When Drums Talk: Jeremy Sibson

Drumkit, Bodhran, and Percussion performer/educator from Tasmania Australia

Listening to Jeremy Sibson is awe inspiring. He can play the percussion instruments to make them tonal-even emotionally delicate! His collection of various drums can make a percussionist drool.  Just take a look at his gallery. His repertoire extends beyond Celtic to include Broadway, Jazz and even Modern Rock. Other than being a musical performer, he has also written and engineered tracks for other artists. I attached two videos. The first one is at a recent Cygnet Folk Festival. The second one is from Miss Saigon.

A Bodhrán Solo by Jeremy Sibson of WhistleBlower performing at the 2012 Cygnet Folk Festival

After seeing the massive percussion set-up for Miss Saigon, a lot of people were curious to see Jeremy and Robert in action. Here’s your chance. First of 3 videos from the Hobart season of Miss Saigon. October 2009. This is the percussion 2 part as played by Jeremy Sibson on opening night.


Website update:

Jeremy Sibson’s current project is a huge one. He is in the process of writing an article on Tipper Grip for various styles of music that Bodhrán Players come across. This involves sending out a survey form to hundreds of Bodhrán players around the world and then compiling their answers and PoV photos and then trying to make sense of the findings. This is on-going as the questionnaires are still coming in. The questionnaire is located below this article for those of you who wish to be part of this survey. Just copy and paste into Word (or similar), fill out, attach your PoV photos, and then email back to me at the address below.

Bodhrán Grip Questionnaire.

  1. Do you use more than one “grip” or style?
  2. Do you often use more than one tipper? If so, how many and what sort (ie: Maker’s brand or description)
  3. What brand/type of Bodhrán do you usually use?
  4. Do you use more than one Bodhrán for your usual gig?
  5. Do you have a favourite Bodhrán?
  6. Do you use different Bodhráns for different musical situations? If so, can you describe why you would use the various drums for the different circumstances.
  7. Can you please attach a clear photo showing the grip/s you use for holding the tipper in each and every style you play (eg: Top End, Kerry Style, etc.)

Thank you very much,

Jeremy Sibson

Please return this questionnaire to: jeremysibson@hotmail.com


Seven Nations Rocking On!

SevenNationsNew York based Celtic Rock band  Seven Nations can fuse their sound successfully into Modern Rock radio format. The name is based on the  seven Celtic nations namely : Ireland, Scotland,Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia. Strong vocals ( if you dig Lifehouse and Creed) and tight musicianship mark their every song.

Seven Nations follows the blaze set by Waterboys and Simple Minds. These guys grew up listening to Celtic music which explains the style of their music. The tunes are very catchy. They’ve released a couple of albums. If you want to include them in your growing album collection, then visit their official site http://www.sevennations.com . Include your selves in the newsletter and also check tour dates. You can also listen to their songs via their official MySpace page.

Soundtrack for the Rain:Luka Bloom

In this kind of weather, It make one yearn for something intimate and bare. You know, something that could accompany you over a cup of warm coffee. That is why,Luka Bloom’s music is very appropriate .


  Born Kevin Barry Moore, May 23 1955 ,he is the younger brother of Christy Moore. He had to change his name to Luka Bloom in order to avoid the pressure of being related to  his already successful older brother. The name “Luka” is taken from a Suzanne Vega song about ‘child abuse’ while Bloom is from the character in James Joyce’s Ulysses.


  His music is defined as ‘electro-acoustic’  . Problems with his fingers(tendinitis) made him give up  finger picking style and opted for a frenetic strumming which he is now known for. The first time I heard him was through a ‘Celtic Season” compilation album. The track is called ‘Listen to the River”.


  From then on I knew I have to look for his albums. Right now I have his 1990 album called Riverside. Comprised of 12 tracks, this album promises warm acoustic tracks that are either slow or simply rock and roll. The preference in  using  all acoustic guitars on each track makes the whole album lively without being noisy. It also showcases his husky baritone. I think the most humorous track is “An Irishman in Chinatown’ .


1. Delirious
2. Dreams In America
3. Over The Moon
4. Gone To Pablo
5. The Man Is Alive
6. An Irishman In Chinatown
7. Rescue Mission
8. The One
9. Hudson Lady
10. This Is For Life
11. You Couldn’t Have Come…
12. The Hill Of Allen Instrumental

Visit the official website and grab your own copy now 😉