenter.

It took me one listen to Donal Rogers and that’s it. He has a warm and friendly voice. There are Celticky instruments like the Harp,Electric Harp and Piano played by Jean Kelly. Tad Sargent  adds the Irish spice with his   Bodhran, Bouzouki and Whistles.

Their music video for Sad Songs is really fantastic. It really represents the dazzling sound of Ranagri. I am excited to hear the new album. Check out the youtube sampler below. I already predicted my future favorites from the album.



Loreena McKennitt releases The Journey So Far
The Best of Loreena McKennitt

After 30 years in the music business(and running her own company Quinlan Road) The Journey So Far will prove to be a retrospective and interesting ‘music book’ covering her songs that span continents and culture. Ms McKennitt has always created ‘global’ Celtic music fusing different ethnic styles but still true to her folk roots. To get an in-depth info here is the link:


If you haven’t yet check out my latest Podcast!

Matthew Bell and Celtic Percussion Plus Podcast #21

Matthew Bell and Celtic Percussion Plus Podcast #21

There is a thread running through this post that started when I wrote about the bodhran. To be honest, the instrument has taken a huge degree of interest on my part because I am trying to be good at it. Everyday is great when I get to practice. It also opened a big world of percussion to me and various rhythms that dominate all types of music all over the world.

This thread also pointed me to a remarkable artist and teacher in the world of percussion. I am talking about Matthew Bell who runs a successful project called Celtic Percussion.  He merges Irish and Scottish drumming styles with the infusion of other world influences. He is very zen in his vlogs as he tries to calmly explain the basics of drumming. He combines the Kerry and top end of bodhran playing.

The youtube videos are just samples of the potential that he can offer. His recent book is The Contemporary Bodhrán:
A Modern Percussionist’s Perspective on an Ancient Instrument


Here’s the general info about Celtic Percussion found in his official youtube site:

The Celtic Percussion Collective is comprised of several of the Washington, D.C. area’s biggest names in the Pipe Band and Celtic Music Communities. Matthew Bell formed the CPC in December of 2012 to expose audiences to the truly unique percussion concepts inherent in Celtic Percussion. The CPC is available for a variety of educational and performance-based functions. Please have a look around our website. We look forward to working with you.


The Baxteria Podcast #21


Alan Stivell-Eliz Iza
Sinéad O’Connor-Oró, sé do bheatha ‘bhaile
Baal Tinne-Toss The Feathers
Brendan Mulholland-The King of The Pipers
Clannad-In a Lifetime
Luka Bloom-How Am I To Be
Ashley MacIsaac-To America We Go
Sleepthief-Reason Why
J.P. Kallio-Greener Grass
Teenage Fanclub-Take The Long Way Around
Von Shakes-Last Day on Earth
Jazzotron Vs Jamie Berry-Kiss Me
Róisín O-Here We Go
Who Does Music-Looking Around
Samuel Smith-The Agony

Nashville Award Winning singer/songwriter, Max T. Barnes, announced tour of Ireland Plus Podcast #20

Nashville Award Winning singer/songwriter, Max T. Barnes, announced tour of Ireland Plus Podcast #20

Max T. Barnes Announces Tour Of Ireland

Max T. Barnes Announces Tour Of Ireland

Nashville is the home of great music. When the Chieftains went to the United States in 2002, they released a live album Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions (2002) featuring Nashville artists. It’s also a reminder how American music (Country and Bluegrass) are all related to Ireland. This time, it’s the other way around. Award Winning singer/songwriter, Max T. Barnes, announced that he will be taking a month-long tour of Ireland, in early 2014. I heard a couple of his songs and they are really beautiful and uplifting.

With nearly 20 million records sold worldwide I think it is timely that he should meet his fans abroad. He is joined by Craig Curtis,with Paul Hollowell (Dolly Partons Piano Player). The tour is produced by Irish musician/traditional dancer Brian Cunningham of Atlantic Steps. Here’s the full press release:

Max T. Barnes Announces Tour Of Ireland

Nashville, TN  (December 11th, 2013) – Award Winning singer/songwriter, Max T. Barnes, announced today that he will be embarking on a month-long tour of Ireland, in early 2014.

Barnes, who has written and published Thirty-Three Number Ones and country hits in America, and has had nearly 20 million records sold worldwide, is elated to bring his music to fans overseas. His tour is set to launch on February 28th, 2014, with a performance at Monroe’s Live in Galway, Ireland. Other scheduled dates include The Cork Opera House, The Helix in Dublin, Josie’s Country Tavern in Letterkenny, The Carlton Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe  and The Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran to name a few.
Performing hits such as, “Before You Kill Us All” by Randy Travis, “A Night To Remember” by Joe Diffie and CMA nominated Song Of The Year, “Love Me” by Colin Raye, Barnes will easily engage listeners as he shares the stories behind writing these songs. Barnes’ show will also include songs from his late father, Max D. Barnes, who was a Two Time CMA Song Of The Year winner and was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame. The late Barnes wrote dozens of hits for some of Country’s biggest names such as George Jones, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette to name a few, and has sold over 50 Million records world-wide.

As a staff writer in Nashville for over 30 years, Barnes has written for companies such as Warner BrothersSony, Curb, Polygram and MCA. Barnes is the only songwriter in history to be nominated for CMA Song Of The Year against his father in the same year.

Accompanying Barnes on stage and tour will be accomplished singer/songwriter, Craig Curtis, who’s YouTube Hit, “Keepin’ It Rural”, has made an impact on country fans nation-wide.


For more on Max T. Barnes, visit
For more on Craig Curtis, visit
For digital Press Kit including Bios, visit:

Contact & Media Inquiries:
Brian Cunningham
Hypermedia Nashville

Contact number 920 288 1151


Podcast #20 is up but you wont be hearing me talk. My radio show went live but the computer did not record my stream. I had to put everything back piece by piece the way I played them.

Clannad-Gaoth Barra na dTonn
Eileen Ivers-Crowley’s/Jackson’s (Reels)
Robert Doyle-Flags of Belfast
James Galway-Brian Boru’s March
Carlos Núñez-St Patrick’s Polka
Nightnoise-The Rose of Tralee
James Galway-Pennywhistle Jig [From The Molly Maguires]
J.P. Kallio-It Ain’t Easy
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians-Circle
Fleet Foxes-Drops In the River
Don BeeKeeper-Night is Falling Fast
Glen Hansard-Bird Of Sorrow
Mary Fahl, former lead singer of October Project-Exiles(from The Wolves of Midwinter)
Gavern-The Otherworld Fragments
Samuel Smith-Try