How about an afternoon of Buille by Buille Beo?

How about an afternoon of Buille by Buille Beo?

Niall Vallely – concertina

Caoimhin Vallely -piano

Ed Boyd – guitar

Brian Morrissey – bodhrán/percussion

Kenneth Edge – soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Ionad Cultúrtha an Dochtúir Ó Loingsigh, Baile Mhúirne,

Co. Chorcaí – Eanáir 2015

Engineered by Dan Fitzgerald

Assisted by Chris Moore

Mixed and Mastered by Dan Fitzgerald @ SoundSound Studios, Cork

Design by Brian Hanlon @ Og Media Group

Photography by Eddie Hennessy

Buille:A beautiful musical treat for a lazy afternoon by robust Irish musical group.

Live recordings are challenging. Unlike studio sessions where you can just edit things you want to change, playing like is one directional. The ambience also adds to the ‘flavour’ of the sound as you hear clapping from the audience, perhaps the sound of birds, the breeze and the little noise that make the recording ‘human.’

Buille Beo presents a robust body of different sounds recorded live-which I learned- in the beautiful surroundings of the Ionad Cultúrtha in Baile Bhúirne, West Cork. There are twelve beautiful tracks. I love classical and jazz music and Buille Beo covers those territories, though it is primarily a traditional album.

It’s a lazy afternoon today so I explored their latest release which is already reviewed by TradConnect. So how does a casual listener respond to their music if I cite myself as an example? It is an album for those who like chilled but mainly acoustic music. I found myself staring at the ceiling and savouring the piano melodies that fall like gentle rain. I feel this in Belharbour. It is true that if you love classical music, jazz and blues then you will easily appreciate traditional Irish music.

I also love In A Silent Way because of its intimate nature. It is a slow tune that is good for meditation and staring out the window-especially if the scenery is the magnificent West Cork! Whatso grabs me because of the chords and the feeling of suspense associated with jazz music. It starts slow then builds up into a frenzy release of sounds  like fireworks.albumcover

Buille Beo is a beautiful and strangely delicate album that has a universal appeal. Its beauty lies in the arrangements and the technique of these wonderful musicians. As you listen repeatedly, the album creates that mesmerizing hypnotic feeling. It transports you into an urban countryside as the album evokes the feeling of both places.

Purchase the album via iTunes and visit their official website:

Trine: They are now playing

Trine: They are now playing

You think Celtic music is rare in Asia? That may change soon as Filipino group Trine play music that could only come from Ireland, Scotland and Bretagne. They are playing music all over the Philippines and of you are a tourist in need of some Jazz spliced with Traditional music then look for them.

Now, all they need are regular YouTube video posts, a blog page and music site where fans can hear and share music!

The Bombadils are recording a new album

The Bombadils are recording a new album


The Bombadils are: Sarah Frank Luke Fraser Anh Phung and Evan Stewart

The Canadian quartet The Bombadils are back in the studio. They are recording new tunes for an upcoming album. Release dates haven’t been confirmed yet. Apart from prepping their schedule calendar for more gigs, they are also expanding their fan base. And it will be made possible by the help of a ‘Street Team.” I got coined that term from a Lifehouse fan base during the early years of their album making. Street Teams are a group of loyal and passionate fans who are willing to advertise, blog or do YouTube promotion for the band. This is to ensure that they go viral.

So what about this new album?

Given their background in Classical, Jazz and Folk music, I am sure this will be an amazing treat to those who already heard their previous album.

This is an interesting phase in the music industry where the fans become the managers, promoters and record executives. This is good news right? We don’t have to rely on the powerful few to run the state of the music we are in. But it is still sad that the majority would rather sit and accept whatever is handed to them instead of taking action. Now is the time people. let’s start a revolution. Go out there and voice your opinion. Turn on your computers and start blogging about your favorite bands.

Are you one of those who are fervent supporters of your kind of music? What do you do to promote your favorite band? Feel free to share your views in this matter.

Brishen and Podcast #24

Brishen and Podcast #24

Photo by Ryan MacDonald

Quinn Bachand, lead guitar

Richard Moody, violin

Reuben Wier, rythm guitar & vocal

Joey Smith, upright bass.

It has long been regarded that Canada is a melting pot of the best traditional music in Europe. What I admire about the Victoria, BC quartet Brishen is how they combine Jazz with world and folk elements. When you are looking for a fusion between sumptuous Acadian folk, jazz and Celtic then you have to listen to them. I think of dancing Gypsies when I listen to any of their tracks. I am sure that to watch them live would be quite an experience. Take for instance the seventeen-year-old Quinn Bachand bringing his own fresh influences with the stalwarts of music like Richard Moody (violin)  Reuben Wier( rythm guitar & vocal)  and Joey Smith( upright bass). That’s really got to be something. I love the vocals of Ruben Weir. I think he will give Michael Buble a run for his money.

They identify with their influences Django Reindhard and Stephane Grappelli which I am yet to hear but I am sure some of you out there already know their music. I don’t know if it’s the hot chocolate in my system or something else but Coquette left me feeling high and jolly. There is something about early jazz music that touches the heart. To combine that with other musical styles prove to be a powerful mix. Quite addicting. Brishen is indeed the storm bringer of fantastic music.

Photo by Ryan MacDonald

Photo by Ryan MacDonald


The Baxteria Podcast #24

If you missed the tunes I played this Saturday, the tunes are up that link! Enjoy!

CLEGHORN-9 Minutes of Woo – House of Blues
Riverdance-Opening Scene
Dave Sheridan, Michael McCague & Donal McCague-The Independence Hornpipe
Enda Seery-Tatter Jack Walsh
Loreena MCKennitt-Ancient pines
Brian Kennedy-Carrickfergus
Capercaillie-The Tree
J.P. Kallio-River Takes You Over
The Alex MacNeil Quartet-Lullaby for Alice
Don BeeKeeper-Saviour
Alex Pardini-Sad Little King
Love Spirals Downwards-City Moon

Escaping Reality with Esotero

Escaping Reality with Esotero

Fraser and Graeme

Traditional Scottish and Jazz. Those are the two styles that define the new album Esotero by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen. It is a work layered in intricate textures. I encourage you to give it more than twenty spins before you say anything what the album.What I am saying here does not even define the whole album because, Esotero has MORE to offer as part of your listening experience. But we can agree that it is an impressive album with loads of surprises.

I like the how space is given emphasis between instruments and tracks. It is almost like stepping into this white room and seeing a few instruments on display. It is easy to get lost in the passion behind the making of tunes like the title track Esotero, The Bank of Time and Immigrant eyes among others.

These two artists go all the way back with an impressive  array of albums to celebrate. I would like to unlock the secrets to the melodic alchemy of Fraser Fifield but it is hard. His approach is always unique and sometimes the way he plays with scales is uncanny. His delivery gives a sense of atmosphere and mystical qualities to each track. And yes, the guitar works of Graeme Stephen completes the alchemy, giving Esotero a timeless and satisfying listening experience for all.

Buy Esotero here:

Esotero Sampler

Esotero Sampler

Listen t this sampler.

One of the most anticipated releases this year is out. Esotero is a joint project between two fantastic artists in the Celtic fusion scene. And this sampler will give you an idea what the album is all about. A few weeks ago, Fraser Fifield was a special guest on my weekly radio show and I really enjoyed that time with him. He even did an impromptu low whistle performance!

Esotero is a musical project between Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen. These two artist go all the way back and they already collaborated in many projects including Traces of Thrace and Slow Stream.  You will hear elements of Jazz, Prog rock and world ethnic influences. There is always something for everyone.This is a fun album that you will enjoy this holiday season.

Forthcoming album by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen ‘Esotero’

Forthcoming album by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen ‘Esotero’


Fraser Fifield

Scottish multi- instrumentalist Fraser Fifield has teamed up once again with Greame Stephen for another delightful instrumental album called Esotero. Release date in unconfirmed but it will be soon. They’re like the Starsky and Hutch of Scottish instrumental music. I have listened to two tracks which Fraser posted on soundcloud and facebook and I say they are fab! Of course you will be expecting these things: haunting tunes, abstract melodies, traditional instruments, jazz and rock influences and traditional Scottish flavour. So it is going to be a buffet! Can’t wait for it.

Fraser Fifield’s career stretches back to more than a decade comprising of albums and collaborations with other artists. What’s more fascinating is that he welcomes all types of genres and he isn’t afraid to experiment. I recall one of the reviews I read where the journalist remarks that he plays the traditional instrument like a jazz musician and the jazz instruments like a Celtic musician. He has the best of both worlds. You can hear more of these things in my interview which will be aired this Saturday October 12 4pm German time. We had a great time doing that interview and he even played a tune on the spot. Yes no rehearsal. I will also be playing the title track Esotero this Saturday.

I am looking forward to the release of Esotero and anything from the Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen collaboration is always a work of magic!


Lament is my favorite track from ‘Honest Water’, released in 2002… A tune dedicated to his Grandmother, Minnie Davidson of Garlogie, Aberdeenshire. This is a work of genius in my opinion.

Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier

The debut album by Max Cormier forms a cuspate between traditional and original tunes. He does this with seamless transition and freshness.

Artist: Maxim Cormier

Album: Maxim Cormier

Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tracks :  1. In Anticipation 2. Fathers Know Best 3. Danielle 4. Tunes With Dad 5. Home 6. Hornpipes for Uncle Joe 7. Mezquida 8. Fork in the Road 9. Big Sampie’s Reel 10. Le Grand Boulanger De L’est 11. Morisson’s


Like  early morning dew that drips from a leaf, the debut album by young Canadian guitarist Maxim Cormier reflects freshness. The self-titled album Max Cormier has eleven tracks. There is a consistent sunny atmosphere that runs through all the tracks in the album. I can sum up the album with the following: impressive, exciting, relaxing and beautiful.

I suggest for those who just got their own copies of this album to listen to it twice before putting it back to the CD case. You will find out why I ask you this. In the meantime Max Cormier ensures to please people of all types whiter you like Jazz, Rock, New Age or Trad tunes. There is nothing to disapprove since he is very respectful of traditional tunes but still adds his own signature no matter how subtle it is.

He guarantees not to be a covers man since this album is composed of six original tracks and two as part of the medley. He is able to mix his original tunes with traditional tracks. Everything blends seamlessly in fluid collection.

Track 7 (Mezquida) is a personal favorite because it is the best guitar soliloquy I’ve heard in ages. This is where notes attain moments of pure bliss. The pattern they make turns into an aural painting of sorts. This track sums up the term simplicity is beauty. This is followed by another original composition  Fork in the Road. Another pleasure to listen to. This is not to say that I only picked two out of the eleven tracks as favorites. In fact, everything in this album is a gem of its own.  I am sure that once you take a listen to this album several times you will have your own favorites.

Max Cormier is now an important name in the world of instrumental tunes. Have a listen, enjoy and take these tunes with you as a source of inspiration to lighten up your mood when you are sad.

Big thanks to Craig Hamm of for recommending this wonderful artist.


Having played guitar since he was 11 years old, Cormier, a student of guitar performance at Dalhousie University, now balances his days as a fulltime student, solo guitarist, composer and freelancing musician. Cormier’s dedication to instrumental guitar, both with the use of a pick or in pure finger style, is beautifully captured in his self-titled 2012 release Maxim Cormier. Get his debut album on iTunes now.


CD Baby:



Don’t forget that artist of the week Kevin O’Donnell has his site officially launched today with updates on gigs etc. I also wrote an article about him in another US magazine but details will follow soon.

Czech Republic based Celtic band Poitín has a shirt out! Yes it’s looks really cool. According to Celtophilia Tee Company

“This is the first Poitín shirt to come out of production. I’m completely in love with it. I’ll have one of my own soon, guaranteed.”

first Poitín shirt to come out of production.

first Poitín shirt to come out of production.

Elva MacGowan: Cry Me A River (a single from forthcoming EP ‘Secret Love’)

Elva MacGowan: Cry Me A River (a single from forthcoming EP ‘Secret Love’)

Elva MacGowan Secret Love

Elva MacGowan

Yes folks Elva MacGowan is returning, this time with an EP called Secret Love. As the title suggests, expect standards, silky vocal delivery and exquisite musicianship. According to her:

“I have just recorded a single (Cry Me A River) taken from my forthcoming EP Secret Love.”

What can we expect from Secret Love?

“I am  blending my knowledge of vocal performance with my love of old time jazz standards and traditional Irish accompaniments.

Who are the talents involved? You will be pleased: traditional musicians Donncha Moynihan on Guitar and Karl Nesbitt on Low Whistle and Bodhran.

Arthur Hamilton’s ‘Cry Me A River’ is a unique cover because it features traditional Irish instruments by traditional musicians. Elva MacGowan’s Celtic music projects are widely acclaimed and supported by peers in the industry. And this single is a testament to that fine artistry and control. I love other types of music and Jazz influenced my growing up. To have it in the same room as Traditional Irish music is such a wild thing!

“And now you say you love me…

and just to prove you do,

you can cry me a river..

The way she sings it: total catharsis!

More here:



The Spirit of Ireland

How’s your Sunday folks? I want to give a big shout out to my friend The Wild Irish Poet Alan Cooke. It’s his birthday today. I also read in advance the copy of his new book The Spirit of Ireland(An Odyssey Home) . The cover above is just a possible cover as nothing is decided yet. I will be publishing my review soon and I got important quotes from this book. Anyway here’s the trailer:

 The Scottish New Music Awards

The Scottish New Music Awards: If you have any UK artist whom you think deserves and award, then go ahead and submit your nomination to

It is great to open up emails over coffee and so I had this conversation with artist Eve Williams who lives in Northern Ireland. She’s the one who actually talked about the link. According to her:

I really like the idea… coz nowadays music is not just about what’s in the charts. There are some great independent artists and they contribute to their local communities by playing and getting people out to hear them! The music industry in Northern Ireland is woeful. Hardly any venues, no publishers… the republic is better.

Celtic Music Whimsy

Celtic Music Whimsy

In this edition:  Enda Seery, Fraser Fifield, Celtic Twist/Holland and Palmley, The Picts, Irish Music Ottawa Blog, and 9 Celtic music videos from youtube!

Videos: Seth Lakeman-Race to be King, Loreena McKennitt-Dante’s Prayer, Fraser Fifield- ‘Drawing Maps’, Rachel Hair Trio-Tsunami Jack, Eluveitie-Inis Mona, Enya-Book of Days, The Chieftains/Sean Keane-Drowsy Maggie, Seamus Ennis-An Poc Ar Buile and Ashley Macisaac-News Show in Japan.

Night Swimmers III by Eva McCauley

Night Swimmers III by Eva McCauley

How I got saved by a 16-year old artist!

I have a confession. Around Monday of last week, I was getting anxious because I usually have the Artist of the Week ready for publishing every the next day. But everyone was busy due to the holiday rush and no one was able to commit. Yours truly was experiencing panic. When I set a schedule, I stick to it not because I have a boss. After all, I own this site, no one pays me to write and I don’t earn my living by blogging. It is my passion for Celtic music and musicians that drive the itch. I have no partner in this. The same goes for my other blog Sphere Music. I do everything from ground up including the design and the decision of what I am going to feature next.

If you want to be part of my upcoming artist of the week, it is so simple. I get my recommendation from (your)peers in the music scene. Also, when I set my sights on you, then you get to be featured here. I write for the readers but I also write for the musicians. It is a practical thing to do. It helps musicians get to know other talents and this could be beneficial if they are looking for someone to jam with when they are in another country. From England, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, North America and other parts of the world, I have started building a network of artists. I feel like a super spider! Bloggers have the passion to keep the music scene alive. We are the Rolling Stones, Hot Press and Billboard magazine of Celtic music-well maybe not your typical journalism major but I try to make it interesting as much as possible.

Now we were talking about the incident last week right? Well it was the 16 year old Quinn Bachand who saved me. He’s the one who’s able to commit and he did an interesting interview! You can read this week’s interview about him to know more.

So what do we have for the start of the year?

Síocháin na Tuaithe Preview (New Album from Enda Seery in 2013)

Enda Seery is very excited about the release of his second album scheduled this year. He sent me demo clips of the few album tracks and they sound really amazing even in their rough states. I am sure the finished album will be fantastic.

16 tracks of Traditional Irish Music and Song… Coming soon in 2013!


A Flurry of Recordings from Fraser Fifield

Guess who is hardworking this year and last year in the world of Traditional and Jazz music? Fraser Fifield is everywhere. Here is a nice article where he appeared:  He recently got his left arm broken. Get well soon Fraser!


My House by Celtic Twist/Holland and Palmley

From Phil and Dave: “Everyone has a dream…however small, however simple…as long as its your dream and it makes you happy”.

This is a beautiful song!I like how Phil’s vocal style has evolved. It is softer and warmer now. I really love these guys. I mean they are not just part of my favorite circle of Celtic musicians but they also full of love and support. Wonderful friends and wonderful musicians. Such a rare combination.


The Picts New Year Concert

Check out the photos from Douglas McQueen Hunter and the rest of  The Picts.


Irish Music Ottawa Blog

I am proud to represent one of my peers from Canada. This is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever seen. If you are in a band, an avid Irish music listener, if you are looking for gigs or want to know what’s going on, check this site. According to Craig who runs Irish Music Ottawa: This not-for-profit webpage provides links to primarily Ottawa Valley, and Irish Traditional Music (ITM), activities in, or within a few hours of the Ottawa / National Capital Region of Canada.  Music is a shared experience between musicians and the audience. That’s the spirit!


The rest of my facebook posts:

I love posting videos on facebook because I am driven by the mood of the moment and the kind of music that suits that mood. I was looking back and I already posted a lot this week so I am sharing this with you in case we are not facebook friends. Just to give you an idea what I thought were hot music!

Happy New Year!!!