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 Learn a tune from “The Waylaid Man” and get a FREE CD.

Do you want to get a free copy of an Irish traditional record? Well you better hurry before offer runs out. According to Irish recording artist Michael McCague:    So grab … Continue reading

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Karl Nesbitt is working on a new album The Constant!

Karl Nesbitt, The multi instrumentalist Irish musician is working on a new album. The album is titled The Constant . Details are coming soon. He has been busy with many … Continue reading

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Breaking Trad- Spike Island Lassies My big thanks to Christi for sharing this wonderful track from the group Breaking Trad. The tune is called Spike Island Lassies. It is a unique interpretation of a … Continue reading

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Thank You Fionnghuala

I’ve been starving for inspiration. I got nothing to write about. One needs to be passionate about something in order to create. I just had this conversation with a Scottish … Continue reading

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February 2015 Celtic music updates.

..And so we have amazing tunes to start the big bang of Celtic music for 2015! Welcome to my ‘conversational post’ where I talk like a normal person especially when … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Music this Christmas

I sometimes get asked, how I am able to keep up my passion for blogging . Especially that it’s been years since I started this baby? The answer is simple. Music. When I hear something that I like , that tune inspired me to write something about it. It is like discovering a beautiful plant that you just want to take care of it because seeing it bloom give you much pleasure.

December 21, 2014 · 1 Comment

Weekend Tunes and a big Happy Birthday to Kevin Crawford.

It’s been a while since I posted something here. Blame it to the many obligations I took (which sometimes I regret because they zap my strength and creativity to blog) … Continue reading

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Album Review: Four Celtic Voices with Celeste Ray

Good day folks! All you music lovers out there will love what I have brought today. An album review plus a facebook event that has been making waves! New album: … Continue reading

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A fantastic essay from Fraser Fifield and more updates.

Here is an interesting update that musician Fraser Fifield posted on his Facebook page. I thought that it would be great to share this post for everyone (with his permission of course) … Continue reading

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Album Review: Across the bridge by Red Sonnet

It is great to be visited by the muse of the cold months. With that comes the kind of music suited for reflection. It is the time of year when … Continue reading

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Hi Friends, This will be a short introduction but an informative post below. Great things are happening in Long Island. Our long time friend Anita Daly provided the deets. Check … Continue reading

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Gifts and New Album

    While there are events in our lives that ebb and flow, we are like willows bending and enduring whatever life hands us. But in that space between two … Continue reading

August 27, 2014 · 2 Comments

Catching up with artist Jenne Lennon

  Film composer/arranger and kickboxer! Jenne Lennon is the woman of the new century. For months now I wanted to post something about Jenne Lennon especially her project in South Africa … Continue reading

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Remembering The Late Dave Hum

  Dave Hum was a great banjo player. He added a twist to this traditional instrument by going beyond the styles intended for the banjo. In his last project, he … Continue reading

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Recording Updates from Moxie and Robert Doyle

Wow it’s just the middle of the week and more phantasmagorically smashing updates are coming up from the world of music. OUR world of music ;) Moxie announced their plans … Continue reading

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Two Available tracks from Wish by Poitin, via Soundcloud.

  Yes you heard it right. The new album Wish by Poitin is finished. The main reason to rejoice. Just when the thought the seas have calmed, Poitin brings out a … Continue reading

April 2, 2014 · 2 Comments

Repost your Soundcloud!

  A blog featuring John Breen, Fraser Fifield and TradConnect It is great to realize that soundcloud has grown into a site where musicians and listeners can interact and repost … Continue reading

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Debut Album of CrossHarbour Coming Soon!

  CrossHarbour takes the vibrant spirit of Traditional Irish music to new listeners. CrossHarbour, is the name of the band after a London tube station. But it could also imply “crossing into another country’ through … Continue reading

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Saoirse’s Heart by Celtic Cross.

The sounds of urban New York and the lush rural landscapes of Ireland are the main ingredients of Saoirse’s Heart by Celtic Cross. It is an energizing experience to listen … Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day Essay and Podcast#28

There comes a time when existential blues happen to any blog. I think it is the discontented feeling of doing the same thing again and again that gives rise to this … Continue reading

March 18, 2014 · 1 Comment



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