Irish Guitarist Robert Doyle Talks About His New Album Lig Amach (Video)

Irish Guitarist Robert Doyle Talks About His New Album Lig Amach (Video)

I am one of the lucky people who got the chance to preview the new album Lig Amach by Irish guitarist Robert Doyle. So glad he agreed to this interview format. I gave him written questions and he answered them in video form and then I put everything together. Nothing fancy. And I think you would agree that simplicity is indeed a thing of beauty!

Lig Amach is going to be released on Friday 22nd of April. A live performance on the 28th will follow. This is a beautiful album! I highly recommend it as a 5 out of 5 stars!

Robert Doyle album cover


 Learn a tune from “The Waylaid Man” and get a FREE CD.

 Learn a tune from “The Waylaid Man” and get a FREE CD.

Do you want to get a free copy of an Irish traditional record? Well you better hurry before offer runs out. According to Irish recording artist Michael McCague:
So grab your camera phones and make a video of yourselves playing one of his tunes. Hey it wouldn’t be hard even if you don’t have his album yet as you can always looked it up via YouTube.

James Law’s Neknomination (Fiddle Version)

James Law’s Neknomination (Fiddle Version)


As the extraordinary fiddler of the Canadian Celtic trio NUA, his projects don’t go unnoticed. As in the case of this Neknomination, where he shows his amazing instrumental excellence through guitar and fiddle. I did a brief message exchange with him and came up with interesting facts, including a forthcoming new album from NUA!

1. Can you tell us more about this project?

This isn’t so much my project as it is an interpretation or a reinvention of the original Facebook game called neknominate. Neknominations was originally when people consumed an alcoholic beverage in one gulp and posted the video of them drinking on facebook. You then nominated two other people to do the same within the next 24 hours and post it. More detail at this link.

2. What is this tune you are playing?


James M Law

The tune I am playing is one that I wrote in the last week or so as I was working on new material for an upcoming NUA album. It doesn’t have a name yet but I’m sure one will soon enough. Graeme McGillivray (guitar player from NUA) also assisted on composing this composition.

3. This is a musical side of you I haven’t seen before and I am impressed . Is there a solo project you are working on as of the moment?

I am not working on a solo project at the moment. This video came about because Kerry and Julie Fitzgerald nominated me to play a fiddle tune. The reason I picked the tune was because it was something new that I had just written and was inspired to try and put some chords to it and work on some of my DADGAD guitar playing. Before this video, I have never done a solo video of this nature with me playing all the parts. I enjoyed the new experience and think there might be a few more videos to come in the future.

4. What are the things you want to accomplish this year?

I am looking forward to the summer this year as I have a lot of exciting gigs coming up. I will be teaching the Trad Band at the Sunshine Coast School of Celtic Music during the first week of July. NUA is playing at Mill Race Festival for our second year in a row this August. We are also playing at Goderich Celtic Roots Festival this August which is very exciting. NUA is expecting a new album to be released early 2015. The other big project I am a part of is The Marwills. The Marwills have a tour coming up in late July out to the East Coast in Halifax. The Marwills are planing gigs in Barrie ON, Toronto ON, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS and Tay Creek NB where they will be playing at the Tay Creek Music Festival. Other than that I am concentrating on my music / instruments as well as my production skills as I record other artists.

5. Thanks for the time James!

Thanks Baxter, let let me know if you want more info. Here are some links to things I talked about in the questions. I will upload the video to youtube just now and send you the link when its done uploading.


Escaping Reality with Esotero

Escaping Reality with Esotero

Fraser and Graeme

Traditional Scottish and Jazz. Those are the two styles that define the new album Esotero by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen. It is a work layered in intricate textures. I encourage you to give it more than twenty spins before you say anything what the album.What I am saying here does not even define the whole album because, Esotero has MORE to offer as part of your listening experience. But we can agree that it is an impressive album with loads of surprises.

I like the how space is given emphasis between instruments and tracks. It is almost like stepping into this white room and seeing a few instruments on display. It is easy to get lost in the passion behind the making of tunes like the title track Esotero, The Bank of Time and Immigrant eyes among others.

These two artists go all the way back with an impressive  array of albums to celebrate. I would like to unlock the secrets to the melodic alchemy of Fraser Fifield but it is hard. His approach is always unique and sometimes the way he plays with scales is uncanny. His delivery gives a sense of atmosphere and mystical qualities to each track. And yes, the guitar works of Graeme Stephen completes the alchemy, giving Esotero a timeless and satisfying listening experience for all.

Buy Esotero here:

Enda Seery & John Byrne on Geantraí

Enda Seery & John Byrne on Geantraí

For years now I consider Geantraí  as one of the most important sources of traditional live performance in Irish music. For this week comes a surprise. I was going through my youtube stream when I found this upload of the latest performance featuring Enda Seery & John Byrne. These two made a tight breath-taking performance by making their two acoustic instruments feel like a full set. In most of Enda’s performances, there is that distinctive, delicate way of playing-his love for expression and texture over speed. The style where he shines. John Byrne compliments the tin whistle with his rhythmic guitar strumming  and making sure that their sounds merge seamlessly.

He and John will be playing for Gael Linn ‘Siamsaíocht @6’ concert series next Tuesday, 19th November from 6-8pm in the Central Hotel, Dublin. His latest second studio album ‘Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside'(2013) is available on

Video info:

Geantraí, TG4-Programme 3, 2013.
Enda Seery (Eb whistle) & John Byrne (guitar).
Reels: Day Trip to Galway (comp. Enda Seery)/The Golden

The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory

The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory

The Fatty Farmers

Band: The Fatty Farmers

Album: Refarmatory

Style: Celtic Punk /Rock/ Folk

Place of origin:Toledo, España


Rodrigo farmer — mandolin, banjo & lead vocals
Sweet Javato — Whistles & Bagpipes
Javito “Litlle Boy” — Fiddle
Goyo — accordion
Lalo — Acoustic guitar & chorus
Diego F. — Electric guitar, banjo & chorus
Lamber — Bass guitar & chorus
Juankar — Drums


No More Woman You’ll Kill
21 Black Jack
Rather Die than Forget
Next Sunday We’ll Be Back Again
The Way Back Home
With Head Held High
The American Dream
Hate Cannot Be Forever
At The Counter Bar
My Childhood Dreams
Fancy Prankster
Johnny Techno Ska

“Refarmatory” is am album by Spanish band The Fatty Farmers. This is straight ahead Celtic rock with nods to the musical styles of The Levellers and The Pogues. I love it when bands tell about the music through the album artwork. And yes I love what I hear. In fact, The Fatty Farmers left a sonic impact that distinguishes them from the current outcropping of bands of the same musical bent. There’s never a dull moment. Every track packs a wallop.

Listen to 21 Blackjack and Sraka Dupa and you will know what I mean about sonic impact. So yeah this is an album for the depressed. Listeners who are in search of something energetic and cheerful. The band gave a bit of tribute to their Spanish roots via Sraka Dupa and other tracks but the vocals are unmistakably Irish sounding. The Head Held High showcases the bands mastery of groove. Out of this 14 tracks, I can’t find any song that’s weak or bad. You can tell the choice of materials have undergone careful analysis prior to its studio release.

I enjoy funny album artwork . The lyrics are also interesting. The instruments are superb. Talking about lyrics there is one song that really caught my attention. It is called At the Counter Bar which pays tribute to The Mermaid and the Drunks by Pablo Neruda but with a twist. Like the music, the songs have explicit lyrics and I read a lot of F bombs there but it is ok. Music is supposed to express what you feel inside and what you meant to say in colors. I love what The Fatty Farmers did for Refarmatory and I hope this record gets heard by the majority of Celtic rockers.

You may get their humor or not. But they can surely draw reaction. And like what I told one of my friends. When people don’t react to you, then it means you are boring. Refarmatory is definitely far  from boring.


At the start of 2009 a Group of farmers from different stables appear in the music scene in Toledo to bring us a music style never heard around here.
This group brings rhythm and fun with there different costumes and there hardly seen instruments.
From the banjo to the electric mandolin played by the wild Rodrigo Farmer, to the bagpipes and irish whistles by the sweet Javato, passing by “The little boy” Javito Farmers violin.
The group is completed with Lamber on the bass, Lalo playing the acoustic guitar, Fignani the electric guitar and Juankar on the drums. The last one to join the group has been Goyo, a crack of the accordion and another big push to the group.
Celtic Punk Rock Folk music that isn’t to be heard at home but to be seen in this groups great live show that will make you want to sing, dance, jump, party hard and forget about everything for a little bit.



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If you haven’t yet, please check out the other version of my interview of Kevin O’Donnell that appeared in this month’s edition of Irish American News. That’s page 12 of the digital copy. Thanks to Noah Smulkis of Ceolwind Productions for mailing me the physical copy of the magazine!

Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Self-Titled Debut by Maxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier

The debut album by Max Cormier forms a cuspate between traditional and original tunes. He does this with seamless transition and freshness.

Artist: Maxim Cormier

Album: Maxim Cormier

Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tracks :  1. In Anticipation 2. Fathers Know Best 3. Danielle 4. Tunes With Dad 5. Home 6. Hornpipes for Uncle Joe 7. Mezquida 8. Fork in the Road 9. Big Sampie’s Reel 10. Le Grand Boulanger De L’est 11. Morisson’s


Like  early morning dew that drips from a leaf, the debut album by young Canadian guitarist Maxim Cormier reflects freshness. The self-titled album Max Cormier has eleven tracks. There is a consistent sunny atmosphere that runs through all the tracks in the album. I can sum up the album with the following: impressive, exciting, relaxing and beautiful.

I suggest for those who just got their own copies of this album to listen to it twice before putting it back to the CD case. You will find out why I ask you this. In the meantime Max Cormier ensures to please people of all types whiter you like Jazz, Rock, New Age or Trad tunes. There is nothing to disapprove since he is very respectful of traditional tunes but still adds his own signature no matter how subtle it is.

He guarantees not to be a covers man since this album is composed of six original tracks and two as part of the medley. He is able to mix his original tunes with traditional tracks. Everything blends seamlessly in fluid collection.

Track 7 (Mezquida) is a personal favorite because it is the best guitar soliloquy I’ve heard in ages. This is where notes attain moments of pure bliss. The pattern they make turns into an aural painting of sorts. This track sums up the term simplicity is beauty. This is followed by another original composition  Fork in the Road. Another pleasure to listen to. This is not to say that I only picked two out of the eleven tracks as favorites. In fact, everything in this album is a gem of its own.  I am sure that once you take a listen to this album several times you will have your own favorites.

Max Cormier is now an important name in the world of instrumental tunes. Have a listen, enjoy and take these tunes with you as a source of inspiration to lighten up your mood when you are sad.

Big thanks to Craig Hamm of for recommending this wonderful artist.


Having played guitar since he was 11 years old, Cormier, a student of guitar performance at Dalhousie University, now balances his days as a fulltime student, solo guitarist, composer and freelancing musician. Cormier’s dedication to instrumental guitar, both with the use of a pick or in pure finger style, is beautifully captured in his self-titled 2012 release Maxim Cormier. Get his debut album on iTunes now.


CD Baby:



Don’t forget that artist of the week Kevin O’Donnell has his site officially launched today with updates on gigs etc. I also wrote an article about him in another US magazine but details will follow soon.

Czech Republic based Celtic band Poitín has a shirt out! Yes it’s looks really cool. According to Celtophilia Tee Company

“This is the first Poitín shirt to come out of production. I’m completely in love with it. I’ll have one of my own soon, guaranteed.”

first Poitín shirt to come out of production.

first Poitín shirt to come out of production.

Enter The Haggis On The Road Interview

Enter The Haggis On The Road Interview


Brian Buchanan: Vocals, Fiddle, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Craig Downie: Vocals, Highland Bagpipes, Trumpet, Harmonica, Whistle,
Acoustic Guitar, Bells

Trevor Lewington: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Octave Mandolin, Keyboards

Mark Abraham: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Bruce McCarthy: Drums, Percussion

This interview happened in the middle of the Enter the Haggis tour. Anita Daly became our go between because she has direct contact with the band and it made the communication easier between us. I made a review of their new album in my past edition and the band was pleased hahaha. So it was Trevor Lewington who answered all these questions. Let us welcome them as our band of the week!  Also check out the cool videos at the end of this interview.

Hi guys, my name is Baxter. I write for The Celtic Music Fan online magazine. I listened to your album in its entirety and have been meaning to conduct an interview with you since 2009. I am glad for this opportunity…. With the release of The Modest revolution, what do you think has changed in the musical aspect of the band?

Our last album, Whitelake, was recorded at a cottage and the overall vibe was pretty folky. We went down to a studio in Kentucky to record TMR and cranked the amps back up again. Songwriting remains our first priority but the arrangement approach was to bring the songs to new highs and lows dynamically-speaking. Brian (fiddle/keyboards) played basically ALL the electric guitar parts, which changed the sound of the band rather dramatically. Craig (bagpipes/harmonica) picked up the trumpet on our last album and his playing is really solid on this record.

     What are the technical aspects you have learned in terms of recording and playing live?An Instagram ETH photo taken by patrickc68! #enterthehaggis #irishfest - tag your photos #enterthehaggis to share them on our Page!
The experience of recording a new album always challenges us in different ways. Thanks to the success of our kickstarter campaign, we had more time than usual in the studio such that we didn’t feel rushed and were able to experiment with unusual sounds, parts or arrangement ideas. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes not, which is the exciting thing about experimenting!

In terms of the technical aspects of live performance, I don’t think anyone learned more than Brian. He’s always been a gear head but now that he’s playing electric guitar live he’s done a lot of research to get the right tones for all the new songs. Craig has added electric bagpipes to the live mix, which frees us up to play songs in more keys (the traditional highland pipes have a very limited range.) The highland pipes are still his instrument of choice but it’s nice to have the option of electric pipes.

     How’s the tour going so far?
Great! We had a crazy March run where we played some amazing venues, including a sold-out show at Turning Stone casino. We’re now in the middle of a Canadian run and will be heading over to Ireland soon. The new music really seems to be connecting with people, which makes performing It all the more enjoyable for us.

     Why the title The Modest Revolution?
It’s a quote from the front page of the  newspaper that inspired the album: “Harper’s Modest Revolution.” The gist of the article is that our prime minister is trying to sway Canada’s collective psyche to the right, but we’ve taken it to mean that “even a small gesture can be the beginning of positive change.”

What can you say about each of your band member in terms of being together through the years, playing and recording together?
Well it’s certainly been quite the ride. I feel like we’ve always just kept our heads down, writing the best songs we can and traveling around playing shows. Only recently have we noticed that we have an actual history! College kids are coming up to us and saying they started listening to us when they were kids. It makes us feel old until we realize that most if us were pretty young when we started making music together.
Personally, the longer we do this for, the more I appreciate the other guys in the band. Not only are they amazing musicians, but that there’s a respect for each other as people. Musically I think the growth as individuals and as an organism has been substantial. I feel like with this album we’ve only now come to understand what this band is – but don’t ask me what that is as I probably won’t have an answer.

    What’s your marketing goal for the album now that it’s release?
Being an independent band, we don’t Have a “marketing department” as such. I think the idea is to connect with as many people as possible who might enjoy what we do. This isn’t dumbed down pop music so it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s the way we like it. We’ve got an amazing group of dedicated fans and we feel like as long as we can make music that resonates with them they’ll want to share it with their friends. We’ve hired two publicists, a radio tracker and pay for online advertising but there’s no better advertising than getting up in front of a crowd and playing our asses off.

ETH has a kind of Celtic rock that is easily accessible. It is also radio friendly and universal. How are tracks conceived. What’s the science behind the songwriting? An Instagram ETH photo taken by patrickc68! #enterthehaggis - tag your photos #enterthehaggis to share them on our Page!
Haha… Seriously? Celtic rock is about as radio-friendly as… well, bagpipes. Being radio-friendly definitely isn’t our intention, although there are so many great specialty online stations these days that any style of music can find a home. I could go on for hours about songwriting but suffice it to say that I try to remain a student of it. There’s so much incredible music out there so it’s important to keep listening to as much of it as possible. As a band I think we’ve learned how to take on the roll of a producer by focusing on the best parts of a potential song and losing the parts that distract from that.

  Do you think you have reached the part in your musical career where you can breathe? For those aspiring Celtic rockers, what’s your top 5 list of things that they should remember when they want to make music as a career?
Can we breath? Absolutely not! I feel like we’re being chased by the Minotaur and are barely staying one corner ahead. We’re having a spark of success but with that comes the pressure to stoke the fire.
1.) don’t do it unless you must
2.) get regular servicing done on the van
3.) eat fresh vegetables
4.) book your hotels through Priceline
5.) don’t room with a band member who snores

   Where can fans buy your albums?
Come to a show! Or get them through our website, iTunes, Amazon and just about anywhere else online.

    What’s your marketing advise to all bands trying to court online and offline listeners?
Don’t call it marketing! Just try to connect with your fans as often as you can and don’t put out music just to put it out – make sure it’s something you’ll proudly play for your grand kids.

I hope that works! Thanks Baxter.

Ok there you go. I hope it gets to them, Trevor



Thanks to Zach McNees for cutting this together, and Daniel Roher for some of the footage. 🙂






Welcome to our artist of the week edition featuring the band Enter the Haggis. For the whole week I will be putting updates in my Huzzah! column so that you will be informed about what’s going on with the band.

Now on a sad note I was shocked upon hearing the Boston Marathon explosion this Monday and the whole blogosphere mourns for the victims and their families. Actually I posted an essay on another site and I am glad to be able to talk about situations that belong to a particular venue and not just mix things up.

An Air For Boston – April 15, 2013

Here is a video that piper Patrick D’Arcy performed on the wake of the tragedy and I think this is very appropriate because Boston is one of the most Irish places in America. The Celtic Music Fan, being spiritually attached to Ireland mourns and condemns any violence inflicted upon the Irish and the rest of humanity.

My heart goes out to those affected by today’s bombings. May God help you all. This air came to me, The Wild Geese- Patrick D’Arcy

This is not just an American tragedy but a global one because people of all races were victims. And we are all human beings. We are not fighting people from another planet but our own kind. Very sad.

A little bit of this and that…

In this edition: Damien McCarron of Mile High Celtic Radio, Karen Victoria Smith, Dan Coleman, Celtic Twist and Moxie!

Mile High Celtic Hour : You ultimate guide to Irish and Celtic music.

Got the feeling that you need to update you Celtic music collection? Work schedules and classes can sometimes take you away from what’s going on with the ‘scene’. Well worry no more.

Mile High Celtic Hour is guaranteed to put you ahead of things Celtic. This is a show based in North America, featuring a playlist  that is diverse. You get to hear bands from all over the world and get to sample their best songs plus video via livestream.

Damien McCarron grew up in Howth outside Dublin and was immersed with  Irish music and tradition. As a musician, he shared stage with amazing musicians  in the  field including members of Solas. This is a very exciting time for Irish music and the rest of  the Celtic world. Damien is definitely in the right track and the right time, with the right crowd

Damien talking between music. .

Here is the page where you can watch and listen to his show:


Celtic Twist Autumn Renovations in Scotland.

Celtic Twist

The website of the duo Celtic Twist is updated! I met Phil Holland and Dave Palmley over a year ago and I have enjoyed their albums. They are doing  interesting things with their diverse musical backgrounds by mixing them up with Celtic style.

They moved to Scotland  from Italy around two months ago and Phil is taking her time drinking the sight of the beautiful Scottish landscape. This is where she grew up and Scottish music makes a huge part of her musical influences.

Dave Palmley’s pop rock influence creates a radio friendly balance for Celtic Twist. He likes experimenting with various instrument including the synths. Have you heard of a harp tune using the effects pedal?

If you are looking for something interesting on the web, do drop by their website: and say hi.


This piece was originally inspired by the native north American people and their loss of land and cultural identity, but it is really in homage to all people of all races and creeds wherever they may be in the world, past, present and future, who suffer the indignities of invasion and oppression.
Phil: Celtic harps, Violins, Voices and Piano.
Dave: Guitars, Voices and percussion.
This will be on our forthcoming album, to be released later this year.
More news to follow.


Dedicated to a dream come true,moving back home to the west coast of Scotland.This meditative and hypnotic piece of music is entirely written, arranged and performed by Celtic Twist (Phil Holland and Dave Palmley).We wanted to share with all our followers this beautiful place and its magical atmosphere.


Dark Dealings Book Interview via Rock On Radio

Having a great time at the Draft House

Yes our musical culture has a literary friend in the form of Karen Victoria Smith. She wrote the book Dark Dealings which talks pretty much about Irish mythology, Wall Street  vampires, shape- shifters and what they like to listen to in their ipod. You might think I am kidding about that last bit but I am serious. There are a lot of r references to Irish music in the novel and I think she is doing an amazing job pushing the culture and mixing it with the hip, the supernatural and how the money world works. I had to reread the book after it is done because I can’t part easily with the characters. They stay with you like long lost friends.

My friend Christi and I had a blast listening to her interview via Rock on Radio hosted by Dan Coleman and the gang. It was a wacky show and Danny asked a lot of interesting questions about the book. There’s a chat room where listeners can interact with the hosts.  We also met Karen’s best pal Deedee who also happens to be part of an indie rock band Strumberry Pie. The internet made this world a better and smaller place. Christi’s in Michigan and I am in the Philippines. And we all had a blast!


Introducing Moxie


Genre:  Irish Contemporary Music / Jazz / New Age Bluegrass / Folk

Members : Cillian Doheny Tenor Banjo / Nylon & Steel String Guitar / Mandola

Jos Kelly Button Accordian / Keyboard

Darren Roche Button Accordian / Nylon String Guitar

Ted Kelly Tenor Banjo / Tenor Guitar / Mandolin

Paddy Hazelton Percussion

Hometown:   Limerick / Sligo

What Lies Behind the Wall has notes tapping with suspense at the beginning of the track. It is like watching a flower bloom in hyper speed. Like all remarkable Irish bands playing traditional music, Moxie offers fresh approach to a tradition that has been around and is determined to stay.

Their sound is vibrant and the arrangements are intricate. This is traditional music with a cool twist. Sophisticated style blends with rustic simplicity making them one of a kind Irish band. In Elixir’s Walts, they took advantage to pauses and trance like melodies to create a dramatic effect that blends organic percussion with luminous instrumental delivery. This is the music of a butterfly’s wings flapping in a near flight.

Bug and Bear’s further showcase the hypnotic capacity of the banjo and guitar especially when it is given to the right hands. There are three tracks available for sampling in the band’s site I am sure what’s on the site is just the tip of the iceberg.

Band bio: Formed in late 2011 as part of the annual folk festival, Sligo Live, Moxie are a Sligo and Limerick based band that formed through years of musical friendships from playing together at certain festivals around Ireland. The band incorporates Irish music with other genres such as folk, rock and new age bluegrass. A vibrant new band playing an exciting mix of traditional based compositions with richly developed layers of fantastic harmony. The band includes JPTrio members, Ted Kelly (banjo, tenor guitar, vocals), Jos Kelly (button accordion, keyboard, vocals), Paddy Hazleton (percussion, vocals) and Limerick based musicians, accordion and melodeon powerhouse Darren Roche and virtuoso banjo & guitar player Cillian Doheny.

More here:!/Moxiemuso

Azarbe-Taking the Spanish Folk Scene by Storm!

I am blogging using other people’s computer. Don’t ask me how this happened but I am on the run right now. However I could not pass an opportunity to present this interesting band.

Azarbe are a  folk group from Spain that are going to take the cultural music of Spain by storm. The music is nostalgic and caped with pure energy. The musical style borrows heavily from flamenco with traces of Galician flavour. The group was formed in 1999 composed of  the following members :

Emilio J. Mateos

Spanish guitars, lute, mandolin, and vocals guitarro.

Oscar Esteban

Cajon square tambourine, djembe, tambourines, dabúll and choirs.

Peter J. Lopez

Spanish guitar, acoustic guitar, tenor guitar and vocals.
Teresa Fernandez
Voice and chorus.

Alvaro Martinez

Constantino Lopez

Paco Botia
Shakers, bongo, sabar, cajon, congas, triangle, square tambourine, tambourines, claps, a gogo bells, bells, mortar and effects. Botia Paco plays with instruments Percussion Chambo .