The Baxteria Podcast #14

The episode 14 of my show is up. Yes despite the terrible week I am experiencing the show must go on. Tracklisting: Luke Kelly-The Auld Triangle Finnegan's Hell-Drunken Christmas Caliorne-Scottish Purple Samuel Smith-The Agony Samuel Smith-The Ballad of Oisin Poitin-The Congress Reel Ashley MacIsaac-Lay Me Down Declan Sinnott-Orbit Mickey Harte-Unstappable Train Mark Handley and the [...]


Something Unorthodox: Finnegan’s Hell – Drunken Christmas (An Irish Christmas Song)

It is always a good time to introduce Christmas tune way before the actual holiday! Because during the actual holiday there will be saturation of Christmas songs! Now this tune say an Irish Christmas but before you go ahead and watch the video, Finnegan's Hell is based in Sweden. So the video will tell you that. The music [...]