Irish Guitarist Robert Doyle Talks About His New Album Lig Amach (Video)

Irish Guitarist Robert Doyle Talks About His New Album Lig Amach (Video)

I am one of the lucky people who got the chance to preview the new album Lig Amach by Irish guitarist Robert Doyle. So glad he agreed to this interview format. I gave him written questions and he answered them in video form and then I put everything together. Nothing fancy. And I think you would agree that simplicity is indeed a thing of beauty!

Lig Amach is going to be released on Friday 22nd of April. A live performance on the 28th will follow. This is a beautiful album! I highly recommend it as a 5 out of 5 stars!

Robert Doyle album cover


Music From The Show Titanicdance

Music From The Show Titanicdance

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.39.36 AM

Reverberating with the sound of the Irish heartbeat, Titanicdance is an album you should have this holiday!

I am taking some time after work to chill out to Music from the show: Titanicdance. For those who have seen the musical, you know what to expect:Superb singing, breathtaking dance steps and epic compositions. The music combines the terrific beauty of Celtic music and the contemporary slickness of Irish pop, giving you a record that is both sophisticated and can be appreciated by those who listen to Adele, Enya or Sam Smith.

There are twelve songs, with three of them featuring the beautiful vocals of Rebecca Winckworth(Most recently Rebecca was a lead singer with Celtic Nights The Emigrants Bridge on their highly acclaimed tour across the USA). Titanicdance is also a powerhouse of musical talents from musicians Conal Early (he performed with Ragus from 2004-2008), Kevin Corbet, Richard Neylon with the help of producers and sound engineers who made Titanicdance a great album!

For those of you shopping for holiday music, you have to buy this. You wont be disappointed.



How about an afternoon of Buille by Buille Beo?

How about an afternoon of Buille by Buille Beo?

Niall Vallely – concertina

Caoimhin Vallely -piano

Ed Boyd – guitar

Brian Morrissey – bodhrán/percussion

Kenneth Edge – soprano saxophone

Recorded live at Ionad Cultúrtha an Dochtúir Ó Loingsigh, Baile Mhúirne,

Co. Chorcaí – Eanáir 2015

Engineered by Dan Fitzgerald

Assisted by Chris Moore

Mixed and Mastered by Dan Fitzgerald @ SoundSound Studios, Cork

Design by Brian Hanlon @ Og Media Group

Photography by Eddie Hennessy

Buille:A beautiful musical treat for a lazy afternoon by robust Irish musical group.

Live recordings are challenging. Unlike studio sessions where you can just edit things you want to change, playing like is one directional. The ambience also adds to the ‘flavour’ of the sound as you hear clapping from the audience, perhaps the sound of birds, the breeze and the little noise that make the recording ‘human.’

Buille Beo presents a robust body of different sounds recorded live-which I learned- in the beautiful surroundings of the Ionad Cultúrtha in Baile Bhúirne, West Cork. There are twelve beautiful tracks. I love classical and jazz music and Buille Beo covers those territories, though it is primarily a traditional album.

It’s a lazy afternoon today so I explored their latest release which is already reviewed by TradConnect. So how does a casual listener respond to their music if I cite myself as an example? It is an album for those who like chilled but mainly acoustic music. I found myself staring at the ceiling and savouring the piano melodies that fall like gentle rain. I feel this in Belharbour. It is true that if you love classical music, jazz and blues then you will easily appreciate traditional Irish music.

I also love In A Silent Way because of its intimate nature. It is a slow tune that is good for meditation and staring out the window-especially if the scenery is the magnificent West Cork! Whatso grabs me because of the chords and the feeling of suspense associated with jazz music. It starts slow then builds up into a frenzy release of sounds  like fireworks.albumcover

Buille Beo is a beautiful and strangely delicate album that has a universal appeal. Its beauty lies in the arrangements and the technique of these wonderful musicians. As you listen repeatedly, the album creates that mesmerizing hypnotic feeling. It transports you into an urban countryside as the album evokes the feeling of both places.

Purchase the album via iTunes and visit their official website:

Karl Nesbitt is working on a new album The Constant!

Karl Nesbitt is working on a new album The Constant!

Karl Nesbitt, The multi instrumentalist Irish musician is working on a new album. The album is titled The Constant . Details are coming soon. He has been busy with many musical projects. These are recitals and Master classes.

He has already released two recordings Vista Point and the Good News EP. You can get updates about his latest releases and projects by visiting his official website



John Breen taps into The Source with Origins

John Breen taps into The Source with Origins

John Breen- Origins CD

John Breen- Origins CD

John Breen is a traditional Irish folk artist from Arklow. Origins is his third studio album under Emphasis records. 

Excitement was in the air when I heard that Irish crooner John Breen was putting up a new album called Origins, last year. I know his music. There is consistency that marks his previous albums. There is certainty in his vision resulting in an album that’s solid and artfully crafted. There is no fumbling around with other styles. Instead, he goes for the things he know by heart, and good at. If you pick up any John Breen album, you always feel that sense of coming home, not just in a geographical but in a spiritual sense as well.

Maturity marks his new album. I admire his humility, in a sense that he is aware of being a vessel to something bigger himself. I Still Believe is his current single. It is a stirring ballad with a beautiful mandolin solo in a mesh of other instruments. “There will be moments of fall from grace…” His ability to capture the essence of life in a line or two, is powerful. Great musicians backed this recording. It’s a cornucopia of instrumental richness supporting his beautiful voice.

I think what makes him stand out from other singer/songwriters of his time is the truth in his songs. He really lives what he sings about. He now works with people who are undergoing challenging behaviors and I think that has deepened his sense of humility and sympathy to the human condition. And we all need that in this time of apathy. When people spend more time with their mobile phones, computers or tweets, it’s refreshing to just curl up in your bed and listen to songs that remind you of what it’s like when you’re a child and everything’s safe and beautiful.

Origins is a good vocal album. The jolly Amber Tresses opens then album in which he shines in his mastery of traditional styles. Meant to Be slows us down a bit with its introspective mood and beautiful tin whistle solo. Cup of Sorrow is another lively track which gives way to the gentle and flowing I Still Believe which I mentioned earlier. I’ll Be No Stranger is another salvo of Bluegrass fireworks with amazing duet between Breen and Stevie Hawkins. Instrumentalist Tim Crouch showcases his virtuosity in most of the tracks in Origins. I admire the angelic voice of Kyla Cassidy as she provides backing vocals in various tracks,while the rest of musicians are all remarkable in their artistry in the finest degree.

Angel In The Air is a lullaby that reminds me of what mothers sang to their children in the old days to send them to sleep. I Loved You Better Than You Know is a love song with another sweep of instrumental beauty. A lament I’LL Remember You Love In My Prayers mirrors the gentleness of Meant To Be and I Still Believe. Briscoe’s Darlin’ in an instrumental that bumps the pace a bit in a traditional style. The thread extends to What I Said Ain’t What You Thought I Mean which is humorous! Been proves  that he can be funny. I Only Wish You Well closes the album. A very fitting track which summarizes the overall atmosphere of Origins. There is wisdom that comes in every journey. I think after creating three albums, the artist has an overall idea what his purpose is..

I think  we are fortunate to have an artist like John Breen in this lifetime. The honesty of his songs cuts to the core of our souls. I feel purified after the last track. Origins is a must-have album for humanity. Get it upon its official release on February 23.

Official video for “I Still Believe”, the 1st single from the forthcoming album by John Breen titled “Origins”. Download the single now direct from Emphasis Records:…


Amazon MP3:

“I Still Believe” is a contemporary Folk/Celtic ballad that lyrically hints at life’s struggles, yet the mood is uplifting in recognition of the power in believing. Excellent production, melodically brilliant, smooth vocals.

Song and Video Credits:
Artist: John Breen
Title: I Still Believe
Writers: C. Hannon – T.S. Hawkins – T. Crouch
Record Producer: Stevie Hawkins
Recording Engineers: Stevie Hawkins and Tim Crouch
Label: Emphasis Records
Publisher: Hannon Hawkins Music, BMI
Photography: Aoife Kavanagh
Video Editor/Director: Stevie Hawkins – ShhhMedia
Artist Website:



There will be storms, wind and rain
Life will falter, love will fail
There’ll be times the crashing wake
Washes away
Everything in its way
I Still Believe

There will be moments of fall from grace
A passing glance, a saving face
Sometimes a feeling undefined
That catches flight
And the heart will know it’s time
I Still Believe

There will be spring, summer and fall
Arctic winds will come to call
Grades of trial, a bridge of strife
For this is life
But throughout it all
I Still Believe

© 2014 Emphasis Records

Musician Credits:
John Breen: Vocal
Tim Crouch: Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Banjo, Djembe
Sara Burke: Celtic Harp
Eamonn Byrne: Irish Tin Whistle
Kyla Cassidy: Background Vocals
Stevie Hawkins: Percussion, Background Vocals

February 2015 Celtic music updates.

February 2015 Celtic music updates.

..And so we have amazing tunes to start the big bang of Celtic music for 2015!

Welcome to my ‘conversational post’ where I talk like a normal person especially when I am not doing album reviews or interviews. 2015 brings us fantastic tunes in the trad and fusion department. Celtic music is colorful as it embraces many. I will

The winning image from the Bodojo Header competition by Matthew Olwell.

The winning image from the Bodojo Header competition by Matthew Olwell.

bring you fresh uploads from musicians you have not or probably heard already. But guess what they have in common? Yes it’s fantastic music. These are artists who dedicated their lives in perfecting their craft. They have released albums independently and I think their persistence is admirable. Especially in a world where ‘common’ or ‘ordinary’ music is praised. But think about it. What’s so great about common right? Why not spice up your life with something you seldom read up the Billboard or Rolling Stone reviews. Why be part of the herd when you can be different. Think different. Act different and dare to be you.

This is a fresh upload from Irish musician Enda Seery(with James Hughes). I think a new album is on the way. What do you think? I love this tune.


I will be posting an album review of this amazing artist. He is John Breen. 


Have a taste of Buan, the new album by Danu. Yes they have a new album out if you haven’t heard yet. It’s been creating quite a stir in the trad community these days. Worth a check! Thanks to Trad Connect for this link.


Fans of Scottish artist Julie Fowlis will be pleased. She has released a new album called  GACH SGEUL – EVERY STORY. As always, her vocals are in between the haunting realm of Celtic music and the simplicity of indie pop. Find out more here:


Bodhran Drum Solo – Abe Doron

Fans of bodhran music will love this! I love the bodhran and I am trying to be an expert but I guess I need more time. If you want to check out anything related to this instrument then be part of Bodojo

Have a great weekend everyone and more to follow!

Michael Mc Cague and Donal Mc Cague , Cuisle – Irish Music Reels

Michael Mc Cague and Donal Mc Cague , Cuisle – Irish Music Reels

I am blogging from work today. Yay, I am the first person to arrive so I am taking this opportunity to blog about the music video I saw very early this morning. It is called “Cuisle” (Irish for pulse). According to the info I gathered, they (Michael Mc Cague and Donal Mc Cague) both recorded as the final track on Donal’s debut album “Bits N Pieces.” This was filmed in An Culturlann in Belfast on 17th July 2012 and publicly aired around Feb 2013.

For those who don’t have copies of Waylaid Man, it is time to look for that album. IT’s fantastic and many notable Irish musicians contributed their talents to record that album really one of a kind. Looking forward to more trad releases this year and beyond. You all have a great day.

More here:



James Law’s Neknomination (Fiddle Version)

James Law’s Neknomination (Fiddle Version)


As the extraordinary fiddler of the Canadian Celtic trio NUA, his projects don’t go unnoticed. As in the case of this Neknomination, where he shows his amazing instrumental excellence through guitar and fiddle. I did a brief message exchange with him and came up with interesting facts, including a forthcoming new album from NUA!

1. Can you tell us more about this project?

This isn’t so much my project as it is an interpretation or a reinvention of the original Facebook game called neknominate. Neknominations was originally when people consumed an alcoholic beverage in one gulp and posted the video of them drinking on facebook. You then nominated two other people to do the same within the next 24 hours and post it. More detail at this link.

2. What is this tune you are playing?


James M Law

The tune I am playing is one that I wrote in the last week or so as I was working on new material for an upcoming NUA album. It doesn’t have a name yet but I’m sure one will soon enough. Graeme McGillivray (guitar player from NUA) also assisted on composing this composition.

3. This is a musical side of you I haven’t seen before and I am impressed . Is there a solo project you are working on as of the moment?

I am not working on a solo project at the moment. This video came about because Kerry and Julie Fitzgerald nominated me to play a fiddle tune. The reason I picked the tune was because it was something new that I had just written and was inspired to try and put some chords to it and work on some of my DADGAD guitar playing. Before this video, I have never done a solo video of this nature with me playing all the parts. I enjoyed the new experience and think there might be a few more videos to come in the future.

4. What are the things you want to accomplish this year?

I am looking forward to the summer this year as I have a lot of exciting gigs coming up. I will be teaching the Trad Band at the Sunshine Coast School of Celtic Music during the first week of July. NUA is playing at Mill Race Festival for our second year in a row this August. We are also playing at Goderich Celtic Roots Festival this August which is very exciting. NUA is expecting a new album to be released early 2015. The other big project I am a part of is The Marwills. The Marwills have a tour coming up in late July out to the East Coast in Halifax. The Marwills are planing gigs in Barrie ON, Toronto ON, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS and Tay Creek NB where they will be playing at the Tay Creek Music Festival. Other than that I am concentrating on my music / instruments as well as my production skills as I record other artists.

5. Thanks for the time James!

Thanks Baxter, let let me know if you want more info. Here are some links to things I talked about in the questions. I will upload the video to youtube just now and send you the link when its done uploading.


Moxie have started a fundit campaign to make their debut album in January / Febuary

Moxie have started a fundit campaign to make their debut album in January / Febuary

The guys in the band Moxie have been making sparks around Irish music traditional scene with their exciting style. It combines jazz,bluegrass, world, rock and traditional Irish tunes. The result is a sound that’s really unique with exuberance. One example is their track Spike the Island Lassies:

They already released their EP in 2012. They wowed the crowd, gained enthusiastic following and even a nod from Kevin Crawford of Lunasa. In fact he has this to say about their debut EP:

This is a stunning debut from five of the best musicians on the scene today; the fact that they are so young is both frightening and inspirational too. I find myself for some reason comparing this EP in terms of instrumentation, virtuosity, rhythmical interplay etc to Béla Fleck’s eponymous album “Drive” which changed my perception of what “Bluegrass” music was supposed to sound like and would not be one bit surprised if Moxie has a similar affect on some people’s perception of “Irish music”. Their sound is sophisticated, slick and adventurous yet exciting, full of fun and overflowing with fresh ideas. Moxie’s unique approach is both melodically and rhythmically addictive; surprises lurk around every corner in the form of instrument and metre changes combined with intelligent and well executed arrangements. I’m very excited by the music Moxie are making and look forward to hearing a lot more from them in the years to come” – Kevin Crawford (Lúnasa)

Now the debut albums is going to happen and this will further showcase their potential that’s already evident in the debut EP.

If you want to help just go to the fundit link:

Carlos Nunez:When Galician Pipes Come to Brazil

There is a great deal of rich,melodic and rhythmic music in Brazil. This undeniably inspired Galician composer/piper Carlos Nunez to compose Alborada do Brazil released 2009 under Sony Music. This kind of musical direction is very much welcomed since I am also a big fan of Brazilian music especially of Juan Carlos Jubim. As we might be aware of, Celtic music is also making a wave in this country especially the harp revival movement. I gathered this a few months ago when I met a Brazilian blogger and musician who opened my eyes to this knowledge.

The album has 13 tracks of tango,samba and bossa music that you can simply crank anywhere. It is artfully crafted making it both an attraction to lovers of urban,jazz and even hip hop.There is also a great deal of natural  sounds.  The first track Alborada De Rosalia is a mix of funky loops and samples with Brazilian rapping around a supple, slick female vocals singing in native tongue. A few years ago there’s this trip hop band called Smoke City and this track reminds me of the band’s music.

Vou Vivendo is typically Nunez in his flute accompanied by a bossa beat. Play it in your car  while driving on the beach or just simply stretch on your easy chair and watch as summer moves  to greet the flowers and butterflies outside.

Alvorada De Cartola’s drum beats and a spoken word create a great intro to this piece that sounds like the Trios Los Panchos had just had a round of Guinness with Carolan in Galician fields. The male vocals capture the easy lifestyle and if you listen closely you can hear other sounds of people in marketplace. The only problem is that this is a short song around 2:23.

Nau Bretoa has a nice flute fused with the maritime flavor of Britany. Here we can here Carlos Playing his Galician pipe known as the gaita over other instruments. This one makes me get up and do some step dancing. Halfway we hear a male chorus chanting . This is how haunting music meets the carnival.

Gaita is sung in a way that Astrud Gilberto would. It has a kind fo  feeling that you get when you wake up in a sunny morning ,open your window and see this  view of an ocean stretch in front of you . The elegant  piano line is soothing.

Xotes Universitarios sounds like it has been talking out of a 60’s movie playing samba. There are dialogues sampled …perhaps students discussing about music with a professor.

Coracao Brasileiro is acoustic guitar driven with fiddle, keyboard instruments and flute around that silky female vocals. Gentle drums finish this off with a high note from Carlos.

In Y-Brazil we are once again greeted by the distinctive and festive playing of Nunez which I first discovered in his Galician Carol released by Windham Hill a few years ago. There is  again the presence of the Galician pipes in the foot- tapping tempo.

Ponta De Areia has this mournful feel of the Irish countryside with all pipes congregating .The harp adds a dream feel to this beautiful piece.

In Padaria Electrica Da Barra Carlos treats us to a powerful fusion of traditional and pop . The collage of electronic drum loops , sampled sounds, and male vocals make this song a candidate for top 40 music.There is this part in the chorus that chants ‘Galicia, Glalicia’… And I know how enthusiastic it can get!

Maxie De Ferro is a piece that could have been played in a movie like Casablanca. The piano in this track is simply exquisite.The syncopated snare drums, wood winds and happy tempo just take the blues of a long day away.

Feira De Mangaio is a sad melody  riding in a happy tempo. This reminds me of being along in a windswept sunny countryside. Bosa and Celtic music has never been this good. Great saxophone and Spanish guitar too.

The last track Assum Preto, Asa Branca another mournful tune embellished with gossamer guitar ,accordion and a melody that cries for aother glass of wine.

Though this album is a fusion between two musical cultures Carloz Nunez has a style that is so distinctive that even if he plays heavy metal or rap, you’ll still know it’s him. This is a perfect soundtrack for spring and summer ….and life is a beach.