Larry Kirwan and Friends- A St Patrick’s Day Celebration

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This is the title Larry Kirwan’s upcoming show:

Larry Kirwan and Friends
A St Patrick’s Day Celebration with the former leader of Black 47 
At BB Kings NYC March 17th Showtime 7:00pm sharp!

 Sounds like you are going to expect something wicked, festive and poignant is happening this March 17. The spirit of Rock and Roll is strong as ever and when it is mixed with Irish Celtic music; the brew becomes intoxicating. All Black 47 fans will love this!

March marks the exciting month in Irish music as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day with gusto. There will be lots music, of course. And there is always a cross-generational/genre appeal when Larry Kirwan stages a concert. And you will know why as you read the rest of the interview.

CMF1. Great to hear you are returning on St Patrick’s Day! You must be excited with the new lineup.

Larry Kirwan: Well, in a way I’m surprised I’m even doing a show with a band.  I had intended doing a solo show for St. Patrick’s Night in some smaller room.

Then BB King’s asked me to put together an evening and headline it with a band.  At first, I turned it down but then I began to feel that there should be a major gig in Times Square on the biggest Irish night.  In many ways,  it was a bit early for me after Black 47 disbanding.  But in the end I followed the old Black 47 advice, “nothing ventured – nothing gained.”

So, I put out the word to a number of musicians I’d been working with in other spheres and they all were keen to play, so onwards and upwards, as the bishop said to the actress!

2. You’ve got eclectic musicians in the team. When/how did you decide to jam together at BB King’s?

Black 47 will never be surpassed for its singular style, originality and energy and being a founder-member I’m very respectful of that. Yet as a writer it’s interesting to speculate how some of the songs would sound with different instruments and a different approach.  Songs to me are living and breathing entities and, in my head, they’re constantly changing and evolving.  I’d always wanted to play with a double bassist, and recently I’d jammed with Rene Hart at a David Amram gig.

  He comes much more from a Jazz and Improv world, so I asked him first.  I’d been very impressed with the piano playing and arranging of Coty Cockrell when he worked on my Hard Times musical, so I approached him.  I’d always admired Deni Bonet on violin.  She’s played with so many artists and we got talking at the Kansas City Irish Festival when she was playing with Mundy (the Irish superstar).  And I wouldn’t have felt right without inviting my long-tme  drummer, Thomas Hamlin.  We’ve played together in so many bands previous to Black 47.  So, it should be an exciting gig and it is St. Patrick’s Night which always promises surprises.

3. I heard there will be lots of laughs and improvisation during the show. 

Every show I’m involved with has lots of merriment.  I always keep things loose onstage.  That’s what Rock & Roll is about.

Throw together some good songs and let the musicians knock sparks off each other.  Music is there for the making, you just have to let the spirit loose.

4. Apart from the usual St Patrick’s excitement, this is going to be interesting as it marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 uprising in Dublin. Sounds like it’s going to be a poignant event.

WB Yeats said that “poetry should be as cold and passionate as the dawn.”  I always try to follow that rule.  So, if there is poignancy, it has to be balanced with power and purpose.  Along with songs about James Connolly and Michael Collins (both leading figures in the 1916 Uprising) – I’ll also be introducing a new song, Sean MacDiarmada, about Sean McDermott the real initiator of the rebellion.  But then Black 47 always kept the Spirit of 1916 going – we didn’t have to wait for any convenient centenary commemoration.  That spirit is strong and as long as I perform it will always be celebrated.

5. Your artistry extends to writing and you have your own show on Sirius XM. How do you keep it all together, to give generously to your listeners and still maintain your multi-media expertise?

Well, I rarely watch television or spend much time on the internet, and I’m not a big sleeper.  But I also find that if you work on interesting projects you gain energy by moving from one to the other.  With Celtic Crush on SiriusXM I basically improv, play my favorite artists, and talk about whatever comes to mind for three hours.  That’s exhilarating and is like doing a long gig.  I get amazing feedback from the many listeners around the US and Canada, so that really helps.  I’ve always worked as a playwright and novelist while playing with Black 47, so I’ve always had a couple of projects going while on the road.  I’m currently working on a score for a documentary, though, that is really kicking my butt as I have to learn a new recording system at the same time.  My big regret is that I’ve had to put aside a new musical I’m writing about Iraq until after March 17th.  But maybe the break will help.

6. Your son Rory K is also joining you on stage. He is doing an interesting solo career as an emerging hip-hop artist! I know his music and I am one of his avid followers.You must be a proud dad.

Frankly, I’m amazed at his facility with words.  He has a great feel for the sound, rhythm, and meaning.  That goes for a lot of hip-hop artists.  Yeah, sure I’m proud of him, particularly since he did it himself without any help from me.  I didn’t even know about that side of him for a long time.  He turns me on to really interesting artists like Fetty Wap. I also like the fact that he has a steady job and is doing well at that too.  My major advice to anyone going into the music world is get a skill that will net you a couple of hundred bucks a day.  I didn’t take that route and it was a hard road that brought you face to face with real financial stress.  I give him what advice I can but in the end each artist has to find their own way.

7. There will be stand up comedy during the show right?

Yes, my old friend and comrade, John McDonagh of WBAI will be presenting a small piece of his highly acclaimed show, Cabtivist, as well as acting as MC for the night.  So, in many ways it’s a gathering of the clans.  It will be a fun show.

8. Will this St Patrick’s eve going to be the brand New Larry Kirwan with new music along the way?

I’ve actually written a dozen new songs for the IRAQ musical – so most of my songwriting energy has gone into that.  I will be doing a couple of new songs especially for the show though.  I’m also reworking David Bowie’s Heroes to transpose it from Berlin to Belfast – from one wall to another.  David was a big influence on so many of us.  I was lucky enough to have a long conversation with him one night about music, Berlin, Belfast, and life in general.  He was a very inspiring person.  He loved innovation and I think he would have liked this new take on Heroes.  I guess that’s one of the themes of this coming show – what happens to songs when you look at them in a different perspective?

9. What else can people expect coming to the show?

Well, Chris Byrne, the co-founder of Black 47 will be joining me on stage.  That’s always special for me.  Something happens when we perform together.

 It was like that right from the start back in 1989.  Sparks fly and there’s a joy and purpose in the air.  He’ll also do an opening set with his Urban/Traditional band, Lost Tribe of Donegal.  And another old collaborator, David Amram, will be joining me.  David is an amazing musician and perhaps the last living member of the Beats – he and his friend Jack Kerouac began the whole Poetry/Jazz thing.  He’ll be bringing down his French Horn, whistles and hand drum.  My brothers and sisters from the Lia Fail Pipes and Drums from Mercer County, NJ will perform.  It’s always a thrill to have them present.  They’re excellent and always get the crowd going.  And there’ll be surprise guests.  It will be a night to remember.

For everyone’s benefit please read this press release:

Larry Kirwan and Friends
A St Patrick’s Day Celebration with the former leader of Black 47 
At BB Kings NYC March 17th Showtime 7:00pm sharp!
Larry Kirwan, leader of Irish American rock band, Black 47 for 25 years, will return to BB King’s on St. Patrick’s Day.  He will front a new band formed specially for the evening comprising of Coty Cockrell (Hard Times/Dance Theatre of Harlem) on piano, Rene Hart (Branford Marsalis/Mark Ronson) on double bass and Thomas Hamlin (Black 47) on drums.  They will perform new songs and reinterpret Kirwan’s Black 47 uproarious classics, numbers from his critically acclaimed musical, Hard Times, and as befits a Kirwan show, lots of improvisation, social agitation, and hilarity.
Along with the festivities the event will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Uprising in Dublin with such favorites as James Connolly and The Big Fellah, and a new song about the driving force behind the rebellion, the enigmatic, Sean MacDiarmada!
Kirwan is host of Celtic Crush on SiriusXM, writes a bi-weekly column for The Irish Echo and is President of Irish American Writers & Artists association.  A renowned playwright, novelist and political activist, surprise guests from all these worlds will make appearances.  He will be joined onstage by co-founder of Black 47, Chris Byrne, whose band, The Lost Tribe of Donegal, will also perform a set of their Urban/Traditional Irish songs.
Kirwan’s son, Rory K, an emerging Hip-Hop Artist, will hit the stage with Kirwan, after performing a set of his high-energy, youthful anthems.  He will be releasing his second CD, ‘Young Professionals’, at the show.
Long time NYC yellow cab driver, activist and standup comedian, John McDonagh will perform a short excerpt from his sold-out show, Cabtivist.  Host of Radio Free Eireann and Talk Back on WBAI-FM, McDonagh will MC the festivities.  Lia Fáil Pipes and Drums, from Mercer County, NJ, will begin the evening with their traditional march through the audience.  Get there early.  There will be Kilts and pipes a swirling!
This is an All Ages Show designed to keep the party going after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm sharp!

Big thanks to my friend Anita Daly for arranging this interview!

Live shows for this month and beyond

Live shows for this month and beyond

because I am not posting any album reviews at this time, I’d rather post something about live music. I am hoping that you’ll be able to watch your favorite artists performing in your area. Due to my right hand injury, I am using voice dictation to write text messages. And so far, it has been working quite OK.


Dubbed internationally as the singing priest, father Ray Kelly is in New York City promoting his new album “Where I belong.” He is also releasing a Christmas album this November. So watch out for that one I am sure it will be amazing.

Visit his Facebook page to see more.

Following the release of his celebrated book A history of Irish music, Larry Kirwan is performing live in New York City catch him and also buy the new book.

Visit his band page to see more.

If you are in the Czech Republic, you better check out Sliotar as they are currently touring and performing. These guys never grow tired performing. They have inexhaustible energy to sing and play those wonderful tunes. I think it takes passion and also good health to be able to really play in many venues.

Visit their website for events and releases.

Even though I am not currently writing album reviews, I’ve been listening to these wonderful albums. I highly recommend them.



About this item

Track Listings

Disc: 1

The Duke Of Leinster/Gardiner’s/John Stenson’s #2

A Sailor s Life

Tommy Potts’ Slip Jig

The Bay Of Biscay

The King Of The Pipers/Behind The Haystack/The Maid On The Green

Paddy Cronin’s/If I Had A Wife

The Close Shave/East At Glendart

Moving Cloud

The Heart Of The World


Kiss The Maid Behind The Byre/Tá Do Mhargadh Déanta

Dónal Na Gréine

Sore Point

The Hut On Staten Island/The De il Among The Tailors

Belfast: Back To Belfast/Anne Lacey/Eroticon VI

The Pipers Of Roguery

Wedding Dress

Disc: 2

Hardiman The Fiddler


A Mháire Bruineall

Portaferry Swing

Róise Na BhFonn Tuneful Rose

Pota Mór Fataí

The Slide From Grace (Dusty Miller s/Dan O Keefe s/The Slide From Grace)

Bean An Fhir Ruaidh The Red Haired Man s Wife

Beer Belly Dancing

The Beauty Spot

Cailleach A Shúsa The Hag In The Blanket

Product Details

Original Release Date: 2012

Label: World Music Network


Patrick Ball has been keeping me awake at night with his wonderful Music. It is great to hear the Celtic harp  without other instruments. So pure, so magical, it is something that you can listen to again and again.

Interview with Larry Kirwan about his live show at the Cutting Room NYC, St Paddy’s Day Eve.

Interview with Larry Kirwan about his live show at the Cutting Room NYC, St Paddy’s Day Eve.

Larry Kirwan will be performing live at the Cutting Room NYC St Paddy’s Day Eve. It will be the first since the announcement of doing separate musical projects from Black 47. See the details below:

1. You will be doing  first solo St Paddy’s Day show in NYC! Are you excited?

Sure! Playing on St. Patrick’s Day in NYC is like jumping atop a wild stallion.  You try to guide

it but you usually end up just hanging on and going with the excitement and glow.  I did a solo

show at the Boulton Center in Bay Shore on Saturday and it went really well, so I’m wound up and ready for St. Patrick’s Night.  When I did solo shows during the Black 47 era I usually contrasted the performances – take the solo show down and make it more introspective.  But now I just take the Black 47 fire onstage with me and attack the electric/acoustic Takemine just as I did the Stratocaster for 25 years.

2. Can you share with us your set list? 

I won’t even decide on that until just before going onstage, and even then I’ll change that set list around while onstage.  I have a lot of Black 47 songs to choose from and will re-imagine them, oftentimes adding a bit more of the back story before the actual song; so it’s somewhat a different experience.  People will hear more of the lyrics and perhaps get deeper into the soul of the original song.  I’ll also be doing some songs from my musical Hard Times, and setting the scene back in July 1863.  I’ll probably do a couple of covers.  And there’s a Yeats poem that I set to music about 10 years ago that I’ve never really performed.  We’ll see… but whatever, it will all be fresh.

3. What can we expect from you this year, in terms of live shows and also solo projects?

I’m developing Hard Times for a bigger production up in Toronto so will be up there quite a bit.  I’m also doing a solo show of Foster in the Five Points out in Bergen Community College Theatre in Paramus, NJ on April 16th.  I was commissioned to do that by the Lincoln Library and will probably do more of those shows.  I have a new book coming out in April, A History of Irish Music – and will do some readings from that over the next six months.  I’m also working on a new musical about Iraq that will incorporate a number of the songs from Black 47’s IRAQ CD.  But I will do some strictly solo music shows – I’ve really gotten back into guitar playing again.  I miss the Fender Strat – it was like a part of my body for all the years of Black 47 – but I’m enjoying the acoustic again.  So, onwards and upwards, as the bishop said to the actress!

4. Message to your fans?

“Treat every day as if it’s your last – and one day you’ll be right.”  That’s actually from my friend, Malachy McCourt.  But it’s so true.  On a more personal basis, thank you so much for all your love and support down the years.  Even though Black 47 will no longer play, the spirit of the band will go on.  The songs are still there and I’ll be playing them.

It’s going to be an exciting event. Go to his website for more details:

Celtic Tenors and Other Good Music!

Celtic Tenors and Other Good Music!

THE CELTIC TENORS announce their US Christmas tour!

Feels Like Home is still going strong in my list of last year’s awesome albums! I still love to play it in the morning and I adore their version of Going Home originally composed and performed by Mary Fahl for the movie Gods and Generals. These tenors have voices that can sooth your heart and refresh your weary mind. I also love it when they start harmonising , raising their voices as if imploring the heavens to come down to us, for only then shall the impossible be made possible and all dreams will come true.celtictenors-christmas_5_small

I looking forward to play their holiday album, Christmas this December as I am in the mood for something classical with a pop flavour. And they are really good at it, as they jump seamlessly between genres. I still read the interview I did with Matthew Gilsenan way back and I like how he provides insights into the current state of music in this category. If you haven’t yet please do and leave comments.

They are coming to the US to perform their best tunes plus holiday songs. Here’s a link to Irish Central regarding their upcoming tour:

As usual my big thanks to Anita Daly for keeping me informed about these things!


John Breen “Origins” Album – New Single Pre-Sale
My Irish pal, the singer/songwriter John Breen will be releasing a new album soon. I am excited about it as I already reviewed his last album Old Men in Hats and I admire the arrangements and exciting twists he adds to traditional tracks. His deep mellow voice is addicting and I know you won’t be disappointed when you get a copy of any of this albums. The new album is called Origins. Beautiful title eh? Here’s a sampler of the album. Ok hold your horses Irish music lovers!

Here’s the info: Single pre-sale from the new album “Origins” by John Breen, begins 12/12/2014 at iTunes. For more information or to sign up to be notified of the pre-sale, please visit
Video music is an excerpt from the new album. © 2014 Emphasis Records

Enda Seery Soundcloud. Fantastic tunes uploaded for trad ears!

Now I don’t know when will  be the the follow up the last album
Síocháin Na Tuaithe: Peace of the Countryside
because I am constantly looking forward to Enda Seery’s new recordings. I have been listening to this playlist at work and they are great in relieving stress. But of course you do know traditional Irish music is not just about THAT. It’s about celebrating the Irish culture that touches the heart and mind.


I made this blog at 3 pm. Now it is almost 4 and I am chilling’ out in the garden after. Please stay strong and beautiful music lovers! Talk to you soon.



Hi Friends,

This will be a short introduction but an informative post below. Great things are happening in Long Island. Our long time friend Anita Daly provided the deets. Check the press release below:

Imelda May is coming to The Paramount on September 28th at 8pm!  This native Irish singer-songwriter’s unique rockabilly sound and 50’s inspired style has caught attention of many fans around the world.  She has shared the stage with artists such as Jeff Beck, The Supremes, Elton John and many more.  May will also be making another New York stop on her tour performing at Irving Plaza on September 29th.  Tickets for The Paramount show can be purchased on

Imelda May, photo courtesy of

Imelda May, photo courtesy of

Come out to see Imelda May at The Paramount on September 28th at 8pm.  370 New York Ave. Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. 11743. 613 673 7300.


The Kooks are coming to The Paramount on October 9th!  This British rock band has had extraordinary global success since forming a decade ago.  Although they are a self-described “pop” band they possess a very unique rock sound which can be attributed to inspiration from various sources. After two years of no new material from the group they have released their fourth album, “Listen”.  Tickets for their show at The Paramount can be purchased on

Come out to see The Kooks at The Paramount on October 9th at 8pm.  370 New York Ave. Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. 11743.  613 673 7300.


Flogging Molly is coming to The Paramount on November 28th!  The group’s sound infuses punk rock with Celtic instruments and clearly pulls inspiration from traditional Irish music.  Flogging Molly’s incredibly loyal fan base is said to be due to not only their sound but also the social and political awareness that truly drives the music.  Tickets for their show at The Paramount can be purchased on

Come out to see The Kooks at The Paramount on November 28th at 8pm.  370 New York Ave. Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. 11743.  613 673 7300.

Comedian Kathleen Madigan is coming to The Paramount on November 6th!  Madigan has had a 25 year career as a stand-up comedian and has been seen on comedy televisions shows such as Leno, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson, and so on.  She has been described by Leno as being “One of American’s funniest female comics.”  Tickets for Kathleen Madigan at The Paramount can be purchased on

Come out to see Kathleen Madigan at The Paramount on November 6th at 8pm.  370 New York Ave. Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. 11743.  613 673 7300.

Cara Dillon Talks about A Thousand Hearts  in the Midst of Her Tour

Cara Dillon Talks about A Thousand Hearts in the Midst of Her Tour


Winter Mountain and Cara Dillon concert

Winter Mountain and Cara Dillon concert


Cara Dillon took time to answer this interview with The Celtic Music Fan. She talks about the new album A Thousand Hearts plus how she takes good care of her amazing voice! Photos by Paula.

This is a dream come true. I’ve been listening to the albums of Cara Dillon for years. It never occurred to me that one day she would be answering questions for The Celtic Music Fan. It seems far fetched at that time. I am glad it finally  happened! Big thanks to my friend Paula who attended the concert (along with our common friend Gill). She was the one who connected me to Ali of Charcoal records. The pictures in this interview were taken during the concert.


1. Hi Cara, I am sure your global fans are excited about your latest offering “A Thousand Hearts”. Are you nervous, excited…happy?

 I’m really thrilled to be releasing another album and I feel it’s some of my strongest work. I’m excited about what people may think and I hope they enjoy it as much as my others. 

2. I checked the track listing and I noticed you recorded two Irish Gaelic tunes: ÉRIGH SUAS A STÓIRÍN and TÁIMSE IM’ CHODLADH. I am excited to hear your version of these Sean Nos songs. What encouraged to record them?

I’ve been singing Érigh Suas A Stóirín for over 20 years and even recorded it in my first band “Oige”. Sam had a different take on the song and has injected more energy into it. Táimse  im’ Chodladh is a song that I’ve been aware of for many years and never felt confident enough to sing. It’s a beautiful melody and very intimate so I felt we should only record it when I was in the right mindset. 

3. You are touring with Sam to promote the album. How’s it  going so far?

It’s going fantastic. The concerts are almost all sold out and the audiences are amazing. They’re so  attentive and they really seem to be hungry for the new material. I won’t lie, it’s a challenge to juggle family life with three children and going on the road to do shows and promotional appearances but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

4. You are now folk’s first lady. Are you thrilled about that?

I’m not sure I would agree…there are so many amazingly talented female performers out there, it seems that we all get a moment in the spotlight and I’m blessed that I’m passing through one now. 

5. Tell us about your own label Charcoal Records.

Sam and I formed the label to release “Hill Of Thieves” in 2008. We had been signed to major labels since we were 19 years old and felt that we really needed to seize back control. We wanted to dictate our own agenda and schedules and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. “Hill Of Thieves” has been my most successful by far and most recently led to us popping up on Sony’s radar who has just licensed “A Thousand Hearts” worldwide. It’s a dream situation as they essentially want to promote the record to as many people as possible without having any creative control over us.    We also used the label to sign a duo called Winter Mountain who we saw open for us in a tiny pub in Donegal a few years back. Sam produced their debut album and they’re currently on tour throughout the UK and Ireland. It’s been a very satisfying journey helping give them the experience we never had while being signed to major labels. We can steer and advise them about the pitfalls of the industry and try to make it a fulfilling as possible….check them out, they’re amazing. 

6. You mentioned that you don’t really search for materials in a conventional sense. How did you and your team approach the recording of A Thousand Hearts?

 The team is just Sam and I so the buck stops with us. Both our heads are full of traditional songs and tunes. Some are favourites because we’ve known them since we were children, others are new or recently discovered. We just start playing songs together, starting with our favourites and see which ones jump out and take on a life of their own. After a while a solid collection forms and it becomes apparent if there needs to be additions to add light or shade. We never contemplate a song the other doesn’t like. There are some that we love that didn’t make it to the album as they didn’t fit with the others quite so well. 

7. You have an amazing voice. How do you care for it? What are the things you avoid and things you incorporate to maintain such amazing talent?

Thank you. In all the years I’ve been singing you’re the first person to ask how I care for my voice. There is one golden rule…try not to talk or stay up late after a concert. I always do a few warm ups before I sing, usually over the course of an hour or so, this has the added benefit of helping me to relax as well. I almost always go out front to meet the audience and sign CD’s so there’s a bit of chatting, but if I get dragged to a pub or stay up late in the hotel bar then there’s usually only one outcome and that’s a weak voice the next few days. 

8. I am a big fan of Sam Lakeman’s arrangement and production. What are the things that fans can expect in the new album?

I will let him know you’re a fan. He is so talented and always bows to the song. If you listen to my earlier albums his production is adventurous and expansive but on “A Thousand Hearts” it’s extremely intimate in places and full of driving rhythm in others. He always manages to pitch the tone of every song in exactly the right place. The new album is entirely acoustic and in places it sounds like the whole band is sitting in the same room playing live. He’s captured some really fine performances and the result is a natural and relaxed sound. 

9. Where can they get A Thousand Hearts?

 You can get signed copies of the CD direct from my online store. Also, this is my first album to be released on vinyl…just go to 

10. Thanks for your time!

You’re most welcome x 




Cara Dillon performed with Winter Mountain. Pictures below.




Check out:


Celtic Music Concert in France  for the Victims of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines

Celtic Music Concert in France for the Victims of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines


I was so glad to know about this recent event : caf’Muz Caf’MuzCONCERT CELTIQUE ET BRETON

If you want to check out the video sample of the concert here is the link:

Special thanks to my friend Fanch Soixantequinze of Caliorne for making this event a possibility. If you are organizing a Celtic music concert for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, let me know so I can discuss it here. And oh I have upgraded to 24 hours every Saturday for the Baxteria show. So if you tune in you will hear music all day and that is me playing the tunes!

Lunasa – USA and Canada summer shows and beyond …

Ha! I am sure traditional fans in North America will love this. Yes they are coming. My big thanks to Christi in the United States for keeping me informed about the Celtic news over there. This is the message from the band:

Hi Folks,
If you’re anywhere near Lowell, Somerville or Oak Bluffs in MA … Ridgefield, CT … Pawling, NY … Lancaster, PA … Portsmouth, NH … OR … Sherbrooke, QC … the Lúnasas are on their way over at the end of the month.

Date and Venue:

Date Venue City Country Contact
Jul. 28, 2012 Lowell Folk Festival Lowell, MA USA 978 970 500
Jul. 29, 2012 Lowell Folk Festival Lowell, MA USA 978 970 5000
Jul. 31, 2012 Ballard Park – Barbara Manner’s Summer Series Ridgefield, CT USA 203-431-6501
Aug. 01, 2012 The Burren Somerville, MA USA 617-776-6896
Aug. 03, 2012 The Union Chapel Oak Bluffs, MA USA 508 693 6237
Aug. 04, 2012 Towne Crier Pawling,NY USA (845) 855-1300
Aug. 05, 2012 Longs Park Amphitheater Lancaster, PA USA 717 295 7054
Aug. 09, 2012 Festival Des Traditions Du Monde De Sherbrooke Sherbrooke, QC Canada 819-821-7433
Aug. 10, 2012 Festival Des Traditions Du Monde De Sherbrooke Sherbrooke, QC Canada 819 821 7433
Aug. 11, 2012 Prescott Park Arts Festival Portsmouth, NH USA 603 436 2848
Nov. 01, 2012 Upstairs Cabaret Victoria, BC Canada 250-360-2406
Nov. 02, 2012 Rogue Folk Club – St James Church Vancouver, BC USA 604-736-3022
Nov. 03, 2012 San Juan Community Theatre and Arts Center Friday Harbor, WA USA 360 378 3210
Nov. 04, 2012 Mission Theater Portland, OR USA 1-800-227-8499
Nov. 05, 2012 The Triple Door Seattle USA 206-838-4333
Nov. 07, 2012 Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz, CA USA 408 847 6982
Nov. 10, 2012 Barkley Theatre Fallon, NV USA 775 423 1440
Nov. 15, 2012 Lensic Performing Arts Center Santa Fe, NM USA 505 988 1234
Nov. 16, 2012 Kimo Theater Albuquerque, NM USA 505 768 3544
Nov. 17, 2012 California Institute Of Technology – Beckman Auditorium Pasadena, CA USA 626 395 4638
Feb. 23, 2013 Fitchburg State CollegeWeston Auditorium Fitchburg, MA USA (978) 665 3347
Feb. 28, 2013 Performing Arts Center Tarpon Springs, FL USA 727 937 0686
Mar. 01, 2013 University of Florida Performing Arts Gainesville, FL USA (800) 905 2787
Mar. 03, 2013 Adelphi University Garden City, NY USA 516 877 4000
Mar. 06, 2013 Reston Community Center Reston, VA USA 703 476 4500
Mar. 07, 2013 David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center New York, NY USA 212 875 5000
Mar. 08, 2013 Carlisle Theatre Carlisle, PA USA 717 258 8037
Mar. 09, 2013 Carnegie Lecture Hall Pittsburgh, PA USA 412 361 1915
Mar. 12, 2013 The Fenian’s Irish Pub Conklin, MI USA 616-899-2640
Mar. 14, 2013 Palace Theatre Syracuse, NY USA
Mar. 20, 2013 Evanston Celtic Festival Evanston, WY USA 307 679 2348
Mar. 22, 2013 Myrna Loy Center Helena, MT USA 406 443 0287
Mar. 23, 2013 Hamilton Performing Arts Centre Hamilton, MT USA 406 363 7946

Details for these shows and beyond here:


Clannad kick off world tour next week

Clannad is touring!

I got this from the Donegal News. The fab Celtic band Clannad is going on a world tour. At last they have disprove rumors that Landmarks was the last album. They are definitely giving everyone another dose of their haunting brand of Celtic music. Countries they will be visiting :USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Their European tour will be extensive. Here’s the detailed news:

FOLLOWING their sell-out 40th anniversary concerts at the 2011 Temple Bar TradFest and a year of dipping their toes back in, Clannad are all set to kick of their world tour at the National Concert Hall in Dublin next week.

On Wednesday and Thursday July 25 and 26, the famous group from Dobhar will performing all their hits that span over four decades as part of the third ESB Live Festival.

Ciarán, Pól, Moya, Pádraig and Noel have been very busy rehearsing as their prepare to go on a tour that will see them through right until Christmas travelling to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan before going on an extensive European tour in early 2013.

Since announcing their US dates, tickets have been flying out the door Stateside with thousands of fans not wanting to miss their opportunity to see Clannad back on tour.

The Grammy Award-winning band has been busy writing new material over the past year and are in the finishing stages of completing their first album as a five piece since 1989.

Clannad have given a unique voice to modern Irish music. They have combined a deep love of traditional strains with a bold approach to writing and recording.

Clannad will appear Saturday Night with Miriam tomorrow night at 9.30pm on RTE. For concert tickets log onto


Poitin and Sliotar Zach’s Pub Gig!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two great Celtic bands are performing together. I have reviewed their excellent albums here. In terms of technique and stage presence, these guys are the best. Please don’t forget to watch them live together. I am talking about Poitin and Sliotar. They will be at Zach’s Pub, July 17,2012 Czech Republic! More info here:

Please don’t forget to read this amazing  review of Bofiguifluki from Celtic Music Magazine.

Shishonnah Live!@ Trickster Gallery

Liz Madden and Jenne Lennon…two women with distinctive strong voices performing songs form their debut album Elysian Dreams.  You can check more of Shishonnah in this channel :



Tell you what’s good about Sunday. Looking at paintings by Irish painter Martin Driscoll is what’s amazing. He captures the soul of Ireland in his artworks. More here:



Celtic music from Argentina!

Eliseo Mauas Pinto is a fellow blogger and musician from Argentina.

Are You Ready for March Concerts?

The month of St. Patrick has always been crazy! It is a good month for music. Nothing much to write here…. but ….. I am going to post the notifications I received through my feeds as well as newsletters.  You might actually find something that you like. Now please do me a favor. Since this is a labor of love, what you can do in return is to click the ” like” button for the Celtic Music Fan facebook page. Tell your friends about this  so  you can help me spread the music.

We have a lot fo cool bands and beautiful music. The Celtic music community is a thriving force based on the dedication of people to preserve the culture and sound of the seven Celtic nations. It is exciting to be part of the family. Now you might ask me why I am passionate in doing this…the truth is, this really feels like a family affair.


This is a REMINDER to get your tickets!!!  And get ready to go out and hear some some wonderful music!– so come on and celebrate St Patrick’s Season with some of your favorite artists, note : sorry the March 10th Saw Doctors show is sold out but we have added a second show on March 16th .
SOLD OUT:  March 10th THE SAW DOCTORS at Irving Plaza, Doors 7:00pm tickets $38.50
17 Irving Place 212 777 6800

March 13th THE CELTIC TENORS at City Winery, 7:30pm
155 Varick Street 212 608 0555

For SPECIAL DISCOUNTED & key reserved seating tickets go to: :

March 14th GEORGE MURPHY at The First Annual Hoboken Irish Festival, Sinatra Park, Hoboken, NJ, 7:00pm

FREE! Open to the public family friendly event

March 16th THE SAW DOCTORS at Irving Plaza, Doors 7:00pm tickets $38.50
17 Irving Place 212 777 6800

March 17thBLACK 47, at BB Kings, 8:00pm, tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door

237 West 42nd Street 212 997 4144

Awarded  “EMERALD ENTREPRENEUR”  The Irish Echo 2011
1202 Lexington Avenue #217
New York, NY 10028
212 772 0852 //

St. Patrick’s Celtic Concert with Qristina & Quinn Bachand and friends!

THE St. Patrick’s Day concert of the year! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early with Victoria’s highly acclaimed young Celtic musicians, brother and sister duo, Qristina and Quinn Bachand along with some very special musical guests, including All-Ireland piping champion Zac… Leger!You won’t want to miss this celebration of all things Irish! An evening of award winning music, song and dance perfect for the entire family!With three Canadian Folk Music Award nominations and three Irish Music Award nominations, including two Irish Music Award wins for Top Traditional Group and Top Duo, all since 2009, Qristina and Quinn Bachand are quickly becoming two of the most important young musicians in the Celtic music world.

Tickets are: $15 adults / $12 students & seniors (kids 8 & under free)

Available at Larsen Music, Long & McQuade, Ivy’s Bookshop and Ditch Records




Shishonnah Rehearsals 2012

Clannad 40th Anniversary Performance on public TV this March‏

Well well well, there is no denying that one of the most influential Celtic bands in history are making it to public television. After decades on the business it is true that a band like Clannad pack a punch no matter how soothing most of the music might sound. I am blogging in a public place for lack of internet at home. It seems that someone missed an appointment today and I am having coffee all alone.

Anyway I got this press release as an email from Susan Hellman.


Clannad at Leo's Tavern





In January 2011, the five original members of Clannad, the legendary family group from Donegal, Ireland, came together for a rare live performance marking the band’s 40thanniversary.   It was the first full concert in 20 years featuring all five founding members.    Recorded at the 11th century Christ Church Cathedral as part of the Temple Bar Tradfest, that magical evening has been captured in the new public television special– Clannad Live at  Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, premiering, appropriately, in the New York metropolitan area on WLIW21 on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

Clannad Live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin will premiere Saturday, March 17 at 3 pm with an additional airing at 10 pm (check local listings) as part of WLIW21’s March membership drive.   The broadcast will include exclusive interviews with Moya Brennan.   The special will be distributed by WLIW21 to public television stations nationwide beginning Monday, February 27, 2012 (check local listings).

The special continues WLIW21’s longstanding commitment to programming that explores Irish culture and heritage, including recent broadcasts of the Music of Ireland series hosted by Moya Brennan and distributed nationally by WLIW, Órla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas, original productions including Visions of Ireland, and Out of Ireland on the WLIW World channel. 

Highlights of the set list of the Live at Dublin program underscore the impact Clannad has had beyond traditional Celtic music into international pop culture —  “Theme from Harry’s Game,” originally a TV series theme, became the United Kingdom’s first top ten hit in the Gaelic language and went on to international attention in the film Patriot Games and in Volkswagen ads in the U.S.; “Newgrange,” a song given pop culture attention again recently as covered by Celtic Woman; and “I Will Find You,” the haunting love theme from The Last of the Mohicans.

Featured guests are Anúna, Ireland’s National Choir, and Brian Kennedy, known for his years singing with Van Morrison and as the lead singer in Riverdance on Broadway. Brian joins the band for “In a Lifetime,” originally a duet with Bono on Clannad’s album Macalla.

Siblings Moya BrennanCiarán BrennanPól Brennan, and their twin uncles  –   Noel andPádraig Duggan – comprise the current lineup of Clannad.  Clannad first made their mark in thefolk and traditional scene in the 1970s in Ireland and mainland Europe. With their hauntingly beautiful songs, mesmerizing vocals, and captivating sound, Clannad has sold over fifteen million records worldwide.

The Grammy Award-winning Clannad is widely regarded as the band which paved the way for mainstream success for many other Irish artists by putting Irish “traditional” music, sung in the Irish language, on the world stage for the first time.  It has been said that what today is so widely regarded as Celtic music was first called “Clannad music.”

Clannad Live at  Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin is produced and Directed by Cathal Watters, Odyssey Media. Co-Produced by Shane McDonnell. Executive Producers are John Scher, Keith Naisbitt, Gustavo Sagastume and Carole Myers.  For WLIW21 – Gillian Rose, executive in charge of production in association with WNET New York Public Media.

Twin Power

I find twins fascinating because both equally share the same amount of talent. One can’t be without the other. If you think about it, they have been in the womb for almost nine months and they share a circle on their own. I am featuring the Twin Thistle. The videos are from the past.

This post is dedicated to Jimmy and Nancie .

10 year old twins Michael and Lizzy are featured here, playing three different songs. Michael is an absolutely great bagpiper and Lizzy a very talented keyboard player, who also composes great music! Together they make up “Twin Thistle!” Listen to these wonderfully talented young kids, and see why we feel the “future of Celtic Music looks bright!” 


For those not committed, you might want to go!


Fiona J Mackenzie’s US Tour, The Celtic Tenors and Story Girl!

It is lovely to hear news from Fiona J Mackenzie every now and then.  I still enjoy her last release “A Good Suit of Clothes”  and I think it is a must for those who love the beauty of Scottish Gaelic singing.  She will be in the US soon! Catch her live as she conducts Gaelic workshops and concerts next month-  concert in Atlanta, Tues 8 Nov- Java Monkey @8pm. Then in Albuquerque as follows- workshop, Sat 12 Apple Mountain Music @2pm. Concerts- Mon 14th – Main library and Cherry Hills Library- see for more updates. For those who are interested to get a copy of her albums, check this link:


I received the Feels Like Home  CD  by The Celtic Tenors in the mail yesterday. Special thanks to my friend Anita Daly of Daly Communications for making Celtic music accessible to everybody. From the first track “Going Home , written by Mary Fahl up to the last track  “Westering Home”, The Celtic Tenors know how to captivate listeners with their amazing individual styles and vocal harmonies. Superb arrangements and awesome packaging. Love it to bits! I will make a comprehensive review soon and a possible interview with them.

Celtic Tenors Official Site:


I received an early copy of Story Girl, the new album by The Gothard Sisters. The trio have what ti takes to really grow and conquer more ears in the industry because of their overwhelming talent. Thy can play, compose and dance. They are also photogenic. Story Girl is a perfect album for the season because it rings of winter. Their classical discipline also helps in making the album having that crossover appeal . Together with the CD is  this amazing note from Willow:

Hi Jose!

I hope you enjoy

our new music!

Here’s an early

copy of

“Story Girl”

for you

❤ Willow

Well, what can I say Willow? I love the album. It’s like chocolate  for a lonely day. It’s bright, cheerful and has that crystal sparkle. looking forward to get a story out of you and the rest 🙂

October Rising

Hi CMFs!  The month of October is going to be exciting because there will be more music . As the cold season sets in and there are less sunlight , there are people who get moody. Wanna hang out with me? Wanna have a walk on the foggy side? Just listen to my lists of bands and you will know what is it to be in this mind.

To be honest, it’s been more than two years when I set this site up, but whenever I face the screen and start to touch the keyboard, I still don’t feel that confident. I have done interview with musicians-which is easy because I know the formula. But doing something in between. Like covering music or writing a feature is something else.  I don’t want this site to be too ‘academic’ not too informal. I also don’t want this to be just a blog where I confess my sins. I want this to be a lot of things. But I really don’t know what to expect after typing away and sending my message in a  bottle.

I have been moody all day which explains why I have been away from facebook. If I am there all I’d do is post sad songs and that is not helping either. It’s just something in me that I can’t explain when the season is in transition.  There is a risk involved though. I don’t know how many friends are going to be put off by this. It’s the dark months-ah wonderful mysterious time of the year.

My friend Fiach Moriarty is releasing an album and he needs your help. Please go ahead and listen to his songs by visiting his website and his facebook page. I made an interview with him which i enjoyed so much. Fiach is truly a hard working irish musician and he deserves the love:



Fiach Moriarty-Be a part of my second record

In Studio

Created by:

More info
About a year ago I signed up for, a site where you upload your tracks and allow other members to rate them. If, after a certain period of time, your songs are rated above 75% you qualify for a showcase. I was lucky enough to qualify and got to choose an amount to raise from other members to record my second record. I opted for €3000 which translates as $4000 according to the people who run the website. You can pledge as little as $5 or go up to $500. In exchange for this there are a list of treats such as free gig tickets, signed copies of album, your name on the album sleeve, free download of all tracks on and more. If the target is not hit, everyone that supported will get a full refund. Check it out here:




Caladh Nua at ChristChurch Waterford

One of those traditional Irish bands I love to follow. Be part of their performance:

01 October · 20:00 – 23:00


Created by:

More info
See for booking information


Moya Brennan, Cormac De Barra LIVE VOICES & HARPS, Liffey Bank Sessions

Ah yes the First lady of Celtic music is promoting her latest album and please please do check it out because it’s worth your money and time. Now is the time to promote Celtic music because I noticed the decrease of sales due to the popularity of mainstream music. So get off your coaches lazy bears and go out there on the street and do your souls a favor by supporting and promoting these artists I mention here.  Yes Moya and Cormac will uplift your spirits.

Time:11 October · 20:00 – 23:00
Location:The Grand Social
Created by:Moya Brennan
More info
Moya and harpist, Cormac, continue their series of extraordinary performances.

Orla Fallon My Land Tour

Wow finally I am back home! It feels great to sit here writing about what is hot and latest in our musical culture. Orla Fallon who is part of the successful group Celtic Woman is busy promoting her music from the new album My Land . She is making rounds around venues in the United States until October. Fans of her clear soprano will surely  don’t want to miss this.  Here is the calendar for here tour dates:

She is also doing media promotion. By the looks of it , her management is really doing its best to back her up and make sure she makes waves around the US. Just check this out:

Orla made an impact for me personally when she played the harp singing Carrickfergus. Her red hair and beautiful voice make her distinctive from the group. And yes she’s the only one playing the harp.

I wish Orla more success in her tour and hopefully we will be able to catch her when she performs live ion our town!

The new album My Land is now out. Visit the official store:


1. Mo Ghile Mear
2. Distant Shore
3. Morning Has Broken
4. Ni Na La
5. Down To The River To Pray featuring The Dublin Gospel Choir
6. Isle of Innisfree
7. Both Sides Now
8. Red Is The Rose featuring Tommy Fleming
9. My Land
10. Spanish Lady LIVE with the Dubliners
11. I’ll Tell Me Ma LIVE with the Dubliners, featuring Damien Dempsey

Dropkick Murphys And Mentionables

I like the way this blog has turned into an interactive page. We have musicians postings along with listeners. There is an influx of so much ideas and inspirations that I am grateful to be part of it all. Remember, you are the stars of this page. I am merely the moderator.

I feel so drained after talking to 32 people today,  But music has a way to take it all away. It is true that great songs are like ships that sail is into far distant places that only the mind can conceive. Celtic music is always and evocative  Celtic music has vehicle.  Unlike most of the music that usually receive the Grammys, this type of music has a Robin Hood appeal to it. But while Robin Hood is  a British Hero( and I am pro Irish or anything in the seven Celtic nations which excludes Great Britain) this page champions diversity.

So what’s the commotions?

New Album Basting The Speakers: Celtic Punk

It looks like a lot of people are talking about Dropkick Murphys latest album Going out of Style. I checked out whats the deal. It’s been four years since they released their album The Meanest of Times. Now they are back to rock the house. They even enlisted Bruce Springsteen to sing one of their songs Peg o’ My Heart.There are ballads amidst the ska induced tunes.  After all this is a band that encourages you to get up and slam rather than sit and relax…which works for me sometimes when I need an exercise. There is this nice bagpipe into in Deeds Not Words.


Cape Breton’s Best Music Mix, The Coast 89.7

Celtic and otherwise , this is a station that suits my mood today: breezy. I just feel like taking a long ride closing my eyes while the sun is filtered by the trees and everything feels new. Listening to this station takes you to the heart of Cape Breton. There are also new breaks and other informative stuff you will love to check out. You can listen to live streaming through the website:

Bands for Celtic Weddings

For people who wants to express love through rings, this is the best guide for you. Beautiful designs if you ask me.


Celtic Good Reads:

If you dig the culture not just for the music but for academic purposes, then check this link for Celtic Literature’s Good Reads.



Friends in Massachusetts, this is the time to get together and celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in your way. Beautiful night of piping, dancing and other instrumental playing. Plus performances by John Sullivan, champion highland dancer Morgan Pell, world medal holders Irish step dancers Tracey Manning-Dingee and Greg Murphy, and the national youth snare drum champion, Quinn McCormack, as well as harpist Anne Paus, a former member of the Cape Cod symphony. More here:


List of recommended Celtic Punk/Irish Rock Bands:

The Pogues
Flogging Molly
Flatfoot 56
The Tossers
Blood or Whiskey

Fiddler’s Green

The Tossers

Gaelic Storm

Add your own list 🙂


Irish Country And Blues

Country music lovers will give this a listen. Patrick Wall’s I’ll Sail My Ship Alone. I am putting my Hank Williams record back to the shelf an give this a try. Buy it here:

The High Kings, The Chieftains And Hints of Gypsy

Welcome back Celtophiles. I have fresh news for you today. Just finished my jug of black tea and all geared up to rock the keyboards…..

If you are looking for irresistible vocals with great instrumentals then Memory Lane by The High Kings will bring you those. From the lively Star of the County Down backed by a nice banjo to a capella Red is the Rose will surely grow on your Irish music garden.

The High Kings just returned from their successful January 29 The Children Need You Concert. As what these guys say:

“We are honoured to have performed with 12,000 champion children, who are the Hallelujah choir over the course of 3 days. Thank you for being the best backing choir ever!”

Memory Lane will be  released on  March 8, 2011!


American fans in Indiana, be  sure to catch The Chieftains , who will be appearing at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the IU Auditorium. These guys brought us decades of magical Irish music that are love by both old and new.

Originally founded in 1962 by Paddy Moloney, the band’s style  is grounded in traditional Irish instrumental music. From playing only  the fiddle, flute, tin whistle and bodhran, which gave the music a rustic and traditional sound, they incorporate world materials byt collaborating with artists like Loreena McKennitt, Sinead O’ Connor and MOya Brennan. More news in this link:


Florida Welcomes Scythian

Gypsy grooves meets Celtic spirit, Cythian(sith-ee-yin) will set you on your feet with their brand of fusion mixing blue grass, and world styles. Yes the core is Celtic and these guys have their own punk humors to keep you amused. I love them and you should check them out as they perform live at Skipper’s Smoke House courtesy of WMNF88.5 FM.

Source :


With a voice darker than Sarah Brightman’s but with music more organic than Enigma or Era, Hayley Griffiths unleashes Silver Screen. The title will probably give an impression of covers but the press release has confirmed she adds her own trademark to the songs. Check her out with that sample video. What do you think?


Hearing the Legend.

I stumbled upon Cape Breton’s fiddle legend Dan R MacDonald. Gives me shivers. More here:

2011 Trad Fest and So Much More…

It is nice to sit down with someone and talk about creativity. After all, we are creative beings. We like to build things and see where or what happens next. It is the idea that creation is part of our every cell is such a fascinating thought!

My fascination with traditional materials arose from Archeological fascination. Join it with the love for sounds and creativity..then it becomes a marriage that has stayed for almost two decades-though it is safe to say that I am not married to someone(and I don’t intend to be).

It’s always an honor to be able to get responses musicians and have their thoughts compiled so that others will be inspired. We affect the universe in our actions. And a little goes a long long way.

And so for the news….

Clannad @ Leo's Tavern

Clannad @ Leo's Tavern

Clannad as mentioned earlier are making n amazing comeback. Al the members are excited to come up with new materials and their performances are sold out. Well it’s been more than a decade and I think it is only right that we hear them again and bask in their magical glory . See complete story here:


Seth Lakeman

Seth Lakeman

1500 artists, 300 events, 18 days, 14 venues!From January 14-31, Celtic Connections will feature artists with the intensity of torrential rains. There is no stopping the passion as it hits the stage. Secure your seats now. Featured artists are : Seth Lakeman, Shifting Sands, A Night of Celtronika and a lot more…


Fans of The Waterboys will be delighted to see Mike Scott’s An Audience With Mr Yeats. This one took twenty years in the making.

Sunday 30th January 2011, 7.30pm

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall : Main Auditorium


If you are going to Count Clare, don’t miss out TradFest 2011 which will take off in February. Ronan O’Snodaigh(Kila), Ciorras, Martin Hayes and many others