Celtic Woman new video and more new music!

Celtic Woman new video and more new music!


The great thing about the human voice is that it can be honed to stretch its register or to improve its quality. An instrument (a saxophone for instance) can be singular in its quality. You know it’s a saxophone because of its characteristic. But a human voice can have many variations even in the same register. For example, it can be a fuller, bright or powerful soprano. It can be a soft, throaty or smoky contralto.

This is the musical romance that is showcased in the latest recording of Celtic Woman, a new version of Danny Boy. What’s stunning is the utilization of Capitol Records’ Studio A.

Studio A is our largest recording space. Originally built in 1956, Studio A has more than 1500 sq ft of floor space with over 50 years of audio recording heritage. Not only one of the best sounding orchestra rooms in the world, Studio A holds up to 50 musicians comfortably. The combination of timeless history and modern technology is a special feature of this room. Studio A has a variable decay time that can be tailored to your needs, this is accomplished by adjusting the louvered wall panels. Studios A and B can be combined by removing the retractable wall separating the two. The studio additionally features two isolation booths. Ideal for both acoustic and electric instruments, Artists have their choice of a Yamaha C9 or New York Steinway “B” piano. It also has a large private artist lounge above the control room.-Capitol Studios website.

More about the song below:


Press Release from CELTIC WOMAN
Record “DANNY BOY” for the series, 1 mic 1 take, at the Iconic Capitol Records’ Building

The GRAMMY-NOMINATED GROUP is currently on a 91 city tour of the US
CELTIC WOMAN have recorded a stunning new version of the classic Celtic ballad “Danny Boy ” at the Capitol Records’ Studio A in Hollywood.  Utilizing Frank Sinatra’s microphone and Nat King Cole’s piano it was taped when the multi-platinum international music sensations were in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards.  The track features Celtic Woman’s exciting new line up of Susan McFadden, Mairéad Carlin, Éabha McMahon and violinist Tara McNeill. The song and accompanying video are the latest in the 1 mic 1 take series recorded at Studio A. The series is described as “what happens when you take one artist, one mic, one iconic recording studio and give them one chance to show their raw talent.”  Previous artists who’ve recorded 1 mic 1 take sessions include Niall Horan, Gregory Porter, Emeli Sandé, Calum Scott, Halsey, Pete Yorn, Broods, and A Fine Frenzy.  Check out the 1 mic 1 take video, https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=_7RdcZFYx-U&feature=youtu.be
CELTIC WOMAN are currently out on their extensive US Voices Of Angels Tour in support of their latest album of the same name.  They are accompanied by an ensemble of Irish dancers, bagpipers and a full band playing an array of traditional Irish instruments. The 91-city trek kicked off March 2 in Lakeland, FL and will take Celtic Woman across the country before wrapping June 25 in Lynn, MA. VOICES OF ANGELS, on Manhattan/ Caroline Records, contains some of the most popular songs from the Celtic Woman repertoire, along with several previously unrecorded tracks, all with stunning new orchestral arrangements recorded with the 72-piece Orchestra of Ireland. Celtic Woman has a remarkable 12-year-legacy of introducing the most talented singers and musicians from Ireland onto the world stage.

Following its debut on PBS in 2005, Celtic Woman has achieved massive success encompassing twelve chart-topping albums, nine DVDs and nine public television specials leading to sales of over ten million albums, with platinum success in nine countries. Each of the twelve CDs–including 2016’s Voices of Angels–has reached #1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart. The group has been named Billboard Magazine’s #1 World Albums Artist six times.  Celtic Woman received its first-ever Grammy-nomination in the World Music category for its 2016 release Destiny. As a touring powerhouse, the group has performed for over four million fans across 23 countries and six continents, with an especially devoted following in America. Their shows are renowned as high quality entertainment with exceptional musical performances and stunning visual productions, enthralling audiences of all ages.

For full tour and more info go to www.celticwoman.com

Media Contact: Anita Daly / Daly Communications /2127720852 / anitadaly@yahoo.com


The Crazy Rogues – Fleet (EP teaser)


Check this band out! They are from Hungary and they admire the music of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Paddy and the Rats, Firkin and Dubliners. Their unique style is heavily influenced by Irish punk and celtic punk music, as well as country and other folk music.They also like heavy metal and rock music.

They are happy doing concerts in Hungary and also abroad.
“From small pubs to big venues, our own shows as well as festivals, public events.”

Band members are:

Biermann Teo – flute |
Verrasztó László – lead vocals |
Fellegi Krisztián – banjo, mandolin, backing vocals |
Faragó Dániel – violin, backing vocals |
Fazekas Gábor – guitars, backing vocals |
Öcsi Levente – bass |
Nagy Ákos – drums |








I Think I posted this video already but it is worth seeing and hearing again 🙂

The Gothard Sisters – Compass

The Gothard Sisters – Compass


Compass: Dreamy and energetic tunes from the magical sisters of Celtic music.

Sounds like: Mozart, Secret Garden, Anuna, Altan and Riverdance.

Track listing:

1. Compass 
2. Water is Wide
3. The Landing
4. Solid Ground
5. Guinevere
6. Call and the Answer
7. Fairy Dance Jig
8. The Whistling Gypsy Rover
9. A Song for Lark
10. Feast of the Elven King
11. Danny Boy
12. Flying Sails

The great thing about doing Celtic music podcasts is the opportunity to reach more ears and to spread the beauty that;s Celtic music. Also, the idea of relaxing and still want to play Celtic tunes to get that inspiration moving. This is what happened yesterday. I got the time to listen to the album of the Gothard Sisters called Compass. It’s their new album. What is different about this one is the energy they put so much in their recording performance.

There are slow tunes especially the traditional ones like Danny Boy but most of the tracks are electrical in their execution. Take for instance the third one called The Landing. That one literally stopped me from my idle listening and sent me to perform my improvised step dancing. I was so amazed how music can do that. Especially when it is performed with so much passion that the music dictates your feelings.

Compass is an exciting album. As the title suggests, it’s all about gravitational attraction as the compass signifies the direction to the magnetic field of the earth . It  tells us what direction to take. The sisters have done well in recording this beautiful album. I hope more ears will hear. It will be a shame if such a gem of a recording would go unnoticed. They can make Lord of the Dance have a run of their money. Check it out. I already featured the title track in my first Celtic Music podcast and I will be featuring more of them. Yes more and more until you remember to get out there and buy Compass.



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The Derry Air by Phil Coulter

I am listening to a compilation called Celtic Collections-The Sound of Ireland. There is this one track from Phil Coulter called Derry Air which includes the unmistakable melody of Danny Boy. This track is taken from his 1983 release Classic Tranquility.  Lush strings and piano keys powerfully  punctuated into emotional lines dominate this piece which does sound dated in a Richard Clayderman sense but in a good way. It’s like going back into the late 70’s and the early 80’s when instrumental music became such a hit and taking out your phonograph player, you find yourself standing in this part of Ireland overlooking the scenery.

The Greatness that’s Judy Collins(August 20, 2006 )

This is from my old MySpace blog in August 20,2006.I am putting it here because I found my thoughts at that time so funny.

I remember as a child when my mom would put the radio by my side because she said I can’t take a nap without the music on. Yes I grew up in a family that likes music .I joined both the church and high school choir which enhanced my love for harmony. If only I had been motivated more I would have been the next Leonard Cohen mwahahahaha!

Anyway, I remember hearing a pure soprano voice singing “Send In The Clowns’ which turned out to be Judy Collins. There were strains of the 60’s when I listened to the radio as a child and I get to hear songs like ‘Both Sides Now’ and other folkie stuff from the late 60’s to the mid-70’s and I was not even in grade school yet.

I never knew the full caliber of Judy’s artistry until I got to watch her Christmas special on TV a few years back and then her 2000 concert at the wolf trap caught on film. It’s amazing. She can really play the guitar and the piano and has been a very influential person on the human rights movement as well as the folk scene. If I grew up in the 70’s I imagine I would still find my interest…

Judy Collins’s repertoire is wide…apart from original compositions; she also rendered traditional Irish music like Danny Boy and He Moved Through The Fair.

Well Enya would not have been there yet but Clannad was already making records, and I guess I would have ended collecting not only Judy Collins albums but bands like the Chieftains,Planxty and Renaissance; a band led by Anne Haslam.There were good bands then like the Fairport Convention led by Sandy Denny and other female singers.

Celtic Spirit was already alive and well in the 70’s. I would not mind being left there.