Updates from Moya Brennan, Kyle Carey, The Ballyfermot Rakes and Jennifer Licko!

Updates from Moya Brennan, Kyle Carey, The Ballyfermot Rakes and Jennifer Licko!


Moya Brennan

Album progress 

Moya Brennan has the spirit of rock n roll. Maybe not overtly as one would expect but it is there. As a longtime fan of Clannad, and have researched  the band’s history, I’d say it is only fitting that she would shine on her own. She might not be as hyper as Icelandic singer Bjork or outspoken as Tori Amos but the need for constant challenge and restlessness is there.She is also prolific and has an amazing body of work to boast!

Innovation is always part of her evolution as an artist. You can hear it in her melodies and arrangements. She does not shy away from collaborating with other big artists. Her associations with Schiller and Chicane brought forth good results. It exposed her voice to the younger audience who were not born yet when Clannad’s first UK top 40 hit “A Theme From Harry’s Game” shot into the mainstream.

Provisionally titled River of Songs, she picked her children to work with her in this album. I have heard a few snippets via Paul Jarvis’ Snapchat posts and I can say they are amazing! There is no shortage of experimentation there. And although 10 seconds cannot reveal everything, I sort of get the idea what it’s going to be. It is bold, big and contemporary. It will definitely appeal to the younger ears while still enchanting and captivating original Clannad fans.

Her son Paul Jarvis is doing interesting things with the guitar and some experimentation with other musical instruments(including technology). Aisling Jarvis(apart from making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter/ sound engineer) is manning the sonic landscape. She was also hired by Clannad for the same job with their recent album Nádúr.

Apart from her ability to play many musical instruments along with the harp, she is also a philanthropist and a mom. And we all know, moms are awesome!

The new Moya album will be released early next year and I am so excited!


Kyle Carey…


Kyle Carey combines Gaelic tunes and artfully crafted songwriting.

Have you been following the Kickstarter Project of singer-songwriter Kyle Carey? She has one week to go to fulfill her campaign in order to record a new album. Check it out The Art of Forgetting here:

I’d say she’s one of a kind. A true gift to the Celtic music community. Supporting her art means preserving the musical culture that we really love.


From Dublin…


The Ballyfermot Rakes

For those who love Irish folk in its true sense can now bask under the artistry of The Ballyfermot Rakes. A little bit about the guys:

The Ballyfermot Rakes are a folk duo who formed following many great sessions together in the vibrant Dublin traditional music scene.
Their intuitive ability to entertain pub crowds with folk songs and lively traditional dance music has already taken them around the country this summer, exciting audiences at festivals and venues.
They have quickly honed an exciting, dynamic set which draws influence from some of the great Irish folk groups such as Sweeney’s Men, The Dubliners and the Fureys.
As the name suggests, this duo of Darren Lynch (bouzouki, vocals) and Derek Copley (banjo) are natives of Ballyfermot in Dublin, and both take great pride and influence from the rich musical connection of the celebrated Furey and Keenan families, as well as from singers like Liam Weldon and Paddy Sweeney to name a few.Darren Lynch’s keen ear for a song, along with intricate bouzouki work, adds a rich, diverse layer to this folk outfit. The bouzouki is also the perfect compliment to the driving melodies of Derek Copley’s tenor banjo playing, which ranges from haunting airs to wild, foot-stomping jigs and reels.
Christmas in in the air…
The Lights of Christmas by Jennifer Licko featuring Patrick Mangan from Riverdance. 
I did a review of Sing by Jennifer Licko so I am sure you have an idea what she is capable of in musical terms. Glad she is releasing aholiday album called The Lights of Christmas. Here’s a snippet of what to expect from the new recording:

Album Information: 

Celtic Album of the Year winner (Celtic Music Radio), Jennifer Licko releases her first Christmas Album – The Lights of Christmas – via Sabas Records. The album features the Jennifer Licko band which is comprised of Riverdance Star, Patrick Mangan on fiddle and award winning Irish guitarist, Patsy O’Brien. The backbone of the band is Jennifer’s long time British producer, arranger and keyboardist; Bob Noble.  He has produced five of Jennifer’s seven albums including this release ‘The Lights of Christmas’ .  Vocal production took place at Remidi studios in Florida as well as Estudio Cajueira in Brazil with Grammy award winning sound engineer, Mauricio Cajueiro. 

“A true reminder of what the Christmas season means” says one music fan.  ’The Lights of Christmas’ is a follow up to The Jennifer Licko band’s extremely successful annual Celtic Christmas tour hailed by critics as one of the best Christmas traditions of the year. The album continues the theme with favorite Christmas carols, given the unique special celtic touch, and some traditional Irish Christmas songs that share traditions and stories of Celtic lands.

The Jennifer Licko band will be touring the Southeastern United States from Dec 8 – Dec 18th with their ‘Celtic Christmas’ concert in support of ‘The Lights of Christmas’ album. For more information and tour dates, please visit www.jenniferlicko.com 

Track List

1. Pat a Pan

2. The First Noel

3. Brightest and Best

4. Soilse na Nollag

5. The Holly and The Ivy

6. There is a Star

7. Children’s Winter

8. Silver Bells

9. Bread and Fishes

10. O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Hark The Herald Angels Sing 

11. Rebel Jesus

Awesome. Will be reviewing this as soon as I get a copy. Cheers!

Have you heard of Tom Acton?

Have you heard of Tom Acton?





If you haven’t picked up Down The Irish Gravel Road by Dublin based singer/songwriter Tom Acton yet, then you better. Mr Acton has a wonderful voice and he loves recording happy tunes. I heard three full tracks so far: Sligo Fair (very catchy), The Great Johnny Doran and The Water Song. The latter is very close to my heart because of its beautiful, poignant and somber atmosphere.

I made friends with Tom Acton when I signed up with Live Ireland. I remember him as a friendly and jolly fella. It is great to discover that his talent has a timeless appeal. He has a voice that catches you right away. As if he is meant to be heard on the radio. There are people who are born that way I guess. They are so natural onstage and off stage.

His songs are wrapped up with beautiful instrumental arrangements. These are things that would make you compare the tracks to the likes of Planxty and The Dubliners. But Acton has an original sound. It is a confident style that transcends time. You should hear his album and listen to the lyrics. He has a lot to say. He has a lot to sing about!

Samples and artist info can be found here:



The Baxteria #10 Podcast

The Baxteria #10 Podcast

My post Halloween special featuring The Hothouse Flowers on autodj and special guest Kyle Carey joins us on an interview in the Celtic music hour. More goodies on the indie variety show.

Tracks played:

Hothouse Flowers-I’m Sorry
Hothouse Flowers-Your Love Goes On
Hothouse Flowers-One Tongue
Hothouse Flowers-Forever More
Hothouse Flowers-Born
Hothouse Flowers-The Older We Get
Hothouse Flowers-Thing of Beauty
Hothouse Flowers-Alright
Hothouse Flowers-Gypsy Fair
Hothouse Flowers-Learning to Walk
Hothouse Flowers-Out of Nowhere
Hothouse Flowers-Saved
Hothouse Flowers-Si Do Mhamo i
Altan-Cuach mo Lon Dubh Buí
Cara Dillon-Black is the Colour
Kyle Carey-One Morning in May
Kyle Carey-Interview with
Samuel Smith-Song for Leon
Darren Lynch-Spancil Hill(live)
Steven Hawson-Banjo tribute to Jimmy Shand
Mick McAuley-The House Carpenter
Tri Yann & Alan Stivell-Tri Martolod
The Sisters of Mercy-Walk Away
Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Active Child-I’m in your Church at Night
Heyward Howkins-Praline Country
Ghost Hotel-All Day Ocean
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Better Days Live
Grizfolk-The Struggle
Pedro Martins & Layne Greene-Into the Mystic (Van Morrison) Cover
Velvet Underground-Who Loves The Sun
Alex Pardini-No One Is Like Everyone Else
The Sisters of Mercy-Lucretia My Reflection
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows
Lisa Gerrard-All along the watchtower

As heard on www.radiohappy.eu

Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Good day to subscribers of this page. I have my own radio show this weekend and it’s in http://www.radio-happy.com/. I am so excited because I am playing my favorite Celtic tunes in that show. The first part is devoted to the music of this blog. The second part is about my other blog. So expect eclectic music and future interviews..and even a possibility of an acoustic performance!

I got a message from one of our readers. her name is Geraldine McAuley. She’s the sister of the late Samuel Smith who was a huge fan of Breton harper Alan Stivell.

According to Geraldine:

” Samuel attended Alan’s last Concert when in Dublin on a trip from the States but did not take the opportunity

to go back stage to talk with him.

Samuel Passed away on the 12/07/2013 after a short period of 5 months from a Brain Tumor.
It was heart breaking for us to watch him suffer and to say goodbye to him. Such a waste of a Talented Life.
The one good thing was we got to take him back to Ireland from Arkansas before he passed away.
His Funeral Service was full of his Beautiful Haunting Celtic Melodies both performed on CD by Samuel.”

I told Geraldine that I wish I could get in touch with Alan Stivell and tell him all about it but I don’t have the means. I asked her if there is a way I can listen to the songs that her late brother composed. She said:

“There is a lovely Lady named Charlie Doidge who met Samuel in a recording Studio in Brighton. She recorded and arranged some of Samuel’s Songs Shortly afterwards he went to live in Arkansas. I will attach now a Song entitled Song for Eire. There is some Photographs of Places Samuel visited when he was back home in Ireland. Hope you like it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uGD3dRCvtK0&t=20

Listening to all the demo tracks of Samuel Smith left me a feeling of great sadness. It is a feeling you get when a birthday cake is left in the open with no one to eat it…or that thought that this man could have given us more songs. Songs to take us into another reality. His music seems to have come from another world. Perhaps it really came from that place.  I like to believe in that parallel universe where all our dreams that never came to be realize in this world actually happen there. Perhaps if we only have a glimpse this other reality then we don’t have to live in such quiet desperation.

I call the attention of record producers out there, or people involved in recording to take notice of Samuel’s wonderful music. You can contact germcauley@hotmail.com his sister. All Copyrights were signed over to  Sam’s Widow Tina in Arkansas. These are songs he was working on before he passed away due. He will sorely be missed.


Mystic Rover
Bantry Bay
Heathen Soldier
Niamh’s Lament
Return of the pilgrim
The Agony
Ballad of Oisin

Here is a poem he wrote called African Sunlady

Samuel Smith poem

The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP

The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP

The Rattling Kind

Catchy, energetic and profound. These are the things that come to mind when listening to The Rattling Kind.

Album: Rise Up EP

Band members:

Eddie Sherlock: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom Forde: Bass and Vocals
Ben McGinn: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Anthony White: Drums and Percussion

Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock

Sounds like: REM with a banjo.

The Rattling Kind are an exciting band with a fresh approach to Irish music that’s emerging from the  Northside of Dublin. If you play the title track Rise Up the first time this is what you will notice: A gradual build up of instruments, from the gentle percussion, a single guitar note that seems to wink at you, and then the swaggering banjo plucking that introduces the voice of Eddie Sherlock: Michael Stipe with a “Dublin howl.” Mainstream listeners would probably mistake The Rattling Kind as REM with a banjo, mandolin and other assorted mix of Irish instruments but the five tracks off the EP Rise Up will confirm that they have an original sound and musicianship that should be taken seriously.

I think The Rattling Kind have this exciting and melodic sound embedded all throughout their songs: A really fresh approach to Irish music! Another thing I noticed is that they can rock the house down without being noisy. There is that strong affinity to folk that is intimate and warm. Tracks like The Mero has this Simon and Garfunkel feel in the midst of the Dubliners’ marching energy.

The lyrics tackle topics ranging from economic, political to other aspects pertaining to the human condition. Rise Up actually touches the current situation happening not just in Ireland but the rest of the world; especially the economic instability that triggers the rise of immigration.

Rise Up is also a catchy EP. For instance Follow the Moon has this signature ‘woooh!’ stamped at the end of each verse that makes me do the same thing. But in spite of the positive and playful vibe, there is one poignant track that closes Rise Up and it’s called No Time To Say Goodbye and this is embellished by the beautiful sound of the tin whistle.

With Rise Up, I think The Rattling Kind will attract fans of diverse music, especially those who are into the combination of alternative rock, pop and Irish folk.

Trivia: According to Eddie Sherlock, the Mero is their take on an old Dubliners classic, written by Pete St John (the man who wrote the Fields of Athenry).

Links –

Rachael McCormack: This Is My Identity

Rachael McCormack: This Is My Identity

rachael mc cormack

Rachael McCormack’s This Is My Identity is an album filled with memorable sweet tracks wrapped in titanium.

Artist:Rachael McCormack

Album: This Is My Identity

Genre: Folk/Rock

Sounds like: For lovers of The Beatles, Phil Lynott and Chris DeBurgh

Hometown: Ballymun

Fact: Irish singers have beautiful voices. This is the most constant thing when you listen to an album coming from the emerald Isle. This Is My Identity by Rachael McCormack fulfills that expectation. Her’s is a strong voice that’s very expressive. It can go from sounding sweet and girlish one moment, into a riveting scream the next. I think this is brought about by MS McCormack honing her craft being part of Dublin’s thriving community of singer/songwriters especially in the Voodoo Sessions. Apart from being passionate about her music, she is also very supportive of the community. I remember more than a year ago when I asked her if she has anything to write that I can post here. She heartily gave her thoughts and that gave me a glimpse of the colorful community she lives in. Fast forward to today and the fruit of her creativity gave way to This Is My Identity.

The album is compose of ten tracks, all influenced with Dublin’s melodic and electric atmosphere. If you love Phil Lynott, The Beatles and Chris DeBurgh then you will definitely light up to this one. I consider her voice as a combination of Mary Black and Linda Ronstadt. Her sound is reminiscent of KT Tunstall, one of her musical idols. The melodic quality of This Is My Identity is excellent. Each track embraces you drawing an infectious nod and smile. One of my favorites is Don’t Go Waste My Time because of the lovely string arrangement that swells on top of a poignant melody.

There are surprising tracks like Stand Out And Be Counted. I think the inclusion of rap really works! Crippled Inside is a capella  which explores her wide vocal range. Daddy Please Take Me Home is every daddy’s girl theme song. I like that part where I hear the violin pizzicato  in the verse part.

You can tell that Ms McCormack has poured her heart and soul to this album because passion can’t lie. And I hear passion all over the songs that span different genres and subject matter. Most of the story in the track are told in the point a point of view of a strong independent woman who is also sensitive and hurting. But there are moments of elation and cotton candy moments. And that sweetness is what most of us who are wounded needs at this time.

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Romeo and Juliet EP by Aisling Jarvis

Aisling Jarvis

Artist: Aisling Jarvis

Album: Romeo and Juliet

Style: Acoustic

Location: Dublin

Romeo and Juliet is an excellent recording work by Aisling Jarvis in several aspects. And we will explore them in a bit. First of all, who is Aisling Jarvis?  Here’s what I gathered: she started writing songs at an early age through the moniker Green Noise. She pursued the career as a studio engineer and as a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band. These facets brought the following the the fore of Romeo and Juliet:


Romeo and Juliet has three tracks: Fragile, Sliabh Na Mban and When You’re Here. These are all solid tracks with their own merits and styles. Her musical style is her own with a few nods from adult contemporary pop/rock, traditional Irish and folk. Green Noise was mostly electronica so I was thinking she would develop this path but the EP surprised me.

Fragile explores the perils and rewards of relationship. The track is layered with her own vocals owing to what Clannad is known for but at the same time totally different. Sliabh Na Mban showcases her expertise with the uilleann pipes. The sensitivity and passion on how she explores the instrument is notable. This is a traditional air which Aisling gave new life to. When You’re Here focuses on break up and make up in every relationships.

Vocal style:

Aisling Jarvis displays strong vocal capabilities. It reminds me a bit of  Cornish singer/songwriter Alex Parks but has a more haunting quality. There is also a hint of Anne Lennox when she goes into the lower register.


What can you expect from a studio engineer? Of course, the best sound recording which really showcases her artistic efforts. Romeo and Juliet is a teaser into the richness of her future works. I see an artist budding into a big name in Irish music.


Aisling Jarvis is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

She comes from a prolific musical family/her mother is Moya Brennan of Clannad. Apart from her solo work writing/performing and her work as a studio engineer, she is a permanent member of Moya Brennan’s band and has toured extensively in Europe and the USA.

Aisling plays guitar, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, keyboards and percussion – to which she adds her unique voice.
She has featured on a number of studio albums, but in April 2013 she released her first solo EP, which features an evocative cover of Mark Knopfler’s “Romeo and Juliet”, along with two of her own original songs and a traditional uilleann pipes instrumental.






Below are what’s going on in the Celtic world:

New Release; Across the Purple Sky

Launch of new album “Across The Purple Sky – A tribute to Sandy Denny” on her 35th Anniversary.

Join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/585872818095490/

This is in the Czech Republic

Join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KELTSK%C3%81-NOC/123856504302459

And something from Horslips for all ye Celtic rockers!

Celtic Note is a brand new 12 part TV series featuring the best of Irish music on Showcase TV, Sky Channel 191 and FreeSat 400. The show will air every Tuesday at 8.30pm with a repeat showing every Sunday at 5pm beginning Tuesday 26th February 2013. The one hour long show will be presented by well known Irish music personalities Sandy Kelly and John McNicholl and directed by renowned TV and film veteran Ian McGarry (RTÉ, BBC, Sport, News, Eurovision, Fair City, Daniel O’Donnell’s Shades of Green, Sandy Kelly & Friends Series). The series will feature top quality concerts and documentary programmes from a range of Irish music stars including The Dubliners, Horslips, Margo, Sharon Shannon and many more. Visit http://www.CelticNote.com online and on http://www.Facebook.com/celticnote

Cillian Doheny: My Life as a Member of a Traditional Irish Band(Interview)

Also in this edition: The Picts and Flutatious

Cillian Doheny; All Ireland Champion.

Riding the thunder: Apart from jamming with U2’s Bono and The Edge, Cillian Doheny gives us an insider’s look at the life of a musician in a traditional Irish band.

Cillian Doheny is based in Limerick Ireland. He plays the Tenor Banjo, Nylon & Steel String Guitar and  Mandola for Moxie. The band will release their first music video in January of 2013. They will also release their debut album next year. We will see the future of this amazing trad Irish band taking off and wowing listeners in both sides of the Atlantic.

What is it like to be a young musician playing in a trad band? Especially for someone who has bagged an All Ireland Winner title on Tenor Banjo under 18 years at the All Ireland Fleadh Ceoil held in  August 2009? Ha! You shall find out. His recordings can be found in his Myspace music page.

Music is created through friendships with other musicians. This how the trad scene  continues to flourish. I notice more and more young ones getting into the music, performing and creating them. I see a bright future in the traditional Celtic music scene. It is a world that continues to blossom with such vigor that will make even those who don’t normally listen to such music stop in their steps and listen.

I appreciate this interview with Cillian. He is down to earth, enthusiastic and he also loves promoting other musicians. These qualities make him such a great asset to those whom he collaborates with. So other than the terrific banjo playing, with fingers that move like lightning, this young man is in the right and exciting path.

Your bio says you started playing music since you were 11. Now you have mastered theTenor Banjo, the Guitar (nylon and steel), Bouzouki, Bodhrán and Mandolin. What is your main instrument now and why?

My main instrument would have to be the tenor banjo. The reason for this is my love for the sound of the instrument. I’ve also found that it’s very adaptable in most genres of music as well as traditional Irish music, which is great news to my ears.

In one unique occasion you jammed with U2’s Bono and The Edge. How did this happen and how was the experience?

This experience was one of a kind and a great opportunity to catch up with the U2 members and see what they were like. Although they had a hectic day of travelling with their flight having to be rerouted to Shannon from Dublin due the bad weather at the time, they were very friendly, good fun and loved the music.

You have a new band called Moxie. Can you give us a brief timeline of the band’s activities up to the release of the debut album next year?

We formed the band at the annual Sligo Live festival in 2011 and since then we’ve been getting on great. At the moment we are looking at releasing our new EP, recorded and mastered in Big Banna Studios,Co. Antrim by Seán Óg Graham which will hopefully be available before Christmas. We have played at festivals such as Celtic Fringe Festival ( Jun 2012), North Atlantic Fiddle Convention ( Jun 2012), All Ireland Fleadh ( Aug 2012 ), Tuam Traditional Festival ( Sep 2012 ) and of course we just made our second appearance at Sligo Live this year which turned out to be a huge success for us a year on. We have plans to bring out our debut album in late 2013 but we’re not rushing with anything yet as there is plenty of time to perfect the sound and we are also waiting on a band member to finish out his exams.

What is so great being in a trad band composed of young people your age?

Tenor banjo master

I suppose the best thing about it without a doubt is the craic that we have. We grew up with each other playing music while having great fun all down through the years, to all of us that means a lot and without that it wouldn’t be what it is.

Do you have a kind of routine when you start recording with the band? And also, what do you do to make sure you give optimum performance both in recording and playing live?

Well I am going to use the overused and sometimes overlooked statement, “practice makes perfect”. Once the music is tight and everyone is comfortable with the arrangements, that’s when we can relax and work on the sound as a whole.

If given a power to change the music scene, what are the things you want to happen?

If I was given the power to change the music scene I would make undiscovered artist’s / band’s music widely available to the worldwide public. There are so many amazing musicians out there that don’t get the recognition that they deserve due to lack of funding or funding authorities making it difficult for up and coming artists to get recognized.

Please complete this sentence: When I am not playing music I………..

When not playing music I am usually writing music, listening to music, practicing or going to see gigs with friends. I also enjoy photography and I am a bit of a technology freak too.

What is something you can’t live without when you go on a tour?

Well I’ve had a long think about this and the answer would probably have to be my hair straightener… Kidding! My iPod would definitely be one of my prized possessions on tour, as I would most likely go insane without it.

Moxie on stage


The Picts


Grant McConnell- Accordions, Guitars, Bass, Vocals and anything else he can get his hands on..Douglas McQueen Hunter – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolins, 5 String Banjo and things that need plucked….Jeremy Stirling- Keyboards, Pianos and things that need plonked….

David Murray- Pipes, Whistles, Mouth-organ and things you blow.

Neil McDonald- Drums, Percussion and thing that need hit

Tracy Carmichael – Technical advisor, lighting and sound, driver and stage manager and anything that requires sorting.

Hometown Glasgow & East Lothian

Hypnotic,energetic and stunning! The Picts are a part of a New Wave of Celtic bands hailing from Scotland.   According to the band’s bio:

Formed in February 1997, The Picts have become one of the most popular live acts on the folk rock and concert scene. They have reached out with their unique brand of celtic rock and captivated hundreds of audiences both at home and abroad. There is a considerable influence of original material combined with the traditional. The songs and instrumentals are upbeat, powerful and irresistible for dancing, yet retain their original sentiment, feeling and intimacy.

A lengthy bio can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/thepicts/info


A new album out by Flutatious!

I am in the process of writing a review of this album by UK based Celtic fusion band Flutatious. Watch out for that one. You can purchase the album here: http://www.flutatious.co.uk/store/

Post Hurricane Edition

 In this edition: The Indulgers, Blyde Lasses, Cillian Doheny and pictures of the day…

We had a hard week. My heart goes to those who suffered the terrible force of hurricane Sandy. As much as I love Nature, these are one of those times when nature can be scary. It is a horrible situation but as long as we remain steadfast in our devotion to one another, then we will get through this. Ive had moments in my life when I thought all hope is gone. But when I think about the love of friends and family members, everything becomes bearable again.

There is an ongoing drive to help the people of New York. Please check out Beal Bocht:

The Beal Bocht offers music, poetry, comedy, theatre and art exhibits ,making it the premiere place for to showcase both Irish and local artistic talents while enjoying great drinks and food.



Introducing: The Indulgers

Genre    Irish/Celtic/Americana/Rock
Members    Damien McCarron – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Nile – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and Electronic Bagpipe
Renee Fine – Fiddle/Violin
Aaron Haywood – Bass
Frannie (Cheech) Mannone – Drums
Guesting on occasion:
Neale Heywood – Guitar
Ryan Bunnell – Guitar
Hometown    Boulder/Golden
Record label    Celtic Club Records
General manager    www.shamrocker.com
Influences    Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Irish Trad., Paul Brady, Spirit, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles and many more.
Current Location    Boulder/Golden, Colorado

The The Indulgers

Good melodies, rockin’ beats, sing-along lyrics: these are the things that make up a good album that you can listen to again and again. My introduction to The Indulgers was rather nontraditional. I only know them after catching a radio show called Mile High Celtic Hour hosted by front man Damien McCarron. He moved to Colorado from Dublin.

I became a regular listener of the radio show and there is something about his speaking voice that’s great to hear. It is not just his Irish accent but his voice quality. I was not wrong when I heard their various tracks. I should also mention that apart from the front man’s vocal appeal, all the guys in the band are well-heeled musicians who are master of their own instruments. You can feel the passion as it electrifies every instrument in their songs.


Blyde Lasses

Check out this duo from Aberdeen UK. Great fiddling tunes there that’s fresh and crisp. The Lasses Set is truly inspiring. I love the balance between energetic performance and  emphasis on  grace. The recording is also amazing because it lets you listen to the surface of sound. You can almost hear the way the bow grinds against the stings. Their vocals are also lush and expressive. I hope to hear more from them. It’s been a while that this site featured fiddlers. This could be the start eh?




Cillian Doheny

 “Music is food for the soul!“…..Cillian Doheny

Cillian Doheny is answering my interview questions in between touring with Moxie.  I treat this as a pre feature write-up about his music. He does play the banjo way beyond his years. This man is hard-working being with so many projects in such a short period. So this is an introduction to his music and many more to come.

More here: http://www.myspace.com/cilliandoheny


Pics of the day…

Patrick D’Arcy the inspiring uilleann piper sent me these wonderful gifts. Something to be cherished for all time.