Getting to Know The Rattling Kind (Interview)

Getting to Know The Rattling Kind (Interview)

Rattling Kind

Eddie Sherlock: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom Forde: Bass and Vocals
Ben McGinn: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Anthony White: Drums and Percussion

When I first heard of The Rattling Kind I was excited. They play an amazing combination of folk, rock with a radio friendly appeal. It is also an original sound and I think this is where their charm comes from. Rise Up EP is making its auspicious debut in the ears of Irish music lovers and they are getting converts at a fast rate. I think it is time for them to take the spotlight as our new featured band.

As they say, the most beautiful songs are those that make us cry.  So yes, they write songs about the present state of Ireland, from the economic to the immigration situation that’s taking place. They have a lot lot say and sing about.  I am glad for the opportunity to catch up with Eddie Sherlock and the rest of the band to share their ideas behind the EP, the music and the things that shaped their unique sound.

Baxter:I think The Rattling Kind created a unique menu of Irish music for international listeners! What are the things that the rest of the band are up to?

Eddie Sherlock: Irish music will always be at the core of our sound, but we are open to try all sorts within our sound to create that rattling kind of music, we want people to be able to identify our sound the second they hear it!

Energy and great song structures. How do you and the rest of the band write songs. What are the processes involved before the tracks are mixed and mastered?

Well before there even was “The Rattling Kind”, Eddie(me) and Tom were sitting around penning songs together. It’s only natural then that the first few songs from the band were written by Eddie and Tom, with “All Around The Town” being produced in this fashion.Songs are written completely separately too and ideas are bounced around then afterwards. The input of others is always respected and songs may develop into a new kind of beast as we jam them out in the studio.

It can be exciting when your fellow band members understand the vibe you’re looking for from a song. Whether it be the need for a really tense atmosphere with a slow build-up to fireworks, or a more restrained approach to give off a sense of deep emotion…  If the whole band have that same feeling about a song that you have and everyone’s steering in the right direction, that’s when ya know you’re onto a winner!

All Around The Town is a beautiful music video. Can you tell us a bit about the making of this one?

Truth be told, we were working with very limited resources. We were lucky to secure the services of a clever director (Anthony Downes) and an intense actor (Alan Sherlock) who thankfully saw some promise in the song and had a couple of ideas for the music video. Together with our own ideas, we had the premise and were ready to roll! The subject matter being what it was, you could easily go wrong with an idea and some people may have overdone it a little. But it was beautifully shot and the lads got some great footage out on the road. The fact that the video was more suggestive than in your face, meant it would thug at the heartstrings a little.
I like the way you sing. Who are your vocal influences?

Everyone Irish!! haha.. funny enough, my Grand mother and Uncle would have been very strong influences in my singing.. after that.. Balladeer’s like Luke Kelly, Ronny Drew, Christy Moore, Damien Dempsey, Declan O’ Rourke.. Internationally, I love all the big vocalists.. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Paul Weller.. the list goes on.. can’t say I have one no1, but I love a good song sung well.
What’s the first instrument you picked up as a child?

Haha emmm either the tin whistle or the spoons..
Please describe each member.
Kinda hard in a way.. see we all work as hard as each other, both in and outside of the band, in fact where more like brother’s, that purely love what it is we do, and grave to preform our art to everyone who wishes to listen.. but best I can say is

Tom: the calm one

Ben: the only one with a hand on his shoulders haha

Anto: Hard working hungry drummer, always thinking ahead
 Where can listeners buy and download your album?

Our music is available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. It will be available in some record stores soon.
What’s your message to our readers?

Keep it Rattling!

American Irish Music:Damien McCarron of the Indulgers and Mile High Celtic Hour (Interview)

American Irish Music:Damien McCarron of the Indulgers and Mile High Celtic Hour (Interview)

Also in this edition: Celtic Vampire novel Dark Dealings and Cherish the Ladies.

Celtic Music Fan asks Damien McCarron what it’s like to  front a band called The Indulgers and to host a show called Mile High Celtic Hour.

They offer more than the rousing beats and electrical vibes. They are melodic and sophisticated musicians. The Indulgers play original Celtic Rock Music and they are synonymous with the word energy! So what type of sound(s) defines them?

They play  Celtic/Western/Americana/Irish Rock music. They are based in  Colorado USA, owing much of their music to the strong Irish/Scottish roots. Formed in 1998, the band are fronted by Damien McCarron who is originally from Dublin. He does the lead vocals and guitars. Now to go into specifics about their sound, think about it in terms of bands/solo artists like Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Spirit, Fleetwood Mac, Irish Trad and The Beatles.

The rest of the band are:

Mike Nile – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and Electronic Bagpipe
Renee Fine – Fiddle/Violin
Aaron Haywood – Bass
Frannie (Cheech) Mannone – Drums
Guesting on occasion:
Neale Heywood – Guitar
Ryan Bunnell – Guitar

Damien McCarron also runs a show called The Mile High Celtic Hour ( which offers an hour of great Celtic tunes rockin’ or otherwise but never a dull moment! He always brings something new to every show and we will talk more of that here.

Damien joins me today for a quick chat. He is also our artist of the week!

I think the Indulgers are making music that lovers of melodic Celtic rock are looking for. What do you have in store for your listeners this 2013?
Hi Baxter,
I suppose I kind of have my hands full at the minute but I’m not alone as the Indulgers set out to release a new CD. There’s fourteen new songs and it’s more a collection than a concept CD although the theme of immigration does tend to seep into what I write with Mike. The track list includes both a softer side and some rockers.

 Fast tunes or slow tunes: which one works best for you live?

The band feeds on energy but likes to change tempos and instrumentation throughout a show. There’s always time for a nice romantic styled song, but only just enough before we’d up the pace again. Each Indulger CD by tradition includes a instrumental piece featuring Renee on the fiddle and includes “fine” in the title, the lovely “Doin Fine” continues that aspect for this seventh album. The CD was mastered in LA by Howie Wineberg just this past week and will be ready to release in the next month or so.

We’re playing all these new songs live and in recent days rehearsing older material with a new arrangement or two, adding an little more electric guitar to the mix. Should be an interesting year with the new shiny CD at last. It’s been a little while since the last release, six years even, so hopefully folks remember our CD’s are a lifetime treasure and a must for every home.

You now have a weekly show called Mile High Celtic Hour and I always tune in because it is informative, fun and spontaneous. The video streaming is a great way to show music videos of the Celtic artists you are playing. How did MHCH came to be?

With Glen Hansard


The Mile High Celtic Hour was something I asked TardioV about hosting not too long after their launch. The concept of TV on the Net, streaming live from a real studio was something that I thought was brilliant. It’s also archived, which does no harm at all. The morning show host Matt Need endorsed the idea of Celtic Hour with the producer Trevor O’Connor. Matt comes form FM radio background and I had been a guest a few times on his previous FM show. Initially the producer had ,been looking for a country music host, so I pitched my idea.

What can we expect happening to MHCH in months to come?

We’re ten weeks into the show, well ten episodes, it’s a hour long and allows me to cover the Celtic music genre all the way to the edges and back, having guests is a fun aspect, and one guest the Celtic Caterer will continue to join us now and then as a running segment. Last show he lit a hogmanay cake on fire. Not the normal is likely what we’ll look for, but staying within the confines of the Celtic culture in general.

Can you tell us about your upcoming playlist on the show?

I’ve no idea what the next playlist for the show will be, it’s an ongoing dig of all thing’s I come across and think, that’s pretty show like, there is no overall plan, except to be aware of the theme that might expose itself as I try to capture good content. I’d imagine I might get a better plan as I settle into the idea that every Thursday morning it’s a blank sheet.

You came from Ireland. How has Irish American music changed so far since you first arrived?

I’m twenty years in America, so the music has changed. In Celtic circles the genre is multi-layered in a way that’s so far from the purity of the past it’s not even talked about anymore. Celtic rock has established itself as a genre gaining slots in major festivals where as back in 1998 that was “never going to happen”. At the same time there’s also a huge amount of “punk” ballad/cover bands now too which seem to have replaced the actual solo ballad singer in the pubs. Session music in Colorado is at the strongest it’s ever been and I think it’s fair to say every band is touring so there’s more to see than ever too.

It’s all good.

From the state of Colorado, The Indulgers with a new song “The Cure”. “Won’t you try a taste of medicine” The legalization of MMJ has led to many a new store front. So here’s a few to the sounds of a new song.

Here is the latest Mile High Celtic Hour episode.

To know more about Damien McCarron’s band The Indulgers, please visit them through the following sites:


With The Indulgers


A Celtic Vampire Holiday with Dark Dealings

For a limited time—DARK DEALINGS is on sale for $0.99 for Kindle! This is until end of year. Yes I read the book and I really love the story! I asked author Karen Victoria Smith about the sequel and she hopes to have next book ready for May release next year. For those who don’t know yet, this is a great read. The first of its kind. I have been searching for years for a story that will bridge my love for vampires and Celtic culture and Dark Dealings and its upcoming follow up revolve around these themes.


Featured Video: Cherish the Ladies, Celtic Christmas medley with Irish Dancing

They are part of the amazing album Together for Christmas(Various artists).

Members of the Celtic band “Cherish the Ladies” perform a medley of Celtic Christmas tunes live in the witf Performance Studio, with Irish dancing by Michael Holland, 2-time All-Ireland National Champion Irish Dancer.

Merry Christmas my dear readers!

Post Hurricane Edition

 In this edition: The Indulgers, Blyde Lasses, Cillian Doheny and pictures of the day…

We had a hard week. My heart goes to those who suffered the terrible force of hurricane Sandy. As much as I love Nature, these are one of those times when nature can be scary. It is a horrible situation but as long as we remain steadfast in our devotion to one another, then we will get through this. Ive had moments in my life when I thought all hope is gone. But when I think about the love of friends and family members, everything becomes bearable again.

There is an ongoing drive to help the people of New York. Please check out Beal Bocht:

The Beal Bocht offers music, poetry, comedy, theatre and art exhibits ,making it the premiere place for to showcase both Irish and local artistic talents while enjoying great drinks and food.


Introducing: The Indulgers

Genre    Irish/Celtic/Americana/Rock
Members    Damien McCarron – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Nile – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and Electronic Bagpipe
Renee Fine – Fiddle/Violin
Aaron Haywood – Bass
Frannie (Cheech) Mannone – Drums
Guesting on occasion:
Neale Heywood – Guitar
Ryan Bunnell – Guitar
Hometown    Boulder/Golden
Record label    Celtic Club Records
General manager
Influences    Waterboys, Horslips, Thin Lizzy, Christy Moore, Irish Trad., Paul Brady, Spirit, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles and many more.
Current Location    Boulder/Golden, Colorado

The The Indulgers

Good melodies, rockin’ beats, sing-along lyrics: these are the things that make up a good album that you can listen to again and again. My introduction to The Indulgers was rather nontraditional. I only know them after catching a radio show called Mile High Celtic Hour hosted by front man Damien McCarron. He moved to Colorado from Dublin.

I became a regular listener of the radio show and there is something about his speaking voice that’s great to hear. It is not just his Irish accent but his voice quality. I was not wrong when I heard their various tracks. I should also mention that apart from the front man’s vocal appeal, all the guys in the band are well-heeled musicians who are master of their own instruments. You can feel the passion as it electrifies every instrument in their songs.


Blyde Lasses

Check out this duo from Aberdeen UK. Great fiddling tunes there that’s fresh and crisp. The Lasses Set is truly inspiring. I love the balance between energetic performance and  emphasis on  grace. The recording is also amazing because it lets you listen to the surface of sound. You can almost hear the way the bow grinds against the stings. Their vocals are also lush and expressive. I hope to hear more from them. It’s been a while that this site featured fiddlers. This could be the start eh?


Cillian Doheny

 “Music is food for the soul!“…..Cillian Doheny

Cillian Doheny is answering my interview questions in between touring with Moxie.  I treat this as a pre feature write-up about his music. He does play the banjo way beyond his years. This man is hard-working being with so many projects in such a short period. So this is an introduction to his music and many more to come.

More here:


Pics of the day…

Patrick D’Arcy the inspiring uilleann piper sent me these wonderful gifts. Something to be cherished for all time.


Music is Therapy

Music is Therapy

His singing moved me to tears that I just lost it.

It is a somber day. I just finished breakfast and I listened to one of my CD collections. This song by Christy Moore came on. I had to drop everything . I can’t stop bawling like a baby. Something about the sentiment of the song hit me. It is a very sad song of Scottish origin. It took me sometime to recover and I thought I should write about it.

Writing is a good therapy. So is listening to music. There are emotions we refused to acknowledge so they stayed hidden. Not until one song unlocks them and everything is a catharsis. Sometimes the only friend we have until the end is music.  Songs help unravel our experiences within the chronology of our lives. They help us revisit the past and  we experience that old feeling. Music is precious. And musicians are also therapists that help us in the healing process.

I went through high school and college relying on the sustenance of my record collections. They kept me balanced and prevented me from doing drugs or getting into vices. In college, I had to set aside my allowance for clothes and shoes to buy albums. We do what we can to help each other. Friends are there but sometimes…just sometimes, people we care about can do damage even if they don’t mean to. It is just human nature I guess.

I remember the song Molly Ban which I also listened to a while ago. It has these lines:

Going home from her uncle in a shower of rain,

She crept under a green bush the rain for to shun.

Her white apron being around her he took her for a swan,

For he never intended to shoot his own Molly Ban.

O when he came to her and saw what he had done,

The tears from his eyes in great fountains did run.

Straight home to his father with a gun in his hand,

Saying “Father, dear father, I’ve shot Molly Ban.

“Her white apron being around her I took her for a swan,

In modern context, we can apply this story to words we say to one another. We might not have a gun like Molly Ban’s lover…but we have words. And words can wound..even kill.

I like this quote that my friend Christi once attached to her email signature:

Say little, and the little you say, say well.- Old Irish Saying

Beannacht and the Sound of Summer

Their debut CD, “Gra na Firinne” was released in November 2011.

As summer approaches, more and more Celtic bands are putting out albums that have that feel of white sandy beaches and bonfires. I can cite Beannacht as an example. The duo of Tom Johnston and Dierdre Forrest show that carefree simplicity. The tracks in the album are arranged in a way suited for few instruments. There are other instruments that embellish this silky project but mostly, the focus of Gran a Firinne is to project that languid poetic style reminiscent of Christy Moore and Luka Bloom.  Margarita, sunset and the music of Beannacht. Sounds like a perfect combination. Aloha! Summer is here.

Notable tracks: Upon Your Ocean, Why’d You Go, And I Love and many more.

Brian  Ostering captures the silky sound which borders on the wispy yet making sure to add that warm touch especially on middle frequencies. Great mastering by George Wirth. Sounds like this album is great both in artistic and technical aspect.

Thanks to Anita Daly for the taste of the music 🙂


Writing great songs, playing great shows, supporting venues and fellow musicians.


Beannacht was named one of the Top Irish Music Makers of 2011 and Rookie of the Year by Mike Farragher and the Irish Voice!

Beannacht was named Best New Act at the 2011 Jersey Acoustic Music Awards in Asbury Park, NJ!

Beannacht is the musical duo of guitarist/singer/songwriter Thomas Johnston and his niece, lead vocalist and lyricist Deirdre Forrest. Both musicians are heavily influenced by nearly all genres of music and especially enjoy being able to share their Irish culture through their music. Beannacht is a famous poem by Celtic writer and spiritualist John O’Donohughe and the word beannacht translates to “blessing” in the Irish form of the Gaelic language.


An acoustic duo creating original songs that are a blend of contemporary Irish, classic rock, folk, and blues. Their debut CD, “Gra na Firinne” was released in November 2011.

Quiet Desperation


How many of us have been driven out of our homes to seek  greener pastures. As they say, grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes the feeling of exile does not have to  be physical. It could be a mental state.

Have you ever experienced being in a crowd that you don’t like? It happens when we have to confront situations because we have no choice. As in the case of dealing with people you work with, your neighbors or even your family members.

I like how this song speaks to me now. The first time I heard this I noticed the sad but majestic voice of Christy Moore. Then I read the lyrics. And I said to my self ” man he was signing about my feelings!” I searched the net for the lyrics and chords. I found this one from

C      D
My soul is in the mountain, My heart is in the land
F   G   C
I’m lost here in the city , There’s so much I don’t understand.
C    D     F       G      C
There’s quiet desperation coming over me, Coming over me.
G  F  C  G   F       C
I’ve got to leave I can’t stay another day, There’s an emptiness inside of me,
G  F C   G       G7
I can’t bear the loneliness out here, There’s another place I’ve got to be.
F    C
Another Place I’ve got to beI long for you, Dakota, The smell of sweet grass on the plainI see too much meanness , And I feel too much pain.And there’s quiet desperation coming over me, Coming over me.I’ve got to leave I can’t stay another day, There’s an emptiness inside of me

I can’t bear the loneliness out here, There’s another place I’ve got to be,

Another place I’ve got to be


Dark Patrick – King of the Fairies/Morrison’s Jig

Have you ever wondered how an Irish Jig sounds like when played in other ethnic instruments? Dark Patrick shows us that  Celtic music works best through fusion. I am getting addicted to this instrument from Ukraine. More info about this:

Ethnic Fusion Group Dark Patrick.
Eva from Ukraine performs Irish Traditional music on an Old World Bandura
This tune is available on Dark Patrick’s Album “Fainne Gael an Lae” and on sale at:


The Burning Bench – Casadh AnTs’ug’ain

Have you heard of these guys already? As I mentioned earlier, I like fusion of different styles when it comes to world or folk music. Check this out The Burning Bench from Celtic Grooves! Loving ever beat of it.


TradConnect News.

If you are in the music industry, you can post news in the “Trad News” section of TradConnect. Been a member of TradConnect for months and I keep going back due to the new things as well as the wonderful vibes from trad musicians.

From Dublin to France, Michigan to Germany

Lives, Music and Snail Mail…

The lives people lead. Fascinating. It’s great to have friends on the Internet to help one realize that people are the same wherever you go. There’s the good and the bad, the beautiful and the not so. I used to engage in letter writing (snail mail) in high school. There’s this local music mag with a forum. I like to read it every week . I would usually tell my mom if she’s going out to the market to buy me one. Of course there was no Celtic music at that time (my repertoire was not that wide yet). Only popular artists like Sinead O’Connor, U2, Van Morisson and Elvis Costello. I would occasionally read about The Pogues and I know somewhere a long the way the band Clannad was mentioned but you see, when your interests were different you had to wait a couple of years before something hits you musically that will turn you around-the record stores.

The means of getting into the forum was through snail mail-as every kid of my generation had to bear with. I had to labour late at night just to scribble my thoughts on a yellow pad and send it to the editor. I had to wait  for weeks before I read my note published. But I really appreciated the exhilaration of being able to send something out to the world. The fact that my name was somewhere there, joining these people in a conversation about music was really an amazing feeling.

Because of this hunger to meet interesting minds, my letter writing got  me into  correspondences with people around the globe. I did  not really form a lasting bond with them but it is great to be able to receive a letter written by someone else not from this country. I remember opening each envelope slowly and feeling the texture  and the smell of the paper. I think everything that comes from a Post Office does smell awesome. The handwriting and the thoughts of a friend , the images and experiences they imbibed me-they’re my windows to the world.

Now people seldom take time to write a really long thoughtful letter. Perhaps it is this sadness that lead a lot of us to blog. This is our love letter to the world when we feel that there is no longer that long-lasting sincere connection because what we have are just phrases or sentences. Sometimes friend only ‘poke’ us and we ‘poke’ back. I know I am spoiled by all the snail mails I had in the past. But perhaps it is not too late to make another go with ‘letter writing’ in the age of Internet.

Music News….

Currently listening to Grada’s Biodegradable track from their Endeavor album(2005). I like the title. It is one of their eye-rolling instrumental pieces. The music is really Irish with hints of Jazz , Blue Grass and New Age . I got into them after hearing their Landing Step album. If you don’t have Grada in your collection yet, I suggest you get the Landing Step first and everything will follow. More here:


Guidewires performing before Capercaillie at the Festival de Cornouaille in Quimper, 21rst July 2009.
Padraig Rynne: concertina
Tola Custy: fiddle
Sylvain Barou: wooden flute
Paul McSherry: guitar
Karol Lynch: bouzouki

Guidewires are composed of seasoned musicians in the Irish traditional scene. They have a new album out and it’s really worth a listen. Check out the official website for more info. And yes this video will tell you why you need to check them out. That’s the craic!


Been looking for the lyrics to a song of Christy Moore called  The Piper’s Path. If anyone can give me a link , would be very much appreciated. I heard it twice in a week now  while listening to


And while you’re tuned in to your Irish stations, don’t forget to listen to our brothers in Brittany. Check this young act out. They are interesting:


04 April at 21:00 – 05 April at 00:00

The Back Door Session @ Chaz Bar Wexford 

Commercial Quay Wexford
Wexford, Ireland

Created by:

More info
FIACH Has supported Wallis Bird on many a tour 🙂 has, until now, been one the Irish music scene’s best kept secrets but is now ready to be launched into the hearts of music lovers the length and breadth of the country. 

Fiach Moriarty is a 27 year old Dubliner, well respected and loved for his beautiful songwriting, exceptional voice and fantastic guitar playing and is fondly known as the ‘Hardest Working Artist in Ireland’, but it was his talent that found him sharing the stage with the cream of Irish and international artists such as Ray Davies, Eddi Reader, Mary Black, Damien Dempsey, Kila, Freddie White, Sinéad O’Connor, Damien Rice and Paddy Casey

Black is the Color (Three versions)

The first time I heard this piece was an instrumental version.  Since then the melody has haunted me. So much more when I discovered the lyrics. I did some research and the history is kind of vague. But there are references to Scotland. I would like to feature Christy Moore, Cara Dillon and of course Nina Simone who popularized this piece in the mid 20th century. Wow  can you believe that this is the next century?

I found out about Nina Simone a couple of years ago after listening to a lot of French standards and it is refreshing to hear this song interpreted in a different style but still reflecting the same intense sentiments.


Win a Unique Original Watercolour

Artist & Author Paul Taggart is delighted to have been, once more, invited back to participate at the Highland Field Sports Fair on August 6th & 7th 2010.

Paul will be working at his easel in the main ring and other locations over the two days, to capture the heart of this impressive fair in one of his on-the-spot works of art.

Catch Paul as he works away on a number of scenes and you could be in with a chance to win the finished painting signed by all those featured and Mrs Celia Mackintosh of Mackintosh (Moy Estate).

Last year’s winning Prize Draw ticket was bought in aid of Pets As Therapy, by Gillian Rammage (Aberdeenshire), who was thrilled to be the lucky recipient of the framed watercolour.

“Once again, I am delighted to donate the finished watercolour to the Highlands, Islands and Grampian branch, to help in their fund-raising work. This deserving cause has become an established presence at the Fair.” reveals Paul Taggart.

“Last year’s painting featured the Duke of Buccleuch’s Pack, Katy Cropper’s Dogs and Ducks, Skyhigh Falconry, Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club, Original Smokies from Arbroath, Chuck from the USA working with farrier Robin Pape, musicians Bruce MacGregor and Brian O’hEadra and last, but not least – the inimitable Robbie Trophy Terrier Racing (presented by Mrs Mackintosh).”

So please watch out for this author of fourteen books, as he wields his brushes over the two days whilst also being filmed for some videos.

Do not miss this ‘unique’ opportunity to purchase a Prize Draw ticket and be in with a chance of bagging yourself a winning watercolour to help this worthwhile cause.

Paul’s Commemorative Limited Edition Print which captures the art and soul of Moy Fair is on display and available to purchase at the fair**.

To reflect the Fair’s role as a benefactor of local causes, Paul has dedicated the entire edition of 100 copies of the print as a fund-raiser. £80 from each copy sold is remitted to the Highland Field Sports Fair Committee Surplus Funds for disbursement to various charities and deserving causes.

The commemorative print is taken from an original Oil Painting, featuring twelve miniature studies, in which the viewer is encouraged to enter at any point, then taken for a stroll around various events and highlights.

**Framed copies of the Highland Field Sports Fair commemorative limited edition print are also available to order from Paul direct and through his website.

Here is the direct link

Adendum 2

It’s Happening!

Soundtrack for the Rain:Luka Bloom

In this kind of weather, It make one yearn for something intimate and bare. You know, something that could accompany you over a cup of warm coffee. That is why,Luka Bloom’s music is very appropriate .


  Born Kevin Barry Moore, May 23 1955 ,he is the younger brother of Christy Moore. He had to change his name to Luka Bloom in order to avoid the pressure of being related to  his already successful older brother. The name “Luka” is taken from a Suzanne Vega song about ‘child abuse’ while Bloom is from the character in James Joyce’s Ulysses.


  His music is defined as ‘electro-acoustic’  . Problems with his fingers(tendinitis) made him give up  finger picking style and opted for a frenetic strumming which he is now known for. The first time I heard him was through a ‘Celtic Season” compilation album. The track is called ‘Listen to the River”.


  From then on I knew I have to look for his albums. Right now I have his 1990 album called Riverside. Comprised of 12 tracks, this album promises warm acoustic tracks that are either slow or simply rock and roll. The preference in  using  all acoustic guitars on each track makes the whole album lively without being noisy. It also showcases his husky baritone. I think the most humorous track is “An Irishman in Chinatown’ .


1. Delirious
2. Dreams In America
3. Over The Moon
4. Gone To Pablo
5. The Man Is Alive
6. An Irishman In Chinatown
7. Rescue Mission
8. The One
9. Hudson Lady
10. This Is For Life
11. You Couldn’t Have Come…
12. The Hill Of Allen Instrumental

Visit the official website and grab your own copy now 😉

Discovering Planxty

  I wish I was born in the fifties .By the seventies I would have been financially independent that I could buy whatever records available. I heard Planxty a couple of times in the Internet radio and I have been impressed by their brand of traditional Irish music.I’m talking about this one track called “Raggle Taggle Gypsy“.Amazing vocals and the emphasis on vowel and consonant sound that is close to the Scottish musical tradition known as Mouth Music.That’s the same band where Christy Moore came from.I like my male singers to posess deep strong voice-manly , as opposed to adolescent boys.