Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Aisling Jarvis

Artist: Aisling Jarvis

Album: Romeo and Juliet

Style: Acoustic

Location: Dublin

Romeo and Juliet is an excellent recording work by Aisling Jarvis in several aspects. And we will explore them in a bit. First of all, who is Aisling Jarvis?  Here’s what I gathered: she started writing songs at an early age through the moniker Green Noise. She pursued the career as a studio engineer and as a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band. These facets brought the following the the fore of Romeo and Juliet:


Romeo and Juliet has three tracks: Fragile, Sliabh Na Mban and When You’re Here. These are all solid tracks with their own merits and styles. Her musical style is her own with a few nods from adult contemporary pop/rock, traditional Irish and folk. Green Noise was mostly electronica so I was thinking she would develop this path but the EP surprised me.

Fragile explores the perils and rewards of relationship. The track is layered with her own vocals owing to what Clannad is known for but at the same time totally different. Sliabh Na Mban showcases her expertise with the uilleann pipes. The sensitivity and passion on how she explores the instrument is notable. This is a traditional air which Aisling gave new life to. When You’re Here focuses on break up and make up in every relationships.

Vocal style:

Aisling Jarvis displays strong vocal capabilities. It reminds me a bit of  Cornish singer/songwriter Alex Parks but has a more haunting quality. There is also a hint of Anne Lennox when she goes into the lower register.


What can you expect from a studio engineer? Of course, the best sound recording which really showcases her artistic efforts. Romeo and Juliet is a teaser into the richness of her future works. I see an artist budding into a big name in Irish music.


Aisling Jarvis is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

She comes from a prolific musical family/her mother is Moya Brennan of Clannad. Apart from her solo work writing/performing and her work as a studio engineer, she is a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band and has toured extensively in Europe and the USA.

Aisling plays guitar, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, keyboards and percussion – to which she adds her unique voice.
She has featured on a number of studio albums, but in April 2013 she released her first solo EP, which features an evocative cover of Mark Knopfler’s “Romeo and Juliet”, along with two of her own original songs and a traditional uilleann pipes instrumental.




Below are what’s going on in the Celtic world:

New Release; Across the Purple Sky

Launch of new album “Across The Purple Sky – A tribute to Sandy Denny” on her 35th Anniversary.

Join the event here:

This is in the Czech Republic

Join the event here:

And something from Horslips for all ye Celtic rockers!
Celtic Note is a brand new 12 part TV series featuring the best of Irish music on Showcase TV, Sky Channel 191 and FreeSat 400. The show will air every Tuesday at 8.30pm with a repeat showing every Sunday at 5pm beginning Tuesday 26th February 2013. The one hour long show will be presented by well known Irish music personalities Sandy Kelly and John McNicholl and directed by renowned TV and film veteran Ian McGarry (RTÉ, BBC, Sport, News, Eurovision, Fair City, Daniel O’Donnell’s Shades of Green, Sandy Kelly & Friends Series). The series will feature top quality concerts and documentary programmes from a range of Irish music stars including The Dubliners, Horslips, Margo, Sharon Shannon and many more. Visit online and on


Post Hurricane Edition

 In this edition: The Indulgers, Blyde Lasses, Cillian Doheny and pictures of the day…

We had a hard week. My heart goes to those who suffered the terrible force of hurricane Sandy. As much as I love Nature, these are one of those times when nature can be scary. It is a horrible situation but as long as we remain steadfast in our devotion to one another, then we will get through this. Ive had moments in my life when I thought all hope is gone. But when I think about the love of friends and family members, everything becomes bearable again.

There is an ongoing drive to help the people of New York. Please check out Beal Bocht:

The Beal Bocht offers music, poetry, comedy, theatre and art exhibits ,making it the premiere place for to showcase both Irish and local artistic talents while enjoying great drinks and food.


Introducing: The Indulgers

Genre    Irish/Celtic/Americana/Rock
Members    Damien McCarron – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Nile – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and Electronic Bagpipe
Renee Fine – Fiddle/Violin
Aaron Haywood – Bass
Frannie (Cheech) Mannone – Drums
Guesting on occasion:
Neale Heywood – Guitar
Ryan Bunnell – Guitar
Hometown    Boulder/Golden
Record label    Celtic Club Records
General manager
Influences    Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Irish Trad., Paul Brady, Spirit, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles and many more.
Current Location    Boulder/Golden, Colorado

The The Indulgers

Good melodies, rockin’ beats, sing-along lyrics: these are the things that make up a good album that you can listen to again and again. My introduction to The Indulgers was rather nontraditional. I only know them after catching a radio show called Mile High Celtic Hour hosted by front man Damien McCarron. He moved to Colorado from Dublin.

I became a regular listener of the radio show and there is something about his speaking voice that’s great to hear. It is not just his Irish accent but his voice quality. I was not wrong when I heard their various tracks. I should also mention that apart from the front man’s vocal appeal, all the guys in the band are well-heeled musicians who are master of their own instruments. You can feel the passion as it electrifies every instrument in their songs.


Blyde Lasses

Check out this duo from Aberdeen UK. Great fiddling tunes there that’s fresh and crisp. The Lasses Set is truly inspiring. I love the balance between energetic performance and  emphasis on  grace. The recording is also amazing because it lets you listen to the surface of sound. You can almost hear the way the bow grinds against the stings. Their vocals are also lush and expressive. I hope to hear more from them. It’s been a while that this site featured fiddlers. This could be the start eh?


Cillian Doheny

 “Music is food for the soul!“…..Cillian Doheny

Cillian Doheny is answering my interview questions in between touring with Moxie.  I treat this as a pre feature write-up about his music. He does play the banjo way beyond his years. This man is hard-working being with so many projects in such a short period. So this is an introduction to his music and many more to come.

More here:


Pics of the day…

Patrick D’Arcy the inspiring uilleann piper sent me these wonderful gifts. Something to be cherished for all time.


Interview with Pavel of “Cheers!”

Interview with Pavel of “Cheers!”

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Meet Pafka Steidl, also called by the name Pavel. He is the lead vocalist of “Cheers!” They are one of the new bands that bring something exciting to the music scene in the Czech Republic. His sense of humor shows between their live performances. Vocally, think of The Pogues and Horslips rolled into one.

The band has an energetic sound. There are elements of punk, folk and that distinctive Czech way of interpreting Irish music. It becomes a new sound altogether. Everything about their music is precise. The execution is tight. The result is a musical identity that is something to watch out for in years to come, and see how it develops.

Why the chosen name for the band and what do you think makes your band stand out from the rest? 

I’m sorry, it’s quarter to three in CZ right now [:D] well, the name just came up pretty simple – we were sitting in a pub with our fiddler Filip and questioned ourselves “how?”. But the answer showed up suddenly with another beer and that’s it. The rest of the band liked it and we are Cheers!

“What do you think makes your band stand out from the rest?” – There are many bands around the world that play the same kind of stuff and each of them are different and special in a way. Do we stand out from the mainstream? – definitely. Do we stand out from the group of other Celtic-folk-punk bands? – No, not really. Personally I think what makes a difference is that we play our songs and try not to “interpret very hard.. or be a covers only band”. And that makes it easier to answer the question. We don’t stand out, we keep the row with other original folk-punk bands no matter how lousy we might sound.

I listened to a few tracks off your bandzone page. There is this noticeable  fusion of folk, blues and punk – interesting combination. You don’t get to hear blues and Celtic in the same sound often. Anything you can say about this interesting combination? 

Really? I didn’t notice [:D] Blues, ok, you’re probably talking about Tea Cup. The song is a bit different than the rest as I wrote it some time ago and not for the band but we managed to fit it in. But the blues practically is a folk music. That spirit of whining about unfortunate love or lose fate is common to blues, punk and Irish poems. And music is still about feelings (thank goodness).

    I spoke to Jeremy King (of Poitin) and he thinks your band is going places. I am glad I got this interview based on his suggestion as he is the authority in current bands in your country. Have you collaborated with Poitin already? And if you did, how was the experience? 

Yeah, Jeremy does a lot for our band and we kind of admire that guy. We used to attend Poitín’s concerts and dreamed about how awesome would be to can play Irish music. Who could of imagine, that a few years later we’ll meet each other on the same stage. Jeremy King is also the godfather of our first single CD, by the way. We’ve collaborate with them officially twice for now, but I’m sure that more’ll be coming, as the Poitín is one of the few bands in Czech Republic playing trad Irish so traditionally. And it’s always nice to play a gig with them. It gives us the right feeling we are on the right place if you know what I mean…

Yes I see what you mean. So in terms of news or about an EP (or an Album), what can we expect from your band soon? 

For now, we skimp money and look for a studio, which’ll have the capacity to record live. Our first experience with today’s way of recording wasn’t very good. The mood of songs just disappeared. But during autumn, we’ll probably make a full CD and let you know, of course. I’m really happy that Jeremy told you about us and you’re interested. Maybe there’ll be someone to hear the future album after all [:D]

Tell us something about your band mates. 

There are seven of us:

Honza (Jenda) – he’s our el. guitar player with an attitude. Man got a kid already but still didn’t grow up from being a kid himself. He’s an important part of our spirit.

Káťa (Kate) – she’s the girl with a flute, soft singing and my soulmate. We started to play together a few years ago in another band. She’s also into Irish music and stout.

Filip – I met him on archaeological studies. He plays fiddle and likes to fiddle with people around him. There are a few rumors about him that came up pretty naturally. He’s the funny man.

Jára (Fredy) – accordionist, young man, dreamer and goody two-shoes. If something needs someone’s sacrifice for a greater good, he’s the volunteer. He never missed a session as well.

Pája (Paulitta) – Girl that shakes with other men’s hearts. She’s our bass and my schoolmate. Her second name “Veselá” means “cheerful” in Czech and she keeps it.

Přéma (Popeye) – “He’s strong to the finich ’cause he eats his spinach” If you need a calm sensitive precise player who is able to listen others, look no further. Přéma’s got a family and that’s his number one in his life. And I think we fill the rest very well :0)

Pavel (Pafka) – That’s me playing acoustic guitar and singing and I’ve already had my moment. But still, I want to say A BIG THANK YOU for your effort, guys!

Cheers! is paying live all over Pilsen. Pavel always makes a good craic regardless of the situation and I am sure Cheers! Will gain more  and more followers in a matter of time.

Find them in facebook:

The Maggie Whackers

French band doing Celtic music whacks your belly with  humor.

Great! Here is a French band here playing Celtic music. They are Fun. Well, they take their music seriously though. You can tell by listening to sample tracks off their MySpace site. I checked their website. I went to their photo gallery. There is this one picture where the piper stuffed all the whistles and flutes in his right pocket. The fiddler looks a bit like a Goth chic minus the angst.

What about the music? It is anything you’d expect from a Celtic rock band. But you have to think of something a little but edgy like for comparison. Think of the Pogues and Horslips. I do know bands that are comfortable to jam with them in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.  It is just a matter of time. I recommend that you give them a listen if you are in the mood for some Celtic rock-if you find the slurring make vocals with French accent your kind of thing.

The played last June 22 in the recent Fête de la musique  in Talmont Saint Hilaire .


Horslips Can Save the Day

I have been into all sorts of trouble lately and the only thing that makes  me save face is listening to Trouble (With a Capital T) by  Horslips .Here’s a band that has been around for quite sometime and still resonates that Rock sound with the Capital C. I got this inspiration to spin out my Celtic rock tunes after having this conversation with a person from New York who has been to Ireland and has seen a lot of Celtic rock bands from all over. The great thing about music is that it breaks all barriers and you always end up with a big smile.  If you want to know more about Horslips then you can listen to some track off their MySpace site: or the Official site: and yes tell your friends about the music too.

Lyrics to Trouble With A Capital ‘T’ :
High on the mountain stands a boat,
But are they gods or real folk?
We can’t see the fire but we smell the smoke.
Who’ll take the plough? Who’ll be the yoke?
Night after night I don’t believe.
We are the ones you won’t deceive.
Not a thing will you achieve
‘cos we belong and we won’t leave.

Trouble, trouble.
I try to chase trouble but it’s chasing me.
Trouble, trouble.
Trouble with a capital T.

Lay down your silver and your gold.
I’m a man who can’t be sold.
And, even when my heart grows cold,
I’ll curse your evil stranglehold.
The waves are running much too high.
It’s got so dark can’t see the sky.
But a change is coming by and by,
A time to laugh, a time to die.

Trouble, trouble.
I try to chase trouble but it’s chasing me.
Trouble, trouble.
Trouble with a capital T.

Been so long away from home,
I almost made this place my own.
Now it seems I’ll soon be gone,
Moving on and all alone.
High on the mountain stands a boat,
But are they gods or real folk?
We can’t see the fire but we smell the smoke.
Who’ll take the plough? Who’ll be the yoke?

Trouble, trouble.
I try to chase trouble but it’s chasing me.
Trouble, trouble.
Trouble with a capital T.

Trouble, trouble.
I try to chase trouble but it’s chasing me.
Trouble, trouble.
Trouble with a capital T.