Celtic Music Podcast 1

Celtic Music Podcast 1

Welcome to our podcast edition. I like to experiment and we will see where this goes.

1.Celtic Reggae Revolution- St Brendan’s Dub. Nicely mixed and mastered by U2′s engineer Pete Maher. www.celticreggae.org/

2.The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP.The lyrics tackle topics ranging from economic, political to other aspects pertaining to the human condition.

3.The Silver Spear/Maid behind the bar by LaUnica. La Unica blends Latin and Traditional Irish music to create a groovy listening experience.www.facebook.com/launicairishband

4. Tae the Begging by Marc Gunn from Not Every Day is St Patrick’s Day released this year.marcgunn.com/

5. Morag’s Dance by UK Celtic/electronica band Flutatious.www.flutatious.co.uk/

6. Peggy Gordon by Andrew Black also known by the name Slim. This is taken from the CD Gallows Tree Tales. www.slim-music.com/home

7. The Bard from Celtic punk band Cheers. They are based in the Czech Republic.www.facebook.com/pages/Cheers/104821386271093

8.Climbing Pendle The duo of Dave Palmley and Phil Holland also known as Celtic Twist hollandandpalmley.blogspot.com/

9.Sullivan’s John from the Feekers claddaghrecords.com/WWW/catalog/pro…roducts_id=3447

10. Up in the Garrett by Shelta from Lyon France. www.facebook.com/pages/Shelta/125…444161088?ref=ts

11. Gothard Sisters- Compass gothardsisters.weebly.com/

Cheers! Wrong & Right

Cheers! Wrong & Right


Band: Cheers!

Album: Wrong & Right

Genre: Folk-Rock/Punk

Location: Czech Republic

01 – Frying Pan 3:01
02 – Cliffs of Galway 3:24
03 – Molly’s Eyes 3:36
04 – Mary Hogan’s 4:05
05 – Collier 3:46
06 – Parnik 3:49
07 – Jim 5:03
08 – Poor Man’s Hat 2:24
09 – Tearberries 2:36
10 – I’ll Never Be the Same Man Again 3:47
11 – Rugged Day 4:11
12 – Wrong & Right 2:59
13 – In the Maze 5:07

Release date: 9 May 2013
Running time: 47:46

One of the most energetic releases in the Celtic punk genre is Wrong & Right by Czech band Cheers. I featured an interview with the lead man Pavel(Pafka)Steidl last year and it was fun. You get to feel the punk attitude sandwiched between melodic  tunes. Wrong & Write is fun to listen to.This is an all out party album not for the faint of hearts. But the sweet melodies will keep the balance between spicy strong sounds and crunchy beats. Yes take a bite. Feel it sizzle. Get drunk to the music!

The confidence is present. Take note: this band has performed in many live shows prior to recording this album. All the tracks were recorded live at the Saloon Roudna. The sound quality is also excellent. You really get to savor the crunch of the drums and the sharp edge of the guitars. The Celtic instruments aren’t drowned by the louder sounds as they are given room to breath in Rugged Days, Wrong & Write as well as other tracks. Katka Hofmanova also sang the female parts in the tracks when not playing the flute. This creates a balance with Pafka’s testosterone induced voice.Cheers!

Freddy Kruger who played the accordion maintained that melodic envelope all throughout. The fiddle of Filip Matyas has that Irish feel which I really like.  The punk power of Wrong & Right is brought  to you by the guitar of Mates Sistek who also provided the backing vocals. His rocking contribution is really important. Paja Vesela made the groove and the fullness of the recording with her bass.I just love it!  And last but not the least, Prema Broz kept the tunes in one place with his drums. As you know drummers are awesome.

The lyrics are in English but they are translated to Czech in the liner notes. I think the cover rocks. It shows a tattooed hand holding a lollipop . This clearly showcases the band’s sense of humor. My favorite song is the ballad in track 5. This is one of the tender moments when the band show their intricate and expressive side. I think this is a track that should be a single because it is easy to sing along. The other one is track 13 called In The Maze. But I tell you Wrong & Right is an album intended for energetic gatherings where you invite your friends for a pint of Guinness and great live tunes. All the tracks in Wrong & Right are recommended for big speakers.

Wrong & Right is one of the releases you should not fail to check out as it provides a satisfying listening experience. Especially if you want your tunes to rock big time.

Music keeps me alive. I am sure it is doing the same to you. Whatever problems we may face in life I have learned to rely on the wisdom of the Sound and how it has the power to pull us from the darkness into light. I know that our  brothers and sisters are having problems over there in Europe as flooding continues. My prayers go to the people of the Czech Republic, Germany and the neighboring countries. These are hard times. I had hard times last month but I know that as long as we live our lives in music then nothing will ever destroy us.
Now on the lighter side, check this youtube playlist from another Celtic band from the Czech Republic called Poitin which I am sure you have read about them in my past posts. I love posting their music because I have their albums and yes I am a certified Poitin fan. Do check this out:

Info: It’s taken from a show they had recently in Prague-  with a live webcam and the sound quality is quite good.

Poitín live at the Vagon Club, Prague March 2013
Poitín http://www.reverbnation.com/poitin

The Mentionables: This Week in Music!

It is the first week of December folks and I assure you there are many reasons to update this site. The scene is boiling with great events from your favorite Celtic bands either those I know and don’t know. This is a great year and 2013 will prove to be a good year in music!

New CD from The Picts

Douglas McQueen Hunter

Douglas McQueen Hunter

Scottish band The Picts have just finished recording a new set of tunes and they are working on polishing the craft. According to front man Douglas McQueen Hunter:

“I’ve been up to my eyes in the new cd coming out… I’m tied up tonight and tomorrow. All the recording is done now…. just paperwork and CD artwork”

Douglas is also in the middle of an interview with yours truly so you can see he has his hands full 😉


An Tain

I did mention before in the Martin Tourish interview that he’s working on a music based on The Tain. Here is a snippet of the music:

According to Martin: ”

In the final act of An Táin the Brown Bull and White Bull finally meet and gore and slay each other in a furious and frenzied, slaughter which shakes and tramples the entire country. The Brown bull emerges the gore-spattered victor but his great fury proves too much and his heart cracks like a nut in his chest.

Release/catalogue number: lmm011002
Release date: Feb 1, 2012″

Awesome. Wait for that one!


The Celtic Tenors in NYC


Zelienople, PA.

The Celtic Tenors are making rounds in NYC. They are getting more and more love from their American fans. A few weeks back they made a successful concert in China. It is just a matter of time before they conquer the world 😉

According to them:

“Tomorrow (3rd December) we will be singing a song as part of a Benefit gig for Huntington’s Disease at Playwright’s Theatre on 42nd Street NYC. Delighted to be appearing with Michael Brunnock — at Bohemian Pizza”
Have a Cornish Christmas
 Here is a nice track translated to Cornish by Matti Clarke. Yes the season is really looking up 😀
Celtic Music live The Czech Republic
” Been meaning to see Pipes and Pipes for ages, and I’ve got no excuses this time. They’re in Plzen and their support includes Cheers!Hurrah!”
There is no excuse to see this even when you are in the Czech Republic. The invitation is in Czech but it means one thing: Great music 😉
Nejnašláplejší tuzemská punkrocková kapela Pipes and Pints přijíždí se svou novou desku „Found and Lost“!
Nové album je stále o dravém punkrocku s charakteristickým zvukem skotských dud, ale mnohem vyzrálejší o zkušenosti které kapela nasbírala během uplynulých tří let, kdy s debutovým albem „Until We Die“ objela prakticky celou Evropu. Za tu dobu se z Pipes and Pints stala kapela minimálně evropského formátu a není jistě náhodou, že si je pod svá křídla vzal respektovaný label “People Like You records” a

produkce na novém albu se ujal zkušený producent Darian Rundall, který úzce spolupracuje například s “Epitaph records” a “Hellcat records”.
Jako speciální host se celého turné zúčastní klubový objev Dirty Blondes a v Plzni je navíc doplní jihočeská legenda melodického punk rocku Suffer, která zde odehraje jeden ze svých posledních koncertů a zároveň představí poslední desku “Bee-Songs From The A-Cide” a plzeňská folk punková naděje Cheers!.http://www.pipesandpints.com/
http://bandzone.cz/cheersstart: 20:00
vstup: 170,-/200,-

Vstupenky na tento koncert lze zakoupit také prostřednictvím Plzeňské vstupenky zde: http://www.plzenskavstupenka.cz/index.php/cz/component/ticketseller/title/1004-pipes-and-pints


Great album reviews from TradConnect
If you haven’t checked yet, this is a great site for anything traditional. Yes, there are many styles of music and sometimes it is hard to look for something you want if you are not sure where to go and also who is in authority for such matters. Well, I tell you now, Tradconnect is the best in the tradmusic online sites. You can sign up and chat with other members and even get to have a good chat with owner Tony Lawless.
Song for Advent from Phil Holland and Dave Palmley / Celtic Duo
Here’s a message from Phil and Dave:
“Here’s a wee Christmas Carol for you from Celtic Twist…The Coventry carol….our own arrangement and recording…to get you in the Christmas spirit now that advent is upon us…please share with all your friends and family this year at Christmas….
all the best, Phil and Dave”
Seriously this is one awesome track. It has all the ingredients of what makes a perfect yuletide song: atmosphere, beautiful instruments and heavenly singing.

Babel Pow Wow project‏ by Dom Duff


“2013 will see the release of my new album Babel Pow Wow. Celebrating all cultures od the world, in my breton folk rock mood and language.
I am looking for people to help make the album possible by purchasing a copy in advance, or if you would like to contribute more to the making of the album by purchasing one of the other rewards on offer.
The money raised will cover the musicians fee, mixing, mastering and duplication.
Thanks for your support
Yes I truly support this project and I think this will be a great one.

WGBH Music: Carlos Nuñez – Aires de Pontevedra

I am glad my friend Greg Shea always updates me with only the best videos in Celtic music. Today we have Carlos Nunez:

Born in Galicia, Spain, Carlos Nuñez began playing the bagpipes at the age of eight. He met Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains as a teenager and later became known as the “7th member” of the band. In Europe, he plays to sold out stadiums and arenas. He has toured throughout the world and continues to wow audiences with his high-spirited Celtic music.

Nunez kicked off his latest North American tour from the intimate confines of The Burren Irish Pub in Somerville, Massachusetts. This is their closing encore of the night, “Aires de Pontevedra”.

Carlos Nuñez — Galician piper
Xurxo Nuñez — Percussion
Hanneke Cassel — Fiddle
Katie McNally — Fiddle
Pancho Álvarez — Guitar

The Burren Backroom Series is hosted by Brian O’Donovan of A Celtic Sojourn on WGBH Radio.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel WGBH Music:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WGBHMusic

WGBH Music Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WGBHMusic

More from A Celtic Sojourn: http://www.wgbh.org/Celtic/

Audio Engineer: Antonio Oliart
Camera/Editing: Greg Shea
Camera: Annie Shreffler
Producer/Host: Brian O’Donovan


Barrule booking for more gigs in 2013!


According to the band:” Barrule  from The Isle of Man are booking for 2013… Got any festivals that you would like to see us play next year? Let us know, and more importantly, let them know too!”

Visit them here: https://www.facebook.com/barruletrio

The Harp Village, Catriona McKay and Bagad Kemper

Plus today in pictures: Cheers+Greenland Whalefishers and The Electric Light Programme.

With readership and endorsements growing, it is easy for me to have CONTINUITY. It is great to mix and match music. And you know what’s fun?Having to write sooo little yet expose so MUCH music. What are we having for weeks to come? We will have Corrina Hewat, novelist Karen Victoria Smith, Calum Stewart and Will Tun and the Wasters. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We will have MORE!

Corrina Hewat is promoting Harp Village. The last event happened in 2010. September is going to be exciting!

The harp village 2012

Friday September 28th – Sunday September 30th

in venues all round Cromarty

I went and checked Cromarty Arts Trust and it is really an amazing venue:

It says Cromarty Arts Trust was established in 1987

Aims and objectives

  • To support the conservation of buildings of historical or architectural importance
  • To promote the advancement of education
  • To encourage the conservation of natural features, landscape, ecology and character of the area
  • To stimulate public interest in the history, character, beauty and wildlife of the area
  • To nurture artistic activity, locally nationally and internationally.

In pursuance of these aims we have raised over £1 million for the following purposes:

Restoration and conversion of three architecturally important buildings in Cromarty

The Brewery, restored in 1989 and now operated as the Cromarty Training Centre; The Stables, a Listed Grade A building restored in 1995; and Ardyne, a fine example of a merchant’s house restored in 1994.

More of that info here: http://www.cromartyartstrust.org.uk/the-trust.asp

Corrina Hewat burning the harp strings photo taken by Dougie Cunningham


More of Catriona McKay


Don’t forget the amazing set by Catriona McKay. See Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay at Chief O’Neill’s on Fri the 7th!

You will see more of this delicate playing when you go watch the performance.


Music from Brittany: Bagad Kemper

Guéna Lamour: Road-trip West Coast /Australia

Guéna Lamour was part of the Celtic/pop group Meliouank playing the keyboards though  his main instrument is the bombarde. Right now he is devoting his energy to a group called Bagad Kemper and at the same time practicing for the duet competition of traditional music with a singer. Every year there is a big  competition the first week of September, of the best duets of traditional music in Brittany. Bagad Kemper does something really exciting to Breton music and I am sure after seeing these videos you’d agree.

This is more like a rehearsal.

You can see his performance focused around 5:13 of this video


Today in Pictures: Cheers+Greenland Whalefishers 24.08.2012

Pictures courtesy of HDF hlava derava foto

More here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.277861422319237.52706.166597480112299&type=1

This is the aftermath of the most anticipated event in Celtic punk history within the Czech Republic.  Greenland Whalefishers from Norway shared the stage with Cheers, both bands playing highly charged melodic punk tunes forged through the spirit of Paddy Rock. Check out this link and also add the band to your favorites to get the latest gig updates.




KCLR 96 FM is a radio station in Carlow Kilkenny Ireland. This station covers new and old music. This link below is a recorded show from Martin Bridgeman. He has a guest in the studio Michael Brunnock and you would hear music and conversation. Martin does interesting things in his show. Have a listen.

From Martin Bridgeman:

“We’re all good. Some good news on the show front. I’ll have an interview and tunes from on Sunday from Mick McAuley and Winnie Horan from Solas and another Kilkenny Musician Colm O’Caoimh. And if all goes well, I’ll have an interview with Jacqui McShee from Pentangle shortly”…


Poitin and Sliotar Zach’s Pub Gig!

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Two great Celtic bands are performing together. I have reviewed their excellent albums here. In terms of technique and stage presence, these guys are the best. Please don’t forget to watch them live together. I am talking about Poitin and Sliotar. They will be at Zach’s Pub, July 17,2012 Czech Republic! More info here: http://www.sliotarmusic.com/?page_id=10

Please don’t forget to read this amazing  review of Bofiguifluki from Celtic Music Magazine. http://celticmp3s.com/2012/bofiguifluki-by-poitin/

Cheers! in Rock Café Prague Plus Our Poitín SlideShow


My friend Pafka Steidl and his band Cheers jamming in Rock Café Prague. He will appear in our interview soon. It will be amazing! Pafka is witty, friendly and he takes his career in Celtic music seriously! Please watch out for that interview because there will be two great tracks  that will be available for download.

The band’s fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheers/104821386271093

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Poitín and Friends! Session 28 June 2012

With Lucie Šmahelová, Alexandra Šantorová, Ladislav Veselý, Obludný Neználek, Tomáš Pergler, Jan Brabec, Jaroslav Macháček and Veronika Perglerová at Bar Klub U Svatého Rocha.


www.poitin.cz www.myspace.com/poitinkapela

The Maggie Whackers

French band doing Celtic music whacks your belly with  humor.

Great! Here is a French band here playing Celtic music. They are Fun. Well, they take their music seriously though. You can tell by listening to sample tracks off their MySpace site. I checked their website. I went to their photo gallery. There is this one picture where the piper stuffed all the whistles and flutes in his right pocket. The fiddler looks a bit like a Goth chic minus the angst.

What about the music? It is anything you’d expect from a Celtic rock band. But you have to think of something a little but edgy like for comparison. Think of the Pogues and Horslips. I do know bands that are comfortable to jam with them in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.  It is just a matter of time. I recommend that you give them a listen if you are in the mood for some Celtic rock-if you find the slurring make vocals with French accent your kind of thing.

The played last June 22 in the recent Fête de la musique  in Talmont Saint Hilaire .




Concerts, Festivals and Calendars

Don’t have anywhere to go this month? Oh, please don’t sound like me whose life isn’t going anywhere as of the moment 😀  I have to let you in for something personal. Someone bought the domain I wanted. Remember I want this site to become http://www.celticmusicfan.com? I just found out last night that someone in the United States bought it. Now I just have to settle for a .net.  But so what! It is just a domain name. People can copy names and appearances but they could never ever replicate individuality. It just doesn’t work that way.  In the end it is the traffic that counts. Would you agree? As my  friend Donie  who is  a terrific Irish painter told me when I mentioned this to him :” CANT BE HELD RANSOM TO SOME STRANGER HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD.”



Ready for the biggest Celtic Music Festival in the Czech Republic?

To those who have been following my posts since late last year would have known that there are really good bands in terms of Celtic music in the Czech Republic. Jeremy of the band Poitin confirmed this today in his facebook post. I think you might have to add that to your travel plan this July 20!

The biggest Celtic Music Festival in the Czech Republic. It’s going to be great. Our mates Sliotar from Ireland’ll be there and the Spanish band Street Wings, as well as us and all your favourite Czech Celtic bands.





KILRUSH @ The East Durham Irish Festival and Shamrock house


Can you still make it today? They will be playing live.

Memorial Day weekend in East Durham has been nothing short of an Irish Tradition for many years…as for Kilrush, it’s it’s our 7th year returning to the Irish Alps….we are playing Friday Night at

1 am at the SHAMROCK HOUSE following the Narrowbacks!
12:45pm on the COOR’S Music Pavilion (East Durham Mem. Irish Fest)
2:15 pm The KILLIAN’S Music Tent (also East Durham Mem.Irish Fest)
1 am at the SHAMROCK HOUSE folowing Shilelagh Law!!

Here is the map : https://www.facebook.com/pages/East-Durham-Irish-Festival/226458027379907




Troy MacGillivray in Concert!

Poitín and Rain Today…

Hi guys. It’s been raining on my side of the globe. The sky is always beautiful when it happens. I finished my shift at 4 in the morning and then had to spend time logging in to Facebook to check what’s new in music or what the ‘community’ is talking about. Then I had to visit MySpace and check my bookmarks for bands I haven’t reviewed yet-or recommended to you. I also had to check my email for newsletter and goodies. This is how I get my news. Nothing extraordinary. The YouTube thing comes on the last part when I am, sure I want to post a video. I know videos are not really helpful for the site because they make navigation slow. But then again if only  there is  a way for me to post music other than videos then it would work for me. But videos are more interesting right?

It seems that a lot of new talents are coming up in the music biz. It is great that there is an awareness brought about by the Internet and music festivals. It would be cool to see more bands doing it for themselves, releasing albums under an indie label and just continue to cheer us with more interesting music.

I realize I haven’t been more conversant in my earlier article because I thought it would take you away from the main focus which is music. But then I realize that doing the same formula will make everything impersonal. You do want someone to talk to you right? To make you feel better and cheer you up. I know the times have got more challenging. But I know positivity will get us somewhere. Just hold on.


The Czech Republic is not only interesting for the old statues and churches. It is also a place of talented people. Years ago I befriended a musician who is so passionate about music that he put up his own chat site. He got married but moved on…But then I know one way or another he is still making music out there… What brought me back to my musings is this interesting band called POITÍN and they make amazing  and energetic music. This makes one proud being part of the circle. This is after all our collective musical culture which has nothing to do with race and nationality. Please listen to their music here:

You can also catch them in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poitin-Celtic-World-Music/105492236430?v=wall and twitter.
An interesting line up of members too:
Jaroslav “Oto” Machácheck – fiddle (founder member and chief beard sucker); Jakub Siegl – guitars; Jan Brabets – bouzouki, banjo, tin whistle, backing vocals; Jeremy Marc King – lead vocals, bodhran; Sasha Shantorova- flute and whistles; Dick Savage- Didgeridoo, spoons, egg, backing vocals…
Got the Celtic Woman CD!
Thanks to Daly Communications especially to Fior Urena in New York for sending me my first Celtic Woman CD. It’s like Christmas all over again.