Breaking Trad- Spike Island Lassies

Breaking Trad- Spike Island Lassies My big thanks to Christi for sharing this wonderful track from the group Breaking Trad. The tune is called Spike Island Lassies. It is a unique interpretation of a traditional Irish tune which echoes fresh sentiments. Kudos to Trad Connect for featuring these musicians! Also check out their YouTube video: Members are Donal Murphy … Continue reading

Thoughts and Music this Christmas
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Thoughts and Music this Christmas

I sometimes get asked, how I am able to keep up my passion for blogging . Especially that it’s been years since I started this baby? The answer is simple. Music. When I hear something that I like , that tune inspired me to write something about it. It is like discovering a beautiful plant that you just want to take care of it because seeing it bloom give you much pleasure.
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