Father Ted and more on North Cregg and FMAD

Donie sent me a link to Father Ted. It’s a funny comedy based in Ireland . I think he is such an indearing character, somewhat naive but with a lot of heart. There these interesting people around him who try their best to pester him. Don’t we all have that same issue with our priests?( I say that coming from a Catholic place, therefore I can relate). There is also this particular video in youtube that I could not watch.

This is what it says:

This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

And this is how our conversation went:

eeeek it’s been blocked in my country :his video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.’
that is so f***** up
i think they do that from time to time.
there are also videos i could not watch from other regions in the world
but the first one i saw
that’s really annoying all the links are channell 4
mad. they are afraid of upsetting people from your country
there are lots os catholics there yes?
we are predominantly a catholic country
i will address that in my blog
i guess they are just being careful…
your all adults over there
im still surprised
that’s the sad thing about political correctness. it’s always that ‘ you cant do this or do that in fear of upsetting people’.
here too but we have come a long way
i think american regulations decide what videos to be shown in what countries and since youtube is american owned then they do that
but an english company made that
our RTE, was too afrid to make it
but an irish production with english money
chanell 4
is the best always push the boundaries
i guess it’s a long way to go
but i will try a proxy
aw proxy does not help
you should write about that, religion is on the way out
people should understand about the Roman history and the biggest story ever told
Here is something from North Cregg. I mentioned them a couple of months ago and I think their music is interesting and really beautiful. Check this interview with Christy Leahy out:
Another one is by Four Men and a Dog. Once again I owe this article to Donie Ryan who got me started. Anyway I love the rockin rollin feel of the music.  “Hold On I’m Comin’ has a catchy tune over lively tempo.

The Pride of County Cork: North Cregg

It pleases me to know if a band has a female vocalist. And when that vocalist sounds like her throat is fashioned after an angel’s wings , then it becomes an obsession for me. Not since Capercaillie has a band been so tight , so sure and so haunting. So much of Ireland’s ancient spirit inhabits this band from Country Cork. Go Your Way has that gradual marching tempo that resonates with beaty amidst this heartbreaking piece. In contrast, Crehan’s Reels is infectious capturing the atmosphere of taverns and the merry folks having a toast and dancing .

I have been bewitched!