Review of North Star a new album by Kyle Carey

Why a casual Celtic music fan would love North Star by singer/songwriter Kyle Carey-It has a universal appeal.  Every album is a musical journey. The experience is always complete when one listens to all the tracks in the album (in the order they were recorded) instead shuffling.I think Kyle Carey has worked hard in recording every track in North Star. [...]


Young Trad, Sweet Trad.

Featuring: Moxie with the music video What Lies Behind the Wall, JP Trio and Last Track from Lyon France.   Perhaps the title of this post might come as a surprise but I took this line from an old mushy song from the 60s simply because youth is indeed a sweet time to experiment and [...]

The High Kings August US Tour 2010 Plus Clannad’s Old Video from 1990

Hi guys. As always, our musical culture is alive and exciting. It is really great being alive in this generation , to see things happening and taking off. What I love about what I do is that , I am part of the pieces that make up the whole. Writers, painters, photographers and collectors are [...]

The New Jimmy Rankin Video “Slipping Away”

Thanks to Christi, my head is once again turned into the Rankin Family direction. Jimmy Rankin has an official video out in YouTube so you might want to check his site out. This is country tinged with that unmistakable Cape Breton echo. Slipping Away is a warm track that simply makes your head sway and [...]

Loreena McKennitt’s official You Tube channel.

   For those of you who might wonder where to see Loreena McKennitt's videos.For those who already saw some but could not find an official one.     Quinlan Road,her own label has an official channel and you can see it here in YOUTUBE  .So you'll know.The site also showcases tour dates but sad to [...]