The Gothard Sisters New Magical Album   The Gothard Sisters define the spirit of the season with their new album Falling Snow. What brought the album close to my heart is its vivacious atmosphere. There is no shortage of upbeat tracks in this 10-track album. Apart from the vocal acrobats, you are in for an instrumental treat like the elaborated [...]

Even in the Shadows by Enya Premiered Today, Friday the 13th.

With Dark Sky Island, Irish singer-composer Enya has brought a lot of fullness not just vocally but also emotionally. The latest single Even in the Shadows deals with the end of a relationship but arranged in an upbeat way that sets the balance to the rather sad subject. She started working on the album around [...]

Enya – Dark Sky Island (Album Sampler) is now available!

The Irish goddess of music is releasing her new album Dark Sky Island this November 20. I know you are all scrambling to get your copies. There are people who already pre ordered the album. The excitement and madness surrounding the pre-release of the album is overwhelming. Enya season is always a season of magic [...]

Enya is back with Dark Sky Island and what have I learned so far?

New Enya album Dark Sky Island will be out this year, November 20. Seven years folks. Yes it took Enya seven years to come up with a follow-up to her holiday album And Winter Came. And for the first time in many months I am doing a bit of redesigning. This site looked old. I feel old [...]

And…Winter Came!

I have been checking out the instagram pics of my online pals. I see snow everywhere. Sad to say, there's no such thing where I am. The tropics can be cold but not THAT cold. I take comfort in the way music takes us to places we've never been. Like books, they let you live [...]