Repost your Soundcloud!

Repost your Soundcloud!


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It is great to realize that soundcloud has grown into a site where musicians and listeners can interact and repost music. Have you been reposting the music you heard too? I have been doing this today. I have not uploaded my podcast in soundcloud as I use mixcloud for that. But soundcloud is still the biggest site where you can reach many people.
From a mere(passive)listener of tracks you can actually make a difference by reposting. So you don’t have to be a blogger to influence people if you have a soundcloud account. Just share what you are listening to and the Internet will take care of the rest.

When bloggers like us experience a downtime in traffic and comments, we launch into conclusion that perhaps we have done something wrong to put our readers off. Maybe we are not doing good enough and that is why readers are going somewhere. Well, the truth is, you are wrong. For niche bloggers like me, it is expected that I will get specialized subscribers who are really passionate about Celtic music. I don’t expect pop listeners to check out what I post. This goes with other niche blogs out there.

Too many choices.

As new bloggers crop up everywhere, competition becomes deadly. The market is no longer dominated by those who are ‘stalwarts’ in this industry. Prepare for that. When you are doing video blogs or simply writing blogs, don’t be discouraged when you have lost view counts. This is normal. It happens to everyone. It’s even happening to Tech vlogger Chris Pirillo.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Are you afraid that if you do something different you will turn certain subscribers off? Don’t be. In fact it might be a good thing. Blogging is like marriage. There are times when a relationship hits plateau and you need to do something different to spice the relationship up.

Going back to soundcloud, I have discovered new posts today and I am sharing them with you. Yes this post is after all about soundclous. But if you get something helpful from by detour then good!


John Breen’s Compilation



I enjoyed many songs from John Breen. There is this simplicity in his way of delivering songs. Expect a range of songs going from simple to grand treatments. This time he compiled his own soundcloud playlist of what he thinks are his top artists.


Fraser Fifield Playlist

Here’s the Scottish master of eclecticism. This is a good introduction to what his music is all about. There are other amazing talents that share the spotlight with him, in these recordings.


TradConnect playlist:

If you are looking for something purely trad then this is the best site for that.




Celtic Colours International Welcomes Back Natalie MacMaster

My Island Too

Friday October 5th

Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, Port Hawkesbury – 7:30 PM, Tickets: $60/50/40, Reserved Seating

October 5 is the opening night for the music festival that has become an establishment . Her new albums is called ” Cape Breton Girl”. Are you going?

Here’s the festival headline:

No one found it surprising when Natalie MacMaster called her latest album “Cape Breton Girl”. Tonight everyone’s favourite Cape Breton girl is home to open the festival and share her beloved island with friends from other islands and provinces…from Shetland the amazing fiddle band Fiddlers’ Bid, from Jamaica Pepito Pinto, Metis dancers the Asham Stompers from Manitoba and close buddies Rachel and Sabin from Quebec. Rachel is actually from Cheticamp, so she, along with Goiridh and Cyril will complete the Cape Breton musical welcoming committee. Be prepared for surprises!

From Friends/Celtic Link Members

Sue Aston now out in Bandcamp

 Hello Celtic Music Fans. Another week of musical discovery is here. Sue Aston is now available in Bandcamp. Those who don’t have her albums yet can listen to sample tracks. Let the healing melody wrap all over you. The title reminds one of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches.Soon it is summer. What a great time to go surfing over there.I was listening to this track again and again today. I am being reminded that there is truth that certain type of music has a calming effect on troubled hearts.

Interesting Article about Breton Musician Dom Duff:


Read the full artile here:

Hamish Burgess with his latest piece 'Brigid' ( during his talk on Celtic Mythology, based on his Celtic art, on the Irish Music Cruise to the Caribbean Jan 2012.

Hamish Burgess with his latest piece 'Brigid' ( during his talk on Celtic Mythology, based on his Celtic art, on the Irish Music Cruise to the Caribbean Jan 2012.
photo © Hamish Burgess 2012

The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess

The latest addition to Celtic Music fan’s people that make the Celtic world go round. Hamish Burgess is a graphic artist based in the island of Maui Hawaii. His works are amazing and I can look at them for hours and feel totally relaxed and happy. Here’s a little blurb about his profile:

Hamish Douglas Burgess is an artist living on the island of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. He continues the ancient practice with his own Celtic art, traditional and modern. Coming from Celtic stock (Scottish), and living for many years in a Celtic area of Britain (Cornwall), he has a love of Celtic art and music instilled in him, producing Celtic artwork in different media, photography from the Celtic Lands, and playing the bagpipes – he also holds the Hawaii State tattoo artist license. He regularly spends time in the ancient Celtic areas of Britain, Ireland and Europe, studying ancient works of Celtic art, and visiting other artists. Recent works have included album covers, book illustrations, commissioned pieces, original celtic tattoos, temporary celtic tattoos and even an entire car!

To learn more, visit his works:

Facebook bookmarked it!  He is a weekly presenter

Gem from 2011: Michael Cooney Pat Egan Uilleann Pipes and Guitar 2011(Thanks to Beebee Simmons)

Two instruments that work together. The mellifluous sound of the uilleann pipes can work well with the acoustic guitar. It is great to see the two instruments make a perfect tandem. Blurb:

Two of our favorite musicians in the world. Pat Egan and Michael Cooney. Philly House Concert…. Foxhunters is the reel… Thanks so much to Bette and Bob for hosting this concert!!!! 

A Dose of Irish Traditional Music: The Shannon Family(Thanks to Beebee Simmons).

Traditional Irish music is fun to be heard as to be seen. You can just see and hear the passion there…and makes you pasisonate to do something in my case write!

The She Amigos

They’ve got the funk, the grit and the free spirited music.Linda Welby, Dee Brown and Regina McDermott, collectively known as “The She Amigos”. They are three awesome women from Ireland. Learn more about them here:

Justus and Law – LIVE at the Gumboot Cafe – Dec 22, 2011

They are based in based in British Columbia. There is something about Canadian Celtic musicians…they add a fresh touch to traditional sounds. I love the fine way these guys play the instruments. So much passion and beauty. Please check the project

The 12th Annual Sunshine Coast Summer School of Celtic Music July 9-13, 2012 very interesting. You might want to sign up!


I am not done yet. There is still a part 2 to this one.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Been working like a rocket for the past few weeks now. But I will never ever miss this day which is like Christmas. This is the part of the year where everyone becomes Irish and everyone just love being green! I’ve seen films dedicated to this man and they all have different versions to tell. I discovered him after getting a copy of The Celts by Enya. In the liner notes it says:

The son of a Roman official, Patrick was captured by a raiding party of Celts when a boy, and spent six years in captivity.  He escaped, became a priest and returned to Ireland. According to legend it is St. Patrick who is responsible for Ireland’s conversion to Christianity and the final loss of the old Celtic beliefs.

Traditional, Irish Gaelic

Tabhair dom ghrása,
Fíormhac Dé.
Tabhair dom do neartsa,
An ghrian gheal ghlé.
Give me your love,
true Son of God.
Give me your strength,
the clear bright sun.




For a totally related event.

Brian Boru Lyrics and Translation (Gaeilge, Brezhoneg and English)

(This video is done by Snuffesnuitje who, like me is also trying to find a good translation. His effort is highly recommended).

Alan Stivell’s 1995  hit does it for all generations

Been listening to Alan Stivell’s 1995 album Brian Boru today. There are actually two versions of the title track. One is the album version (Longer with elaborated percussion arrangement) and the radio edit which has been used in compilations.

There is a lot of everything for everyone in this album. Pan Celtica sums up what he does, combining the brotherhood of the Celts, covering not only his native Breton language but Gaelic as well. Although some people might be new to the style (Breton music and language is considered ‘harder’ than its Irish and Scottish counterpart) this will prove to be a good listening experience. A balance between groovy alt rock tracks with jazzy ,folkie and calming numbers; his harp shines through.

I have been looking for a translation of the title track that is appropriate and I found one. This is done by a guy that goes with an online name mhwombat: Now, it’s actually done both in Gaeilge and then in Brezhoneg repeatedly.

Brian Bórú
Alan Stivell
Maraíodh Brian Boru chun beatha na hÉireann
Síochain in gCuige Uladh agus i mBaile ‘Cliath
Aontacht an teaghlaigh, aontacht na dtuath
Aontacht an domhain is na gCeilteach
Brian Boru will die for the life of Ireland
Peace in the province of Ulster and in Dublin
Family unity, tribal unity
Unity of the world and the Celts

Diouzh nerzh ar c’hadou da nerzh an ehan
Diouzh ‘bed doueek bennozh ar c’haroud
O neart an chatha go neart na síochana
On bhith dhiaga beannacht an ghrá
From plenty of battle to plenty of peace
From a world of diving blessings, love
From plenty of battle to plenty of peace
From a world of diving blessings, love

Duirt siad gurbh é seo sochraide ar muintire
Gur choir duine bheinn sollunta féin
Bíodh nach raibh brónach
They said that this was a procession of people
That people would be solemn
Be, were not sorrowful ??? Can’t make sense of the Irish ???

Marv Brian Boru ‘reiñ buhez ‘n Iwerzhon
Dihan e Bro-Ulad ha ba kêr Dulenn
Unded an tiegezh, unded an dud-mañ
Unded ar Gelted hag an douar
Brian Boru will die for the life of Ireland
Peace in the province of Ulster and in Dublin
Family unity, tribal unity
Unity of the world and the Celts

Maraíodh Brian Boru chun beatha na hÉireann
Síochain in gCuige Uladh agus i mBaile ‘Cliath
Aontacht an teaghlaigh, aontacht na dtuath
Aontacht an domhain is na gCeilteach
Brian Boru will die for the life of Ireland
Peace in the province of Ulster and in Dublin
Family unity, tribal unity
Unity of the world and the Celts

Diouzh nerzh ar c’hadou da nerzh an ehan
Diouzh ‘bed doueek bennozh ar c’haroud
O neart an chatha go neart na síochana
On bhith dhiaga beannacht an ghrá
From plenty of battle to plenty of peace
From a world of diving blessings, love
From plenty of battle to plenty of peace
From a world of diving blessings, love

Tá muid ‘nos na haimsire
Go h-airid an ghrían
Agus thogh muid áit bhóg cois ashann
We are like the weather
Especially the sun
And we choose a soft place beside the river
Note: I suspect ashann = abhann


Don’t forget to catch the music festival devoted to minority languages: Liet 2010. Here’s what I copied form the website:

The finalists of Liet International 2010

Faroese and Vepsian band in the final of Liet International 2010

In this pic: Fiach Moriarty

In this pic: Fiach Moriarty

The selection jury of Liet International 2010 has selected the last five finalists of the 7th edition of European minority language song contest Liet International 2010, which will be held in Lorient, France on the 27th of November. The independent jury, which was composed of independant music experts from Brittany, Friesland and the Council of Europe, had a tough job. They listened to 46 songs in 21 different minority languages from all over Europe, from Galicia to Russia, from the Faroe Islands to Cyprus. Also the variety in styles was huge, ranging from folk to rock, rap, pop, tango and even folkopera.

Out of those 46 songs the jury has selected the following five artists for Liet International 2010 in Lorient, Breizh/Brittany, France:

1. Rachel Walker, Fada Bhuam, Scottish Gaelic
2. ORKA,
Rumdardrongurin, Faroese
3. The Temporary, Cupan Toast, Irish
4. Mafia Gallega, Billarda Sempre, Galician
5. Jousnen Jarved, Verrez Tullei, Vepsian song from Russia

It will be the first time that Liet International will present songs in Faroese and Vepsian. Faroese is a minority language in Denmark, spoken by 48.000 people on the Faroe islands. The Liet Foundation is impressed by the quality of the music production in this small nation. The song of Eisvor Palsdottir was one of the nine songs Liet International received. All songs were of good quality and produced professionally. Vepsian is endangered Finn-Ugrian language spoken by only 4.000 people in Russian Karelia.

Five other bands/artists already qualified for Liet International earlier this year by winning a song contest in their part of Europe.
These five artists/bands are:

6. Xera, the winner of the Premiu al meyor cantar, Asturias
7. Pia Maria Holmgren, winner of the Sámi Grand Prix, Sámi from Sweden
8. Equal Souls, winner of Liet 2010, Fryslân
9. Stéphane Casalta, winner of Suns, Corsica
10. Resistence in Dub, winner of the public vote of Suns, Friûl, Italy

During the coming weeks the Festival Interceltique de Lorient (FIL) will select a Breton song and artist for Liet International 2010. As the host of the European minority language song contest it is their privilige to do this. This means that, apart from the Breton finalist, the line-up of Liet International 2010 is ready.

The seventh edition of Liet International is the first which will take place in France. Liet International was invited to Lorient, Brittany by de Region Breizh/Bretagne and the Festival Interceltique de Lorient (FIL). Since 2008 Liet International is organised under the patronage of the Council of Europe. Liet International is also supported by the the autonomous region of Asturias in Spain and by the province Friesland in the Netherlands.

Liet International was conceived and developed in Friesland, the Netherlands, by the Liet Foundation in 2002. Since then Liet International has become one of the larger events for the promotion of minority languages to a larger audience, attracting lots of media from all over Europe. The last edition of Liet International took place in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden, the Netherlands in 2009 and was won by Sámi rockband SomBy from the north of Finland.

National Eisteddfod of Wales Discovery:Esyllt Tudur

National Eisteddfod of Wales attracts up to 160,000 visitors.

The National Eisteddfod has been attracting foreign visitors annually and numbers increased up to 160,000 attendees. It  costs around £2.8m to stage. It is traditionally held in the first week of August and the competitions are all held in the Welsh language. According to Wiki:

The festival has a heavy druidic flavour, with the crowning and chairing ceremonies for the victorious poets being attended by bards in flowing white costumes, dancing maidens, trumpet fanfares and a symbolic horn of plenty. However, the heritage of this ceremony is of dubious provenance and owes its existence within the Eisteddfod structure to Iolo Morganwg, whose Gorsedd ceremonies were adopted by the Eisteddfod from 1819. Nevertheless, it is taken very seriously, and an award of a crown or a chair for poetry is a great honour. The Chairing and Crowning ceremonies are the highlight of the week, and are presided over by the Archdruid.

Pic courtesy of :

Pic courtesy of :

The musical aspect of this event is huge and as a result a lot of musicians flock into the annual gathering . This is like a Loollapalooza of Celtic music. Only that we will be expecting poets and other members of the ‘learned’ crowd to be there.

I have been attracted to the singing of Esyllt Tudur . She been a familiar face and voice in this event. I heard her singing Ar Lan y Mor and it stuck with me. The mystical voice coupled with right instrumental arrangement creates an atmosphere of being transported into the age of Merlin. Her debut CD contains some of the music that Esyllt has enjoyed performing over the years, as well as some classical favourites.
1. Ar Lan y Mor
2. Breuddwydio Wnes
3. Gwydr Glas
4. Dyrchefir Fi (You Raise Me Up)
(Gyda Cor Creuddyn)
5. Gobaith yn y Tir
6  Gwn Dafydd Ifan
7. Suo Gan
8. Myfanwy
9. Adre’n Ol
10. Pererin Wyf Mewn Anial Dir
11. Un Dydd ar y Tro
12. Chwarae’n Troi’n Chwerw

14th Celtic Colours International Festival :It Starts Now!

Sorry for the late broadcast but it starts now. Grab your tickets!!!

14th Celtic Colours International Festival starts Friday, October 8th!

Several venues sold out but seats remain at many exciting shows.

Tickets to Celtic Colours shows remain in high demand with 13 shows already sold out. If you are interested in attending one of our other 32 shows act fast to ensure yourself a seat. Whether you are looking to attend one show or a week’s worth you can still get your fill of world class traditional music.

Celtic Colours nominated for “National Cultural Tourism” award!

Celtic Colours International Festival is a finalist for the National Awards for Tourism Excellence’s National Cultural Tourism Award presented by The Toronto Star.

The National Awards for Tourism Excellence allow Canada’s tourism industry to recognize those people, places, organizations and events that have gone above and beyond to offer a superior tourism experience to travelers in Canada.

Tickets still available for some of our most exciting shows.

Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Colorado chanteuse Mollie O’Brien

Tunes gu leòr – Volume I – Artists in Residence Chris Stout and Catriona McKay have been working with Troy MacGillivray, Andrea Beaton, Colin Grant and Nuala Kennedy before the Festival to come up with some new tunes together. This first concert will showcase each of these incredible artists and their current repertoires

Celtic Thanksgiving: Dinner & Concert -At Celtic Colours, we celebrate Thanksgiving with great food, good company, and spectacular music. This is a great evening to give thanks–to sit back, enjoy a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings and immerse yourself in a variety of top-notch music.

Drive ‘er – In addition to driving artists all over Cape Breton island, members of the not-for-profit Festival Volunteer Drive’ers Association sell Festival and artist CDs at Celtic Colours concerts for a small commission. Since 2006, the Association has used the proceeds to help an up and coming Cape Breton Celtic artist record their first album. This concert features those artists who are now well on their way to becoming household names in Cape Breton music.

Ireland’s Nuala Kennedy will perform at Tunes gu leòr – Volumes I & II

Tunes gu leòr – Volume II – This concert marks the debut of the new collaborations from the artists showcased at Tunes gu leòr Vol I. Chris and Catriona, backed by the Festival’s own string orchestra will also play some newly composed tunes from their latest critically acclaimed album White Nights.

Beòlach and Friends – Beòlach first came together from an onstage collaboration at Celtic Colours Festival Club in 1998 and haven’t looked back since. They’ve traveled the world and home again. The band’s name translates as “Lively Youth” and tonight many of the band’s equally talented friends will gather on the same stage in Inverness.

Making Songs – Gaelic superstars T with the Maggies and Meantime team up with local culture bearers Mary Jane Lamond, Goiridh Dòmhnallach and Lewis MacKinnon to present an unforgettable evening including new Gaelic song and poetry written specifically for this show.

Songs from Home – As the 2010 festival draws to a close, we will again be reflecting on “home” and this time celebrating the songs that tell our story wherever our home may be. Tonight’s concert will include songs from Ireland, Newfoundland, Scotland, Cape Breton and beyond; songs that represent “home” to our amazing cast of balladeers.

Please visit our show description page for more information on all our performances.

Pack your fiddle, paintbrush or bicycle and join in the fun!

Working closely with hosting community organizations, Celtic Colours International Festival is able to offer plenty of opportunities for folks who are itching to experience our living Celtic culture firsthand through music, visual art, workshops and outdoor events.

There will be daily Participatory Events that range from traditional, all-join-in tune sessions to song sharing sessions, open-mic style events and more.

Learning Opportunities are presentations, demonstrations, lectures, and workshops offered throughout the week for all skill levels and a variety of different disciplines

Take in some fresh air and check out some of Cape Breton’s beautiful fall scenery and spectacular landscape during one of our Outdoor Events.

Professional artists, hobbyists, and art enthusiasts alike will enjoy the many events and exhibits that make up our dazzling Visual Art Series.

From pancake breakfasts to seafood feasts and even Thanksgiving dinner, our community partners will be hard at work making sure everyone is ready for the evenings’ high energy sessions at one of the many Community Meals on offer.

Natalie MacMaster launches book October 9th!

Natalie MacMaster’s Cape Breton Aire is a self-published book that has been in the works for several years. It is the story of a musical life and place. Along with stunning photography it is a tribute to Natalie’s exceptional musical skills and to those who preceded her and shaped her past.

Join Natalie for the launch of the book at the Celtic Music Interpretive Center in Judique from 4 – 6pm on Saturday, October 9th.

Purchase tickets by phone, online or at our box office!

Purchase online 24/7 at:

By Phone:
1-888-355-7744 (toll free in North America)
(902) 567-3000 (local)

At the Box Office: Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion, 74 Esplanade, Sydney (head for the Big Fiddle). Our Box Office and phone lines are open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm ADT.

If phoning to reserve tickets we ask that you have your wish list and a valid credit card handy. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for all phone and internet orders.

Get in the festival spirit with High Definition videos

Our YouTube channel at hosts many fantastic new HD videos from the 2009 festival, from our wildly successful Festival Club Stage during the 2010 East Coast Music Association weekend held here in Cape Breton and brand new promotional videos created by our friends at Shot On Site Media that highlight the stories behind some of 2010’s most innovative shows.

Anam/Spirit Radio Debut and Other Celtic Festivals

Those who are excited to get a full length audio treatment of Jenne Lennon’s Anam/Spirit will catch it here: The song is taken from Celtic Dreams under Quickstar Productions. Here’s an invitation from Jenne:

Hello Everyone. My new single “Anam/Spirit” is making its radio debut this Saturday, Sept. 11th on The Songwriter’s Network Live 365 radio from 6PM to 11PM Eastern time. This marks a sad day for America, but a song about forgiveness and the in-conquerable human spirit seems fitting. Thank you all for the support.


If you are in West Dundee Illinois then you will catch  The Fox Valley Irish Fest. Very interesting array of performances from bands to Irish dancing.


I love blue grass music and the Niall Toner band delivers  the genre with a force of a firestorm. The music will leave you breathless and you will spend the night tapping your toes long after the music is done. This is such a treat for those who like the fusion of Celtic and American music. Better check them out:


If you are in Rome then you should not miss the Harp Festival in Rome: